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The arrival of Mahdi, Dajjal , Planet X & Reality of 2012

Conspiracy to defraud Pakistan cricket - Ijaz Butt

PCB chairman Ijaz Butt has said the board is investigating a conspiracy, involving "august cricket bodies", to defraud Pakistan and Pakistan cricket and will soon reveal the names of those allegedly involved. In an astonishing, prepared statement read out to ESPNcricinfo a day after the ICC started a formal investigation into Pakistan's win in the third ODI at The Oval, he also launched thinly-veiled attacks on the ICC, some cricket boards and the media.
"This is not a conspiracy to defraud bookies but a conspiracy to defraud Pakistan and Pakistan cricket," Butt said. "We have taken it in hand to start our own investigations. We will shortly reveal the names of the people, the parties and the bodies involved in this sinister conspiracy and we also reserve the right to sue them for damages.
"We feel the media in certain countries is biased and not fair. We feel august cricket bodies are also involved in this conspiracy, which will damage the great game of cricket."
The statement is an extension of the one the board released late on Saturday indicating its unhappiness with the way the ICC handled the Oval allegations. Nobody in the

Inderjit Nikku ft Honey Singh - College

President Zardari Learn Something From Sonia Gandhi

Top 10 Most Beautiful Eyes

Tryout for Cheerleaders


Chaltay Jaoon By Kumail Murtaza (Official Music Video)

The Bold & The Beautiful Video - Chaltay Jaoon By Kumail Murtaza (Official Music Video)

Babies Swimming Competition in Hangzhou, China

Babies Swimming Competition in Hangzhou, China

Babies took part in a special swimming competition in Hangzhou, capital of east China's Zhejiang Province on Aug 22, 2010. Babies aged 0 to 3 years took part in competition. The baby considered to have the best performance in the water, and to possess the richest facial appearance when communicating with its mother, was declared the winner. Parents and other audience members clearly enjoyed this fun

Stone Balancing Art By Talented Adrian Gray

Stone Balancing Art By Talented Adrian Gray

Stone Balancing Art by Talented Artist Adrian Gray do something special which others cant. He take big stones & put them on each other & make balance which is unbelievable for other & also impossible to do. He chooses the point of balances very carefully by considering gravity. Below are some incredible pictures & video of his great talent.

Gray said
The trick is putting together stones which look like they couldn't possibly sit on

Kori no Suizokukan: Ice Aquarium in Kesennuma, Japan

<a href="" title="Kori no Suizokukan" target="_self">Kori no Suizokukan</a>: Ice Aquarium in Kesennuma, Japan

The Kori no Suizokukan (Ice Aquarium) in Kesennuma, northeastern Japan, have nearly 450 specimens of sea lives in ice cubes. Some 80 species, including saury, octopuses, crabs, and skipjack, are preserved in lifelike poses in the aquarium is set to minus 20 degrees Celsius (-5F)

its was opened in 2002 in the Uminoichi seafood market, the Ice Aquarium uses flash-freezing technology to preserve fresh fish unloaded in Kesennuma's port on the Pacific Ocean. Inside, the ambient air is a cool minus 5 degrees F (minus 20 C), and guests have to don parkas to keep

Shoe House In Hallam, Pennsylvania

Shoe House In Hallam, Pennsylvania

This amazing shoe house in Pennsylvania, located in Hallam & constructd by Mahlon Haines in 1948. Originally the Shoe House was used as a guesthouse. Haines invited elderly couples to spend the weekend. He also let honeymooners stay

10m3 DI PAUSA: Eco Car Model Installation

10m3 DI PAUSA: Eco Car Model Installation

10M3 PAUSE is an urban project that makes us think of how much space that has been stolen from cars. The 'overpopulation' of these facilities creates problems for traffic and circulation, the increasing need for parking space often prevents people from using the sidewalks and


Former Pakistan players slam new claims

Former Pakistan players on Sunday cried foul over more allegations of corruption against the national team, saying the new claims were part of a conspiracy.
The International Cricket Council (ICC) has launched an investigation into a “certain scoring pattern” that emerged during Pakistan’s victory over England at the Oval on Friday in the third one-day international.
It followed a report by The Sun newspaper, which claimed to have been made aware of details of Pakistan’s innings before the match had got underway.
The new allegations follow the suspension of three players for alleged involvement in spot-fixing during a Test at Lord’s after a report by another British tabloid, the News of the World.
“I think the ICC has taken a decision (to launch an inquiry) in haste and the PCB must protest with them,” former Pakistan captain Zaheer Abbas said, referring to the Pakistan Cricket Board.
“The new allegations are from a newspaper of the same group as

Prime Minister Gilani as Next James Bond? Angelina Jolie Suggests Him to Join Hollywood

Prime Minister Gilani as Next James Bond? Angelina Jolie Suggests Him to Join Hollywood

Gold price may hit Rs 43,000 per tola

The gold price may hit an all time high at Rs 43,000 per tola, if its prices surged to 1300 dollars per ounce in international market.
Sources in Sarafa markets reported the gold is cheaper in Pakistan as compared to prices in international market; however, Rs 43,000-level is just around the corner.
Nazish Lutfi of ISMAR (Institute of Securities Managment And Research) said gold accounts for at least 26 per cent of Pakistan’s foreign exchange reserves, indicating its feasibility for investment.
He said gold burgeoned 300 per cent during the last ten years, that is

Sonakshi's ex-beau Aditya moves on

Ex-beau of Dabangg's lead actress Sonakshi Sinha, Aditya Shroff is all set t to tie the knot with TV actress Megha Gupta. Megha Gupta of Kavyanjali fame met Aditya, owner of Fame Cinemas in love in July this year. The couple is likely to get married by yearend. According to reports, Aditya says he has forgotten Sonakshi and that relationship was his past. Rumours have it that Sonakshi, 22, who has just made an emphatic entry into Bollywood, was not ready for

Doing something different makes acting fun: Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka Chopra loves challenges. Doing the same thing every day makes her bored, says the actress who now enjoys numero uno status in Bollywood.

"Doing something different is what makes acting fun. I get bored of doing the same thing every day myself," Priyanka told IANS in an interview.

"So when you are challenged with something, you want to perform better, you want to do well. And when you get success out of something which is hugely challenging, the satisfaction and gratification is tremendous. I think that has been an ambition for me," said the actress, who is currently hosting an action-adventure show Fear Factor - Khatron Ke Khiladi 3, aired on Colors.

The show is shot in Brazil and involves many

Atif Aslam – We Will Rise Again (Rehearsal Pictures)

Atif Aslam – We Will Rise Again (Rehearsal Pictures)
Todd Shea, an American who came to volunteer in Pakistan after the 2005 earthquake, a disaster that killed 80,000 people. As Ellick noted in the voiceover, “he never left.” Three years ago, Shea established a “no frills” charity hospital in Kashmir called CDRS, or Comprehensive Disaster Relief Services, which provides quality healthcare services to the people in the remote and earthquake-affected areas in northwest Pakistan. CDRS’ efforts are concentrated in Chikar, one of Pakistan’s poorest and most remote villages located about 25 miles from the Indian border with a population of about 150,000 people. According to Ellick, “For decades, the community’s medical needs have been ignored by the government…”

The video [embedded below] opens with Shea singing “Dil Dil Pakistan” at a community fair, designed to teach the survivors of the earthquake the basics of proper healthcare. He doesn’t have a college degree or a medical background, but told the Times, “I’m certainly not the most qualified person to take on the task of building…in this area at least…a revolutionary healthcare system, but I’m the one who’s here.” A musician prior to his time in Pakistan, Shea indicated that he once suffered from addiction issues. Now however, he “decided to get addicted to something that was good for other people.” In fact, Shea uses music to raise awareness about CDRS and their efforts, at one point performing at MTV’s studios in Karachi with a Pakistani musician.

His story is incredibly powerful and inspirational. So far CDRS employs 38 people, although only one doctor has relocated to Chikar to work. And though Dr. Rizwan Shabir said he was surprised by Shea’s “casual” appearance when they first met, he told the NY Times, “I thought, if this person can come from America and serve our people, then why not me…

Ali Zafar Painting for Flood Relief (Pictures)

Ali Zafar‘s Painting will be at display from tomorrow at Alhamra Arts Centre. Highest bidder takes it. Bidding starts at $3000. All proceeds will go to the flood relief. Your input would be highly appreciated. If you want to make a bid you can e-mail also at with your details. This is for a serious cause so kindly don’t make any false pledges.

Lara Dutta-Mahesh Bhupathi engaged

Lara Dutta-Mahesh Bhupathi engaged
Lara Dutta and Mahesh Bhupathi had initially denied having any romantic involvement with each other. Lara Dutta, Ex miss universe, who had come out of a long living in relationship with model turned actor Kelly Dorjee, was linked with another model turned actor Dino Morea for a while. Mahesh Bhupathi's marriage to ex model Shveta Jaishankar was going through some rough times too. Thats when Lara and Mahesh met each other, as Lara was a client of Bhupathi's celebrity management company. Shveta later accused them of cheating her as they were seen together even before her divorce with
Bhupathi came through.

For a long time the couple denied rumours of involvement, perhaps waiting for Mahesh's divorce to come through. However, recenlty the

Katrina used Salman: Rakhi

Bollywood actress Rakhi Sawant is heartbroken with Salman Khan’s breakup with Katrina Kaif. “Girls just come to Salman to make their careers and once they are done with their job, they leave him. I feel so sorry for him.” she laments.
But, for Aamir Khan, she feels happy with the success of “Peepli Live”. She adds, “I’m not a movie buff. The last movie that i watched was “Raavan”. I loved Abhishek Bachhan. I think he is a great actor, far better than Amitabh Bachchan. I’m sorry to say, but there is nothing natural about

Shoes change a woman’s personality

Shoes can transform a woman’s personality. Shoes are a very important part of wardrobe. They say something about the way you hold your body.
Shoes must be elegant, comfortable. They affect the person’s personality.
The Malaysia-born craftsman Jimmy Choo, recently revealed that it is never too late for people to start wearing heels, but they should not start off with skyscrapers.
“You should start with two or two and a half inches, get used to

The Stupid Anchor

Sonam Kapoor Down with Typhoid

Sonam Kapoor Down with Typhoid

 Sonam Kapoor Down with Typhoid MUMBAI: Sonam Kapoor is down with typhoid and has been in bed for the past ten days.

You cannot blame 'mausam' for her sickness, but her under production film Mausam can blame her sickness for yet another delay.

The film's first schedule in Edinburgh, Scotland, in June was delayed because of flight disruptions caused by volcanic ash from an eruption in Iceland. Later, the schedule was adjusted to accommodate Sonam's promotion of her films I Hate Luv Storys and Aisha.

The second schedule of the film is currently underway in Mumbai.

"Yes guys I do have typhoid.. I've been in bed for the

Lahore witnesses acute petrol shortage

Lahore witnesses acute petrol shortage LAHORE: The provincial capital is persistently witnessing acute shortage of petrol, posing huge problems for the citizens, Geo News reported Sunday.

The pumping stations with petrol available have long rows of vehicles of motorcycles. The petrol shortage continued for several days now, has badly impacted the lives of the citizens.

The situation has led to business bonanza for people selling petrol at the agencies and they are charging the prices of their own choice.

The people said some petrol pump owners also selling petrol on price more than the designated one.

Petrol consumers have to wait for hours at stations with

"Shahrukh Bola Khoobsurat Hai Tu" Trailer

Hadiqa Kiani talks about Shoaib Mansoor's 'Bol'

Hadiqa Kiani talks about Bol film in an interview with DAWN News.

Hadiqa has done four songs for the film BOL. She has done two duets with Atif Aslam, one being the title song and the other a Punjabi song.

UK border agency investigating Fawad Alam

All-rounder Fawad Alam is being investigated by the UK Border Agency following his appearances for Woodhall Spa this season.
Fawad is being probed for allegedly breaching the terms of his visa by playing for Spa in the Lincolnshire ECB Premier League.
It is believed the matter came to light during Alam’s appearances for his country during the recent one-day series with England.
Alam joined up with Pakistan after his stint at Woodhall, where he averaged 76 with the bat and took 25 wickets in seven matches.
But his right to play club cricket in this country is being questioned by the

Windows Phone 7′s Secret Weapon: Games?

A recent study shows that Microsoft has fallen to practically a footnote in the mobile market, with only 5% of market share. Given that Microsoft has just launched a new mobile gaming studio, it may well hope that tapping into its Xbox market can save Windows Phone 7.
A report from Gartner found that Microsoft’s Windows Mobile smartphone market share has dropped to 5 percent from 9.3 percent a year ago. During that same time, by way of contrast, Android’s market share skyrocketed from 1.8 percent a year ago to 17.2 percent today.
Microsoft hopes to fight back, but with Android market share

American Woman Marries Auto Rikshaw Driver

The man with the world’s longest beard

Bhai Sarwan Singh, a priest of the temple of Guru Nanak Sikh Surrey, had already been recognized as the man with the longest beard in the world, but now, four years after their last measurement, has stated that his facial hair has grown further and returned to break his record.
record longest beard

Say Cheese pictures story

Rainbow Holland Tulip Fields

Eco Green Cars ...

Eco Green Cars ...

Harajuku Style ... Asian Girls creating Antifashion ...

Harajuku Style ... Asian Girls creating Antifashion ...