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Hot Sania Mirza at mansoor khan store launch.

Xbox Live mandatory update coming November 1st, all hands on board

Dashboard, that is. You've already seen the new Xbox 360 dashboard update right here and thousands of you have tried its flatter, faster interface for yourselves, but if you've missed out, it's looking like your Halloween candy bag may include a full-scale rollout. Xbox Live subscribers are getting the above message in their inboxes right now, indicating that November 1st will bring a service update of some sort, after which point "You will notice a change to the layout of the Xbox LIVE Dashboard, a new color scheme, and new

One Haji Crying Live On Tv Because Religious Minister Looted Him (Very Touching)

MSI brings graphics switching action to 15.6-inch FX600MX laptop

MSI stops short of calling the graphics switching technology within the FX600MX "Optimus," but it's pretty obvious what's behind the curtain. The outfit's latest 15.6-incher is equipped with a Core i3 or i5 CPU, Windows 7 Home Premium, up to 8GB of DDR3 memory and a 320/500GB hard drive. There's also a 512MB

Microsoft buys Canesta, continues camera-based domination of our interfaces

It seems that Microsoft's taken the camera to heart following its dismissal of the pen -- the companybought 3DV, collaborated with PrimeSense on Kinect, and today it's apparently finalized a deal to acquire 3D CMOS camera chipmaker Canesta as well. In case you've already forgotten, the latter company is the one that made an paid actor look particularly smug last year, by allowing the gent to control his television with a flick of the wrist. Things have progressed a good bit further than that, however, as you'll see in a demo video after the break, and Canesta president and CEO Jim Spare says he expects the

Gucci's 3D glasses up the ante with $225 fashion tag

Perhaps we were being unfair with Oakley's $150 3D shades -- that company, in fact, just didn't go far enough. Cut to Gucci with "optically correct" Real D frames of its own. No wraparounds, it's all glass forward, and like we said last time, you'll be the absolute most fashionable person in a crowded room full of people decidedly not looking in your direction for the entire duration of the glasses' applicable use. Look for these to hit your local US Gucci boutique -- if you have to ask where, it probably wasn't on your purchase list anyway -- for $225. Your move, Louis Vuitton

iPod foils potential kidnapping attempt in the hands of quick-thinking child

Apple's iPod touch can't make cellular calls -- at least, not without a special case -- but it did look enough like the similar iPhone to foil one would-be predator. A Delaware suspect asked a 12-year-old girl to get into his van in front of her middle school, but quickly fled the scene, when the girl reportedly put her iPod against her ear and told him she was dialing police. The local authorities did eventually get called and are still looking for the suspect. If you see a "white male, 35-45 years of age, with a

Hot Facebook dress to let you go social?

Instant Halloween Costume Idea Using Face Book Profile

Efforts underway to record dreams

Efforts underway to record dreams NEW YORK: A researcher from the United States has announced his plans to electronically record and interpret dreams, not as a way of spying, but to help human to better understand what makes us dream, and what they may mean.

Lead scientist Moran Cerf writes in the journal ‘Nature’ that he and his fellow scientists have discovered a system which can record higher activity in the brain. The eventual goal of the research is to enable people’s memories of their dreams to be corroborated with an electronic picturing of the dream.

Psychologists have been using dream analysis for quite some time in order to try and understand the unconscious mind, yet they could only rely on a person’s memory of their

Lion cubs learn swimming in US zoo

Lion cubs learn swimming in US zoo WASHINGTON: At the National Zoo in Washington, D.C., four lion cubs born in late August had their first swimming lesson Tuesday.

Why would lion cubs need a swimming lesson, you ask? Good question. When the cubs move with their mother, Shera, to an outdoor enclosure (likely to happen in late December), they'll find themselves surrounded by a water-filled moat. Keepers wanted to ensure their safety by making sure they'd be able to swim should they accidentally

iPhone locked for early 2011 on Verizon, says Fortune

Though Verizon famously turned down the original iPhone before Apple ultimately signed a deal with AT&T, the company's outspoken CEO -- Ivan Seidenberg -- has been very careful over the past couple years to note that he'd love to eventually have an iPhone in his lineup. With Verizon Wireless boss Lowell McAdam tapped to take over the top job next year, what'd be a better swan song for Seidenberg than to finally pull it off? Fortune's new profile of the longstanding chief exec and elder statesman is reporting in very matter-of-fact terms that a CDMA version of the iPhone 4 will be a reality on Verizon in "early 2011," lining up with most of the rumors the interwebs has been generating over the past few months.

The piece details the phone as the culmination of literally years of careful discussions between Seidenberg, McAdams, and Steve Jobs; Verizon's guys claim that Jobs acknowledged in late 2007 that the two companies had "missed something" by failing to

The PlayStation Phone: new photos, more details!

We've gotten our hands on some more images of the PlayStation Phone, and gleaned a few more juicy details about the handset. Firstly, as you can see in the photos, the model in question does indeed seem to be codenamed "Zeus" (as we reported on the 27th). Furthermore, the handset pictured is running Android 2.2, though apparently there are multiple devices out there with different versions on board (including at least one packed with Android 3.0). Based on what we know, there's little chance the phone will launch with Froyo -- but it's clear these have been worked on for some time with

Intel, Samsung, Toshiba form consortium aiming for 10nm chips by 2016

There isn't much to say here, so let's just get on with the facts: Intel, Samsung, and Toshiba are joining forces and pooling R&D efforts in a consortium funded in part by the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (an expected 50 percent, or 5 billion yen / US $62 million) and the rest from the members. The goal? Semiconductor chips nearing 10nm by 2016. Ten more companies are expected to be invited once things get sorted out, so major chip-related corporations, please keep

58-inch Table Connect for iPhone multitouch surface easily dwarfs your iPad

Think Hyundai's 70-inch multitouch table concept is hot stuff? Have a gander at this. The Table Connect for iPhone is dangerously close to completion, with a full-on mockup shown above. Put simply, this 58-inch multitouch surface accepts iPhone 4 connections via a 30-pin Dock Connector, and with a bit of magic, the table becomes your iPhone. The crew is currently wrapping up an alpha software release, and while a jailbroken iPhone is obviously necessary to get things going, the end result is bound to be impressive. Or at least hilarious. Here's hoping these eventually go on

Sony posts $852m profit: PS3, PC sales up

Sony got itself back in black with a $293m profit last quarter courtesy of improved PS3 and Bravia sales, and the good times continue: the company just posted a second-quarter profit of ¥68.7b ($852m). The Networked Products and Services division that encompasses PlayStation and VAIO was Sony's strongest performer, with revenue going up five percent to ¥369b ($4.6b) on top of 3.5m PS3 sales (a slight increase), a 40 percent increase in PS3 software sales to 35m units, and "significant hardware cost reductions." PC sales were up to 2.3m units from 1.4m units last year, and Bravia and digital camera sales also increased, to 4.9m and 6.2m units, respectively. Now for the bad news: PSP sales continued their precipitous decline, down 50 percent to 1.5m from 3.0m last year. By way of comparison, that's the same number of PS2s Sony shipped this past quarter -- maybe it's time to break out a

Google TV review

Google's taking a big leap with Google TV -- unlike its competitors, who've all focused on delivering curated video content with inexpensive streaming devices, Google's new platform brings Android, Chrome, and Flash directly to your TV in a variety of hardware configurations from Sony and Logitech. But whether you're adding Google TV to your existing rig with a Logitech Revue or starting from scratch with a Sony Internet TV, the basic experience of using each product is the same -- it's the web on your TV, in all its chaotic and beautiful glory. Is this the future of television? Can

Android 2.1 starts rolling out to Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 line this weekend

Doesn't get much more "late October" than this, does it? Sony Ericsson has announced that it'll begin delivering Android 2.1 upgrades to its X10 line of phones at long last this coming Sunday, October 31st -- but odds are pretty good you won't be in the first batch. In fact, only unbranded X10s, X10 Minis, and X10 Mini Pros in Nordic countries will be getting boosted at first, followed by "more kits" on Monday and throughout November. As a refresher, these updates will bring 720p video capture on the X10 proper (complete with continuous autofocus), a new backup / restore app, and

Animal giants

Nicole Scherzinger and Betty White Join Men in Black 3

Two women have joined the cast of Sony’s upcoming Men in Black sequel, Men in Black III. We previously reported that Nicole Scherzinger was rumored to play a small role in the film a few weeks ago, and according to an interview she did with E!Online, it’s been confirmed. There’s also word of everyone’s favorite senior citizen Betty White getting in on the alien action as well.

Both Scherzinger and Sony confirmed her involvement with the sequel but from what we’re hearing the role isn’t that big. The singer turned actress revealed that her character’s name is Lily and she doesn’t live long. “She’s like a small villain role,” said Scherzinger, “I’m so excited because I get to die. I make an appearance. I say a couple of lines and then I die.” If only that could happen with

James Franco goes for seductive makeover

Spider Man actor James Franco has dressed up as a drag for a new magazine cover that sees him in red lipstick and heavy eyeshadow.

The 32-year-old star, who plays mountaineer Aron Ralston in Danny Boyle's 127 Hours, is unrecognisable in his new dolled up avatar for transvestite magazine Candy, the Daily Mail reported.

Franco is seen wearing heavy eyeshadow, fake eyelashes and lipstick as he is shot in dresses as well as T-shirts and jeans for the pictures taken by renowned photographer Terry Richardson.

The shots, which feature in the Fall/Winter edition of the

Miss US crowned Miss World 2010

Miss US Alexandria Mills, dressed in a crisp white evening gown, was crowned the 60th Miss World 20
10 on Saturday evening in China's Sanya city.

Miss Botswana Emma Wareus, was the first runner up followed by Miss Venezuela, Adriana Vasini.
India's Manasvi Mamgai failed to make it to the top 25, dashing the hopes of many Indians of getting the title back to the country.
India has not won the title since 2000 when Priyanka Chopra brought the crown home.
Apart from her, India boasts of Miss Worlds like

Taylor Swift dating Jake Gyllenhaal?

Country singer Taylor Swift has fuelled rumours that she is dating Hollywood actor Jake Gyllenhaal after talk show host Ellen DeGeneres grilled the young star about her "handsome" new "boyfriend".

The singer sparked rumours of a new romance when she was spotted holding hands with Gyllenhaal during a stroll through Brooklyn, New York Sunday and DeGeneres took the opportunity to ask the 20-year-old about her relationship with the actor, reports

DeGeneres asked Swift if she is feeling optimistic about love, and she replied: "Well, why wouldn't anyone be?" and the host countered: "Especially if your boyfriend is

Akshay ropes in rapper Ludacris

After shaking a leg with singer Kylie Minogue and rapping with Snoop Dogg, Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar is set to collaborate with rapper Christopher Brian Bridges, better known by his stage name Ludacris, for his Indo-Canadian venture Breakaway.

"It's very exciting to collaborate with Ludacris for the music video of Breakaway. It's great to have the opportunity to work with such great artists from across the globe. Ludacris is going to make the music video one to watch out for," Akshay said in a statement.

The film to be directed by Robert Lieberman is a cross-cultural hockey drama set in the Indo-Canadian community of suburban Toronto, Canada. Other than

Dia Mirza makes a lovely bride

Bollywood beauty Dia Mirza looked stunning in a white wedding lehenga as the showstopper for designer Rocky S. on the opening day of the Aamby Valley India Bridal Week here.

Giving an unconventional approach to his collection, Rocky used white for his showstopper -- a colour not usually used for weddings.

"What is interesting is to see an Indian bride in a white lehenga. So surreal and beautiful. The garment is stunning and I think that in itself is a reflection of the line. What Rocky is trying to do with this collection is asking why stick with the mould? Break it and try

Band Baaja Baaraat

Band Baaja Baaraat Shruti (Anushka Sharma) is a 20-something no-nonsense girl from a middle class Delhi household. Focused and determined with preplanned ambitions, her goals in life are well laid out by the time she reaches her final year of college.

Bittoo (Ranveer Singh), on the other hand, has no real aim in life. As a final year college student of Delhi University, he whiles away his life having fun with his buddies, barely scraping through his exams.

A chance and inopportune meeting (or as you would call it, fate) brings the two of them together on a tumultuous journey where they become partners in their very own, "Wedding planning ka bijness". The rules however, are clear: "Jisse vyapaar karo, usse kabhi na pyaar karo" (Don't mix business with pleasure).

Together, their friendship and business, enters the ups and downs of the lavish Delhi weddings. And while trying to find themselves, Shruti and Bittoo discover each other and realize that in the course of their journey, unke khud ke rules ki bajegi band!

Directed by Maneesh Sharma and

Tees Maar Khan

Tees Maar KhanCast : Akshay Kumar, Katrina Kaif

Director: Farah Khan

We are all aware of how entertaining a Farah Khan film can be, and though there is no Shah Rukh Khan this time on, we are sure that the Akshay Kumar – Katrina Kaif jodi will be more than enough to draw audiences to cinema theaters. And of course with a splash of Salman Khan, Tees Maar Khan already looks like a blockbuster in the making.

The story of Tees Maar Khan revolves around the life of a gangster and conman who is shameless and ruthless while he goes along cheating, conning and stealing.

This conman, Tees Maar Khan, played by Akshay Kumar, is helped in his activities by associates Dollar, Soda and Burger and girlfriend Anya, played by Katrina Kaif.

The capability of Tees Maar Khan is

Vivek and Priyanka: Finally Mr. And Mrs. Oberoi

Vivek and Priyanka: Finally Mr. And Mrs. OberoiVivek Oberoi, the angry young man in Rakta Charitra, finally stepped into the 'Just Married' status, with his lavish wedding in Bangalore.

As there have been so many speculations about where the wedding was being held to the celebrity guests to be present there, the cuisine, the attire of the bride and groom, everything was quite hush hush, but then, these things do leak out!

The evening saw the Baarat coming in, with milni, the jaimala, having being done as scheduled. Reports are that, this wedding was one of the most high-end weddings of the year, yet with very level headed guests and hosts, as all were just enjoying themselves, having the time of their lives, and that's about it!

Well, Vivek Oberoi, who is 34-years-old, got married to Priyanka Alva, the girl, who his parents have chosen for him.

According to reports, Priyanka, a management graduate from the UK,is a very level-headed girl, she is truly a very humble and down-to-earth human being at heart and perhaps, Vivek Oberoi has waited this long only as he

Priyanka-Shahid break up again due to Deepika!

Priyanka-Shahid break up again due to Deepika!The kabhi haan-kabhi naa Shahid-Priyanka prem kahani seems to be off again. It is learnt that this time, it was PC who called for a timeout. An insider denies that it was Shahid's controlling behaviour that drove her away.

Apparently, the real reason she took the drastic decision is Deepika Padukone. The source says, "Pranks heard that while she was in Brazil shooting for Fear Factor, Shaks met Deepika twice and lost her cool.

Mimi (as he calls PC) confronted him. But he refused to say a word on anything related to Dippy. That finally did it." Until they get

Download Hot Sonakshi Sinha Latest Pictures

Mallika Sherawat's revealing scenes leaked on Youtube

Mallika Sherawat`s revealing scenes leaked on YoutubeMallika Sherawat, the hot babe with the fangs quite out like the snake she plays on screen, is quite a gal, as she has managed to attract quite a lot of attention, with her very bold top revealing scenes leaked out in You tube, and thereby creating a sensation for the ogling public!

This sexy 'naagin', or snake woman, has taken the web world by storm, and she has successfully stuck her fangs into the souls of the audiences who crave to see her all bared and sexy image, with perhaps nothing, but a reptile hung over her delicate body, which surely speaks volumes about the courage that this damsel has. After all, how many stars would have the guts to go in for such deadly shots, even if it means enormous publicity?

The movie Hisss, was already in the most awaited list of films of the year and with Mallika's hot contribution, it has only added fuel to fire, thereby, kick starting more attraction and enthusiasm from the audiences, which is going to give a certain boost to the film's response, according to the buzz. At least that's what is expected.

As news about her hot scenes leaked on the web is spreading, more and more people are waiting to see it, inciting a lot of enthusiasm, which of course is

I'm not in competition with Aamir, SRK, Salman: Saif

I`m not in competition with Aamir, SRK, Salman: Saif Actor Saif Ali Khan says he is not in competition with the three other Khans of Bollywood - Aamir, Shah Rukh and Salman. He is happy with the position he has in the industry and adds that he has "a long way to go".

"They have worked in iconic and more successful films. Aamir's debut movie 'Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak' was a superhit, Salman's 'Maine Pyar Kiya' was also a superhit, Shah Rukh's done equally good. I am really happy with the position where I am, " Saif told reporters here Friday.

"I look forward to doing better films and rising up to that position, but they are senior to me and have worked in great films. They completely deserve the position they are in. I have a lot of respect for them, " he said.

The actor was speaking at the Epicentre Auditorium in Apparel House, Gurgaon to join celebrations with the Taj Enlighten Film Society, which has been validated as India's Largest Film Society by the Federation of Film Societies of India (FFSI).

Although Saif has carved a niche for

Dueling with Deol: Abhay's 'attitude' upsets eveyone

Dueling with Deol: Abhay`s `attitude` upsets eveyoneAbhay's "attitude" is apparently causing the Zindagi Milegi Na Dobara unit and his director, Zoya Akhtar much grief

Abhay Deol is at loggerheads with director Zoya Akhtar, reveal unit sources from the sets of Zindagi Milegi Na Dobara. The actor's "know-it-all" attitude is the subject of much consternation, it is learnt.

His constant interference hasn't gone down too well with co-stars Hrithik Roshan and Farhan Akhtar, who are bigger stars than him and yet are more down-to-earth.

Says a unit source, "Deol has done a course in direction from New York and feels he has the knowledge and the expertise to call the shots. During ZMND's Spain schedule, he kept telling Zoya how things could be done differently.

When she wanted to re-shoot a song featuring the three actors, Abhay flatly refused saying he was happy with the way it had turned out. He had to be cajoled into doing the song."

He apparently even expressed his displeasure over the

How Aamir broke ice with Kareena

How Aamir broke ice with KareenaAamir Ali is a huge Kareena Kapoor fan. Naturally, when he got a chance to work with her in a commercial, the TV actor was ecstatic.

"I think she's drop-dead gorgeous and immensely talented", he says. The ad has him flirting with Bebo, who plays his girlfriend.

Shot by Pradeep Sarkar, who has worked with him before, the bike ad shows the fun side of Aamir.

Says Ali, "I just got a call from Dada (Sarkar) who told me I would be working with a leading actress. When I heard it was Bebo, I couldn't contain my excitement."

Breaking the ice

In the beginning, the two didn't talk much. "I jokingly told her that if I had to look at her face, I would just be smiling all day." That broke the ice between us and we started the shoot. I don't think I have ever been star struck, but you always get to

After a flop, John Abraham needs more muscles

After a flop, John Abraham needs more muscles

Following the debacle of his purportedly premium product Jhootha Hi Sahi which was expected to take the star's career to a new level, there's hyper-activity on John Abraham's front.The pinup star is pumping up the iron and toning those muscles for a renewed bout of celluloid machismo.

Apparently John has halted the shooting of key action sequences in his first fully-fledged action film the Hindi remake of the Tamil blockbuster Kaakha Kaakha. Apart from Bollywood's best actiom director Allan Amin John has now ordered an action team from South Africa to supervise his stunts.

Director Nishikant Kamat confirms that John is at the moment shooting non-action scenes. “We'll do the action scenes later.I cannot do those loud larger-than -life stunts sequences where the hero beats up twenty adversaries singlehandedly.

The action in my film has to be in the more

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BEACH : One Century Ago

This collection of BEACH PHOTOS dates back to 1900-1920s.
Modern beach is nothing like the beach on these Black and White pictures.

Click here to enlarge

The Temple Of DAWN in Bankok Thailand

Wat Arun (Temple of the Dawn, perhaps so named because the first light of morning is reflected off the surface of the temple with a pearly iridescence) is a Buddhist temple (wat) in Bangkok, Thailand.

The temple is located in the Bangkok Yai district, on the west bank of the Chao Phraya River. The full name of the temple is Wat Arunratchawararam Ratchaworamahavihar a.
Click here to enlarge

Katy Perry's Unseen Pic's

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Nokia unleashes its short movie, shot exclusively on the Nokia N8

Nokia presents The Commuter, a funny short film, starring "Slumdog Millionaire" Dev Patel with a cameo by Pam Anderson. Beside the stellar cast, the other thing that's intriguing about the flick is the fact it's shot exclusively on the Nokia N8.
The Commuter is yet another proof of the Nokia N8 camcorder skills. Well, contrast could have been better in some scenes but still, you can hardly tell that the 720p HD movie was

Beauty of countries in night

Top 10 Rooftop Helipads in the World

1. Dubai (Burj al Arab)

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Blake Lively and Penn Badgley split after three years

 It looks like life is imitating art for Gossip Girl stars Blake Lively and Penn Badgley.

The couple have ended their three-year relationship,just like their on screen characters Serena van der Woodsen and Dan Humphrey, reported People magazine online.

The couple, both 23, started dating in 2007 after meeting on sets of the superhit TV drama.

The pair had initially denied their relationship and insisted they were just good friends. They finally went public in 2008, openly attending events as a couple.

Despite any potential awkwardness there might be on set, it looks like Lively and Badgley's breakup is amicable.

The two of them were seen shopping for candles together last week in New York and are determined to stay good friends.

"It didn't seem like anything was off at all and no one said anything," said a source from the 'Gossip Girl' set.

David Beckham gives sex education to son

Just like an intelligent father, David Beckham had a talk about sex with his 11-year-old son Brooklyn.

The 35-year-old soccer player who is married to singer-turned-fashion designer Victoria Beckham, sat down with his eldest child to discuss the facts of life because he has started at a new school and has begun attracting interest from girls, reports

However, David found the conversation so awkward he had to leave the room and leave it to his wife.

"Brooklyn is going to a new school. He is

Justin Timberlake paired opposite Amanda Seyfried

Popstar Justin Timberlake will romance Mamma Mia actress Amanda Seyfried in the sci-fi film I'm Mortal.

The 24-year-old actress and the Sexy Back hitmaker have already started shooting the film in Los Angeles, reported Daily Mail online.

The 29-year-old singer, who won plenty of praise for his role in the hit 'The Social Network', plays a vagabond in the film about a society in which aging stops when a person turns 25.

Timberlake portrays Will, wrongly accused of

Tom Cruise reveals title of next MI film

The latest film in the Mission: Impossible series will be called Ghost Protocol, Hollywood star Tom Cruise revealed in Dubai on Thursday.

"It's not gonna be MI 2, MI 3, MI 4, but it's gonna be Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol ... that will be the title of this film," Cruise told a news conference in the Gulf city-state.

"One of the things that I always wanted with the franchise was for it to not have a number afterwards, because I haven't made sequels of films, and I never really thought of these films as sequels," Cruise said.

"When you see each one of them, I think it's distinctive of each film-maker" who has worked on the series.

"It's a series that I love doing," the

Kate Moss launches her new jewellery line

After reigning the ramp for many years, supermodel Kate Moss has come up with her own
jewellery line.

The British model has decided to launch the jewellery line which will coincide with her latest and final clothing collection for British high street chain Topshop, Contactmusic

Topshop, owned by Kate's close friend Sir Philip Green said that this would be the first of regular seasonal vintage-inspired jewellery ranges designed by Moss, with semi-precious stones being

Chris Pine on working with Washington

Actor Chris Pine, who shot to fame with 2009 movie Star Trek, says bagging a role alongside Denzel Washington in Unstoppable was like winning a lottery.

"It seems very much to me like I've won the lottery," Pine said.

The actor says he looks up to the two-time Academy award-winner. However, he admitted that he attempted to keep his amazement at bay while working with the icon, gleaning what he could from the actor by watching him work.

"My job then as a young actor is to be open, and keep my eyes and ears alive to watching a master. Watching Denzel is like watching a

Jack Black lied to bag role in movie

Comedian Jack Black says he once tried to win a role in a movie by telling the casting director he could ride a horse, despite being clueless about how to do it.

The 'Gulliver's Travels' star divulged that he occasionally trumpeted about how good he was at a particular skill just to get a part in a film, but his lie about how well he could ride a horse failed to impress the director and in the end he failed to bag the role,  Contactmusic reported.

"I might have bent the truth with regards to my skills. I think one time I said that I was an avid horseback rider, which