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CNN TV Reporter Converts to Islam 2010

Report: Older users flocking to Facebook, Twitter

While younger people are the majority on social-media sites, the number of users over 50 is the fastest growing, a survey says.
While younger people are the majority on social-media sites, the number of users over 50 is the fastest growing, a survey says.

Now, Ehrlich -- who turns 51 in a few weeks -- barely qualifies for the fastest-growing club on the Web. The number of internet users over 50 who use social-networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter have nearly doubled in the past year, according to a study released Friday.
 -- Nancy Ehrlich was

5 signs your toddler is depressed

Preschool depression is becoming increasingly common, writes Pamela Paul in The New York Times Magazine. But you can stop it in its tracks

Treating depression when children are young could help diminish its impact on them later.

"Preschool depression" will likely soon join parents' "what-to-worry-about lexicon," alongside ADHD and other disorders unheard of 30 years ago, says Pamela Paul in an in-depth New York Times Magazineinvestigation. Though many experts maintain that toddlers are too psychologically immature to experience depression, a growing number of child psychologists believe it can hit children as young as 2 or 3 — and that treating the condition immediately can rewire the brain in a way that diminishes the problem later on. Here are five signs to look out for in your toddler:
1. Inability to experience joy or pleasure
Many symptoms of preschool depression "look a lot like those in older people," Paul says, citing research by Washington University School of Medicine child psychiatrist Joan Luby. But they manifest differently. For example, anhedonia, the inability to enjoy pleasurable activities (and, incidentally, the working title of Woody Allen's Annie Hall) shows up in adults as a loss of libido; in toddlers, it might be noted as an indifference to

Katy Perry's 'Teenage Dream': Review of Reviews

Depending on which critic you ask, Perry's sophomore album is either fabulous, formulaic, or the kind of thing you should forbid your kid to hear

Katy Perry recently released her second mainstream full-length album, Teenage Dream.
Katy Perry recently released her second mainstream full-length album, Teenage Dream. Photo: YouTube
Best Opinion:  Rolling Stone, Chicago Tribune, Spin
Pop star Katy Perry's second mainstream album, Teenage Dream, hit shelves this week. The record's already ubiquitous single, "California Gurls," which debuted in May, sat atop the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart for six weeks — inevitably prompting the question: Is the rest of the album as irresistible? Reviewers weigh in:
The album recalls Gwen Stefani in her SoCal prime:Teenage Dream proves Katy Perry is "a true California gurl,"says Rob Sheffield in Rolling Stone. "Miles ahead" of her breakout record, it's "the kind of pool-party-pop gem that Gwen Stefani used to crank out... full of SoCal ambiance and disco beats." Thanks to Perry's "clever songwriting," top-dollar production and a saturation of "eighties beats" and a "Daft Punk filter-disco house sound," I can easily call this one a winner.

Clever? Try "formulaic": Katy Perry seems like "the kind of diva whose flashy trash

I don't see Paris as an artist: Lady Gaga


 Pop star Lady Gaga, who used to be Paris Hilton's schoolmate, has said she doesn't consider the heiress as an artist.

The 24-year-old singer went to New York's Convent Of The Sacred Heart as a child along with Paris and her sister Nicky. But Gaga claims they are very different despite going to the same school, reported Daily Star.

"I don't see Paris as an artist. People assume that all the girls who went to my school were like Nicky and Paris and the truth is that I went to a very, very

SYMT – Hai Woh Allah – a prayer for Pakistan

A heartrending emotional prayer by SYMT. Recorded Live in one go.
Hai Woh Allah – a prayer for Pakistan

IF He Can , So You Can

Atif Aslam - Haath Uthao - New Song for Flood Victims

Dogs are better than Sialkot People – A Lesson Must Watch

Dogs are better than Sialkot People – A Lesson Must Watch

Eye Witnesses of Sialkot Brothers Killing

Eye Witnesses of Sialkot Brothers Killing

Youth protests against the brutal killing of two brothers (Pictures)

Students in Sialkot protests against the brutal killing of two brothers (Mughees & Muneeb).
This peaceful protest was organized by Roshanay Asif Sheikh & Asma Khawar.

Brand New Apple iphone 5

Girls always feeling safe with smokers.. watch out why

TV celebrities protest over Sialkot incident

The artists and the literary community of Karachi, under the banner of ‘Voice of the Civil Society (VOTCS)’ came together at the Karachi Arts Council to protest against the inhumane lynching incident in Sialkot.
The attendees observed a minute of silence for the brothers and demanded the Chief Justice of Pakistan to ensure speedy justice. Amongst the speakers; the most prominent was the TV Actress Bushra Ansari, who condemned the statement given by Firdous Aashiq Awan about the two brothers and demanded her resignation. She urged the

Sad mothers give birth to smaller babies

A new research has revealed that clinical depression and anxiety during pregnancy results in smaller babies who are more likely to die in infancy.
The study, which focused on women living in rural Bangladesh, provides the first finding of its kind in a non-Western population.
The research indicated that mental health issues are likely to be a primary contributor to infant mortality and poor child health, above poverty, malnutrition or low socio-economic status.
Collaboration between researchers at the

Advocate throws shoe at judge

The humiliating gesture of hurling a shoe at a judge by a young advocate during the hearing of a case here sent all the judges on

Cable operators stop airing 30 channels

Cable operators across the country stopped beaming Indian entertainment channels on the orders of a PEMRA.
Leading Indian entertainment channels of the Star and Sony networks have disappeared from cable networks across the country while several international news channels are no longer being beamed in some parts of Pakistan for the past few days.
PEMRA Chairman Malik Mushtaq told reporters that the decision had been taken on the

Dua: Teri Hai Zameen Recited by: Zaain ul Abideen

Dua: Teri Hai Zameen
Recited by: Zaain ul Abideen

Samsung 90 and 30 series LCDs work hard as computer monitors, play hard as 1080p HDTVs

Samsung 90 and 30 series LCDs work hard as computer monitors, play hard as 1080p HDTVs
The dividing line between computer monitor and HDTV grows ever thinner. Samsung is announcing two new series of multi-function

Megan Fox leaving Indian restaurant

Humoristic Toilet Inscription ...

absolutely hilarious bathroom mirror prank

Wishing Neha Dhupia a Very Happy Birthday

Katy Perry donates pillows to waiting fans

Pop star Katy Perry showed her generosity by donating free pillows and blankets to fans who have been camping out to see her perform.

The 'Hot N Cold' hitmaker is due to play a free concert at an outdoor plaza in New York City to promote her new album, 'Teenage Dream'.

Fans began queuing up to see the 25-year-old singer days in advance and she decided to thank them for their loyalty by ordering customised cushions and quilts with her name printed on them.

"I had special

Drugs inspired my music: Lady Gaga

Pop singer Lady Gaga has revealed that her addiction to drugs had helped her create music.

She began using illegal substances after she dropped out of a music course at New York University in 2005 and insists that getting high helped her creativity, reports

"(Using drugs) I really figured out the art I wanted to make and was inspired. Some people find inspiration in dark places. I guess I'm one of them," said Gaga.

"What always made me

Liz Hurley reveals curvy figure secret

Hollywood actress Elizabeth Hurley has revealed the secret behind her curvy figure is no breakfast at all.

"I swear by almost nothing for breakfast. Mugs of hot water first thing," quoted the model and actress as saying.

The 45-year-old also brushed off the rumours about her breast implants and said she is

Pratt urges Montag to seek marriage counselling

Reality star Heidi Montag's estranged husband Spencer Pratt is reportedly trying to save their marriage with "relationship counselling".

The Hills star, who signed divorce papers to end their year-long union earlier this month, has reportedly begged the 23-year-old blonde beauty to consider professional help to get their romance back on track.

Pratt, who this week threatened to release three sex tapes featuring Montag unless she agrees to star in a reality TV series with him, still "loves" his estranged wife and is prepared to do anything to win her back, reported TMZ.

The source also claimed that Montag, who reportedly separated from Pratt in April on their first wedding anniversary, is open to

Madonna's kids make appointments to meet her

She is famed for successfully juggling her multi-million empire with motherhood but a new report claims that 'Queen of Pop' Madonna only spends 15 minutes with each of her four children every day.

Madonna manages her diary in 15-minute slots and her assistant marks out appointments for her children, reported Daily Mail online.

"She will have 'time with Lola' or 'time with David' marked into her schedule by one of her PAs. The children have appointments made to see their mother, who will help with homework, or sing, or even make food with them, but only if it has been planned in advance," said a source close to the 'Material Girl' hitmaker.

The pop icon who is now busy directing her

Emma Watson visits Bangladesh

Harry Potter star Emma Watson was on a secret visit to Bangladesh where she visited the homes of garment factory workers who are employed by big chain retailers like Gap and Primark.

The 20-year-old actress who is the spokesmodel for the ethical brand 'People Tree' visited the slum areas of the poverty ridden country earlier this summer.Watson who is currently studying at Brown University,also visited the brand's factory, helping workers with the sewing, reported Daily Mail online.

"I've been given a lot in my life and I have had so many fantastic opportunities. It's really important to me that I try and give something back. Following my summer collection for People Tree I wanted to visit Bangladesh to see the difference Fair Trade makes," said

I would love to be nursery school teacher: Hilton

Socialite Paris Hilton, who has remained in the news for her weird lifestyle, says she would have loved to be a school teacher or a veterinarian if she hadn't been famous.

Hilton starred in her own reality TV show, created several fragrances and tried her luck at singing as well.

"I have basically done everything but if I wasn't in the position I am in now I would love to be a nursery school teacher because I love kids," quoted her as saying.

"Or I would love to be a veterinarian because I love animals. That would be a dream for me," added the heiress who

Sri Lankan maid to undergo surgery after employer hammers nails

A Sri Lankan maid whose Saudi employer allegedly hammered 23 nails into her arms, legs and forehead is set to undergo surgery Friday, while government officials meet with Saudi diplomats in Colombo over the

Salman Khan cheers Ranbir Kapoor!

Salman Khan cheers Ranbir Kapoor!
Damn the rumors linking his

Video: Frank Miller Gives Sin City Treatment to Perfume Ad

Frank Miller and perfume don’t usually show up in the same sentence, but the graphic novel auteur has now shot a TV commercial that frames Evan Rachel Wood in futuristic noir imagery

Live Tiger Found in Bag Full of Toy Tigers at Thai Airport

On August 22, airport security officials in Bangkok detected something suspicious in an oversize suitcase. X rays indicated that along with

2011 Dodge Charger Pursuit: First Photo

2011 Dodge Charger Pursuit police vehicle
We all knew the 2011 Dodge Charger would be restyled. NowChrysler has issued the first factory photo of the new model, decked out in full police pursuit gear.
The new styling--the press release actually calls it "sinister"--should neatly toughen up the Dodge Charger's credentials as one of the few remaining rear-wheel-drive V-8 engined full-size sedans offered in the U.S. market.
For police use, the 2011 Charger Pursuit has upgraded suspension, including heavy-duty brakes, stabilizer bars both front and rear, 18-inch steel wheels with performance tires, and two police-only calibrations in the car's Electronic Stability Control system.
The standard engine is the company's new

Javed Chaudhary's Fake Girlfriend Scandal

Javed Chaudhary is the most famous writer of Pakistan. Every educated Pakistani love to read columns “Zero Point” of Javed Chaudhary and also his Live TV Show “Kal Tak” is very much famous in Pakistan.

It seems that someone is jealous from his popularity. Because now a days some photos of Javed Chaudhary with a girl are found everywhere on internet, their publishers claim that she is his girlfriend and He is enjoying her company in Europe. Pictures are taken from a

Michael Jackson named CNN's top music icon, Asha loses out

Pop king Michael Jackson has been named the top global music icon of the past 50 years in a poll conducted by CNN.

"Almost 100,000 of you voted to tell us that the self-styled king of pop, who died suddenly in June 2009, is the musician you rate above all others," the news magazine said.

British pop group The Beatles, late Canto pop sensation Leslie Cheung, rock 'n' roller Elvis Presley and Reggae godfather Bob Marley also made to the top five.

No female artists made the list which had India's Asha Bhosle in the long list of 20, although US pop queen Madonna came in at number six, narrowly missing a place.

Last month CNN's arts and culture program, Icon, asked viewers to vote for their top five most iconic musicians of all time. 

I will watch Dabangg with kids: SRK

To a question if he will watch his friend-turned-foe Salman Khan's upcoming release Dabangg releasing next month, Superstar Shah Rukh Khan said the promos and songs of the movie look interesting.

"I saw Lafange Parindey last week and will watch Dabangg at home after my children's exams are over," he said.

Dismissing rumors about his friendship with filmmaker Farah Khan, he said it remains strong despite not playing the lead in her upcoming Akshay-Katrina starrer Tees Maar Khan.

"If I am not doing any film with my

Farah and I are friends: SRK

Superstar Shah Rukh Khan has cleared the air over a reported rift with choreographer-director Farah Khan, saying that just because he wasn't on her next project didn't mean that they weren't friends.

He wished her luck for her next film "Tees Maar Khan", for which she signed on Akshay Kumar instead of Shah Rukh.

"My friendship with all is as it was before, love them the same way. Many times if we are not working with each other doesn't mean that I hate her or end of friendship. I don't take my wife's decision, how could I take others. I want to see everyone doing well.

"When I am shooting with someone, I am more in

Miss Universe's agenda includes Osama and Jennifer Aniston

Pics:Miss Mexico's journey at Miss Universe 2010
Special:Miss Universe 2010

Jimena Navarrette, the new Miss Universe has a long list of things to do, which includes capturing Osama Bin Laden, becoming an 'American Idol' judge and sorting out Jennifer Aniston's love life.

The 22-year-old Mexican beauty made an appearance on 'Late Show with David Letterman' and read out the 'Top Ten Ways Miss Universe Plans to Make the World a Better Place.'

At number 10 Jimena said, "Inspire peace and unity by looking hot."

She then offers up her house for

Woman to stand trial on charge of slicing DiCaprio

A judge ordered a woman to stand trial on a charge of slashing Leonardo DiCaprio's face with glass during a 2005 party.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Edmund Willcox Clarke ordered Aretha Wilson to face one count of assault with a deadly weapon. The charge includes an allegation that Wilson, 40, caused great bodily injury.

The details and extent of Caprio's injuries were not made public, although the judge, who has reviewed photos of the injuries to the actor's ear and neck, said Thursday that "this would not be an injury that would be called trivial or moderate, in my view."

Those photos also were not made public. DiCaprio did not attend the hearing.
Wilson was returned to Los

Cellular Sites Are Not Hazardous For Human Health, PTA Declares

Mobile phone tower 225x300 Cellular Sites Are Not Hazardous For Human Health, PTA Declares  Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) reiterated that the cellular operators’ Base Transceiver Stations (BTS) power system is under controlled and its emitted radiations do not cause hazardous effects on human health.
The regulatory body is firmed on the health compliance issues related to sector on the survey conducted recently in collaboration with Frequency Allocation Board (FAB) in Pakistan and AJ&K.
The survey was conducted with the special monitoring equipment of power emission levels from transmitters and receivers of Base Transceiver Stations (BTSs) / Towers of cellular mobile companies.
The drive was carried out in Karachi, Hyderabad, Lahore, Faisalabad, Mirpur, Muzaffarabad, Peshawar, Quetta, Sibi, Rawalpindi and Islamabad.
There are more than 28,000 BTS of five cellular operators in the country.
Health Hazard Issues
Some provincial and local