Saturday, November 20, 2010

F-16C/D block 52+ fighter jets 4th Generation multi-role fighter aircraft for Pakistan

4 years old Kaitlyn Maher - America's Got Talent

Pakistan Women Cricket Team Reached Pakistan with a Gold Medal

Amazing Money Counting Ring

This is Awesome, Let Me Count Your Money, Honey! Well up till now we have seen the cash counter machines in Banks or Large Business malls, but Shaochen, Xu Jinrui, Qi Yibin & Zhao Ying make it very easy for a common person to count money quickly… It seems awkward to practice such a device for the people who have not sufficient money in their kitties and almost not makes both ends meet, but there are some people earning that a large amount money which is even difficult for

Sun + Flower = Lunchbox!

The Sunflower Lunchbox is a cute solar-powered appliance that heats and cools food items at the same time. A collapsible petals-like contraption (laced with solar cells) is used to trap the solar energy, which is then stored in an internal battery. With the simple touch of a button, you can then heat or cool down the contents within the individual boxes. It’s an ideal lunchbox for those fussy about

Nokia research lab builds touchscreen made of ice

Chances are this is one research project that won't find its way into a phone, but Nokia's research lab in Tampere, Finland has come up with a rather unique new type of touchscreen display: one made of ice. Of course, there are a few other components involved -- namely, a projector and an array of near-infrared cameras that are connected to a PC -- but it is technically a multitouch display made of ice, and that's got to count for something. For Nokia's part, it says that while the project is a "playful experiment," it does show that "interactive computing interfaces can now be built anywhere." Head on past the

Deepika Padukone And Sonam Kapoor On Koffee With Karan - episode preview

Now i'm really dying to watch this's going to be great! seems the show is getting better episode by episode!
sonam has a relationship with her pillow?? that's really funny!!! btw for the passport issue i think they edited it..and seems deepika asks karan if i can see your passport..well let's wait and see!!

Salman Khan dances with Pamela Anderson

Indian Bollywood actor Salman Khan and host of Indian reality television show 'Big Boss' dances with US-Canadian model and former 'Baywatch' star Pamela Anderson on the sets of the show at Lonavala, in India.

Eid al-Adha around the world

Super heroines

Funny Cell Phone Design by China

Pakistani talk shows inside storys News Night With Talat - 19th Nov 2010 - Javed Ch, Kamran Shahid

Nokia says 'very small' number of N8s aren't turning on, warranty will cover it

We've been getting a few tips this week -- and seeing a few things on Twitter -- saying that N8s are failing in noticeable quantities, but we wanted to hold off until we'd figured out what was really going on. Well, Nokia's own Niklas Savander is commenting on the situation now -- so we'd say it's definitely real -- though he's insisting the number of affected units is "very small" and that the company's normal warranty rules apply, so owners of dead units should contact their local support number. That's all well and good, but getting service on a paperweight is still a bummer, especially when said phone is your primary means of communication -- so let's hope these guys turn around serviced devices in a

Kinect hack creates world's greatest shadow puppet (video)

Hey Xbox 360 Kinect owners, want to spice up those family shadow puppet shows? Then check out the installation prototype created by Emily Gobeille and Theo Watson using an Xbox Kinect connected to a laptop using the libfreenect Kinect drivers and ofxKinect. The openFrameworks system tracks the elbow, wrist, thumb, and tips of the fingers to map a skeleton onto the movement and posture of an animated puppet. And get this: it was made in a day. So just imagine the

Razer Nostromo gaming keypad supplants Belkin's n52te Speedpad, does it proud

Think you've been gaming on the PC for awhile? If you can't vividly remember gushing over this thing (and scrounging up pennies from under the couch in order to finance one), move along. If, however, you're still the proud owner of an attic-bound Belkin Nostromo n52, you can definitely prepare yourself for a healthy dose of nostalgia here. After co-developing Belkin's n52te Speedpad a few years ago, it looks as if Razer has now fully taken over the gamepad by today introducing the Nostromo. Yeah, just Nostromo. The design is certainly a familiar one, boasting a 16-button keypad, a

Sony Ericsson France CEO says Windows Phone 7 handsets aren't likely, neither is a tablet

Still have your hopes up about a Windows Phone 7 slider from Sony Ericsson? Then you might want to dial back those expectations, at least according to Sony Ericsson France CEO Pierre Perron. He recently told French newspaper Les Echos that while Sony Ericsson has indeed been in talks with Microsoft about Windows Phone 7, the company is not likely to pursue it because it would "run the risk of standardizing our smartphones," adding that (roughly translated), "we would be obliged to fight only on design and price, which we want to avoid." Perron also seemed to outright dismiss the idea of a tablet from Sony Ericssson (be it Android or otherwise), flatly stating that the company doesn't want to be the "24th" tablet on the market. Of course, it could well be a different story a few months or a year down the line, but it certainly doesn't sound like Sony Ericsson will be straying far from its current strategy at the moment.

People are watching Bigg Boss for Pamela Anderson

People are watching Bigg Boss for Pamela Anderson Former "Baywatch" star Pamela Anderson's hyped entry, coupled with a heated argument between contestants Dolly Bindra and Sameer Soni, has generated maximum Television Rating Points (TRPs) for Colors' reality show "Bigg Boss 4".

The episode featuring the two sensational developments was showcased Wednesday, and ended up generating a rating of 4.8, according to data provided by overnight television viewership tracker Audience Measurement and Analytics (aMap).

This is the highest TRP for the show - beating even its 3.6 rating for the launch episode, as well as the 4.4 rating garnered by the Sara Khan-Ali Merchant wedding episode.

Anderson, popular for her sex appeal, is on the show for three days. She looked sensational in a white sari with a provocative blouse and teamed it with jhumkas, bangles and bindi to add an Indian touch.

The 43-year-old caused a lot of excitement for Hrishant Goswami and Ashmit Patel. She greeted everyone with a "Namaste".

Before her entry, a lot of drama had

Aanchal Kumar: Bigg Boss is vulgar

Aanchal Kumar: Bigg Boss is vulgarTelevision actors Wednesday hailed the information and broadcasting (I&B) ministry's decision that the reality show "Bigg Boss 4" would be telecast only after 11 p.m. because of the show's adult and abusive content.

"I think they have taken the right decision. The quality of the content has gone down to a large extent. I was a contestant on the show, so I can say there were a few situations which made me feel uncomfortable and uneasy, " model Aanchal Kumar, who was eliminated Nov 12 from the Bigg Boss house, told.

"Everybody can see the kind of language that is being used. Sometimes it's a discomfort to sit and watch the show with family, " she added.

The ministry Wednesday asked Colors channel and Imagine TV to telecast "Bigg Boss 4" and "Rakhi Ka Insaaf" only after 11 p.m.

"Bigg Boss 4" has been hogging the limelight for the use of vulgar language by Dolly Bindra and display of intimacy by

Deepika is ready to work with ex-boyfriend Ranbir

Deepika is ready to work with ex-boyfriend RanbirRegardless of their much discussed breakup, Deepika Padukone says that she has moved on in life and is ready to work with ex-boyfriend Ranbir Kapoor.

Speaking to the media in a recently concluded interview, the Bollywood actress made it clear that the first priority in her life is her professional commitments and that she believes in maintaining a positive attitude in spite of the difficulties that life throws in her path.

Well, the couple's fans would surely like to see them together on screen again, but photographs of the duo taken when they met at a recent television shoot reveals that they are far from comfortable in each other's presence!

Take a close look at the pictures that have been released where Ranbir is seen moving out of a recording studio and Deepika entering the same, and you will realize that the couple are clearly awkward facing each other.

However, Dips prefers to forget the awkwardness when it comes to working together for a film! And unlike the thought that most girls harbor in

Bad Luck in Love Life: Now Katrina is upset with Ranbir

Bad Luck in Love Life: Now Katrina is upset with RanbirRanbir Kapoor is going through a difficult phase these days. Every news magazine publishes at least one story about him being out of love or going through a rough patch in his own relationships or being held responsible for someone else’s break up.

The fact that Ranbir is a self confessed romantic star does not call for breaking news at all. He did admit that he had multiple affairs on a popular chat show recently, which makes it is a matter of great surprise when he claims to be single at present.

After having gone through a torrid affair with Deepika Padukone and then getting into his new found relationship with Katrina Kaif, there are again reports going around that Ranbir’s love life has gone for a full toss as Katrina is upset with him.

What comes across as a heaven of peace might not always be true, ask Ranbir Kapoor. The poor guy, who seems to have it all going perfectly well in his career front with great films to his credit, has really no such luck in his real life. His real life romantic link ups always ends

First Look: Pamela Anderson sunbathes with Ashmit

First Look: Pamela Anderson sunbathes with AshmitFormer "Baywatch" star Pamela Anderson is finally adding some spice to Indian reality show "Bigg Boss 4". After gyrating to Bollywood number 'Dhak dhak karne lagaa', she went ahead and sunbathed with actor Ashmit Patel.

Anderson, who entered the show Tuesday night, wore a short blue spaghetti top teamed with skin tight shorts as she sunbathed in the garden of the "Bigg Boss" house in Lonavala, said a source.

Ashmit, her biggest fan in the house, joined her. He chose to remain bare bodied, and wore a blue and fluorescent orange trunks.

Ever since Anderson entered the show, Ashmit and model Hrishant Goswami have been smitten by her, and trying to gain attention.

In the meantime, the 43-year-old international star, as been trying everything Indian - including the dress, food and the typical Bollywood dance.

She wore a sari with bindi, bangles and jhumkas for

I was joking Ranbir-Kat, Deepika defends condom jibe

I was joking  Ranbir-Kat, Deepika defends condom jibeActress Deepika Padukone says her comment on actors Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif on Karan Johar's chat show was said in good humour and that she was not targeting anyone. In fact, she would love to work with her ex-boyfriend again.

"It was tongue in cheek. Everyone knows how Karan's shows are, " Deepika told in an exclusive interview.

On the show when Karan asked Deepika what she would like to gift Ranbir, she said it would be "a pack of condoms". When asked what she would like to ask Katrina, she replied: "I would like to see her passport."

The actress clarifies that giving politically correct replies would have made the show boring.

"For us, Karan is not just an anchor, he is someone we know personally and professionally. I know him from even before 'Om Shanti Om' through Farah (Khan) and Shah Rukh (Khan).

"Secondly, everyone knows the

Baby bump? Is Konkana Sen Sharma pregnant?

Baby bump? Is Konkana Sen Sharma pregnant?The actress was spotted flaunting her baby bump
Ranvir Shorey wed Konkona Sen Sharma hurriedly on September 3 in a hush-hush wedding. The rushed marriage sparked off rumours that she was preggers at the time. Here's proof...

The two were spotted at a screening at Ketnav theatre earlier this month and Koko's baby bump was visible and the woman was glowing. Sources say that the actress, a frequent smoker and tippler gave up alcohol in July.

Konkona may also not attend the Cairo International Film Festival later this month with mother Aparna Sen, where her film Iti Mrinalini premieres.

Aparna plans to join her daughter in January. Koko delivers in March 2011 in Mumbai. Sensharma has already sworn off films for the

Revealed: The reason behind Shahid-Priyanka breakup?

Revealed: The reason behind Shahid-Priyanka breakup?Bollywood actors Shahid Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra have reportedly called off their relationship, though their fans are still not sure about what kind of a relationship the duo shared!

According to reports circulating in the media, Shahid and Priyanka had come close to each other during the shooting of Kaminey.

However there was no commitment in the relationship and it was this fact which ultimately led to the couple's so-called break-up. But is it all so simple or is there somebody behind Shahid's and Priyanka's sudden decision to call off their relationship?

If reports are anything to go by, a certain Ranbir Kapoor, may be the man behind the collapse in the Shahid – Priyanka love story.

Though the couple is remaining tight-lipped, media speculations suggest that Shahid Kapoor was always uncomfortable about the growing closeness between girlfriend Priyanka and Ranbir Kapoor's during the filming of their recently released film Anjaana Anjaani.

Priyanka Chopra, on the other hand, not only refused to

Love Triangle: All is not well between Ranbir and Katrina due to this girl

Love Triangle: All is not well between Ranbir and Katrina due to this girlThey are reportedly fighting over his Rockstar co-star Nargis Fakhri

All is not well between lovebirds Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif.

We hear that the two are on 'maun vrat' and haven't spoken to each other for a few days. The fight was over his Rockstar co-star Nargis Fakhri (unfortunate name, eh?) While RK maintains that he and the newbie are just friends, Kat thinks otherwise.

Perhaps because the Kapoor boy has been spending a lot of time with Ms Nargis even on days they are not shooting. This has irked Kat.

Earlier, RK would answer her calls promptly, but of late, they have been going on missed calls which aren't returned. It seems like the two are on a break and things will get back to normal only when Ranbir promises to keep his distance from Nargis.

Kat's retort to Dippy barb

Katrina Kaif needs to develop some claws. Her diplomacy isn't helping her. In the upcoming episode of Koffee with Karan, when the

Apple’s iPhone 5 Details Leaked Online

Various rumors have been circling online about the iPhone 5.But we have the latest news.iPhone 5 release date will likely be in the summer of 2011.Apple’s Production was going really very fast in 2008 it released 3G , In 2009 it was 3GS that  turned over with more features like multi-tasking and video camera recording to iPhone 4 and now Apple is proud to present iPhone 5.It is said that the new iPhone 5 will having a lot more features with the new iOS 5.
It is said the whole phone will be transparent like a sheet and fully touch screen optimized but then where does the camera go ? Some statements say iPhone 5 will have a separate camera which can be connected at times when you want to capture something and