Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Most Bizarre Halloween Costume Ever

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Asin's 25th birthday today...

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Kim Kardashian looking Hot like always

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Paul the 'psychic' octopus dies

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Death's inescapable tentacles have curled themselves around Paul the octopus, the cephalopod sage who won worldwide fame over the summer by correctly predicting the results of a host of World Cup matches.

Paul the 'psychic' octopus predicted the winners of all Germany's World Cup clashes, and then the victors in the final, by selecting one of two boxes, each loaded with a

hollywood v.s bollywood

Pakistan Becomes the 34th Most Corrupt Country! (Thank you Zardari?)

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Afghanistan #3 and Iraq #4 most corrupt country.

Pakistan jumps to 34th from 45th since Zardari took over

No matter what we say or do, no matter how big and organize our media and judiciary is, nothing is making a difference. No matter how aware the people of Pakistan are...these corrupts are

Shoe thrown at former Australian Prime Minister John Howard for Iraq War

Teriyaan - Amanat Ali

PSP Go price cut to $200 in the US and Japan

Sony just slashed ¥10k off the price of the PSP Go in Japan (effective starting Tuesday). That brings the price down to ¥16,800 or right around $200 -- a more reasonable price point Sony has been toying with in the US for awhile. A quick search online shows a $199 listing on Amazon and Gamestop while Sony's US PlayStation site still has it listed at $249.99. That'll likely change any

RIM announces PlayBook simulator and SDK for BlackBerry Tablet OS

We know you're all partyin' up a storm at the Adobe MAX conference, but just in case one of you missed it, RIM's announced the availability of the Adobe AIR SDK for BlackBerry Tablet OS -- not to mention a little something called the BlackBerry PlayBook Simulator. Needless to say (but we'll say it anyways), we're more than anxious to get our hands on the latter. Unfortunately, it requires Adobe AIR 2.5 to run, while the latest release RIM's site is offering is 2.0.2. Buzzkill, right? That said, we suggest you keep an eye on the source link if you're looking to get in on the action yourself. Otherwise, if you're

Samsung to unveil new Android device November 8th

Two weeks. That's how long you'll have to wait before Samsung Mobile officially shows off its latest Android device. We say officially, because as these things go, there's a chance the gadget will make it into the limelight via unofficial channels. No indication what it might be, but if we had our say, the Continuum and its secondary OLED screen would make for a nice treat... hey, why are

Panasonic's Power Loader Light slims down, stays out of fights with aliens

Panasonic's full-size Power Loader exoskeleton certainly has its place, but there are times when giant freaking robots arms might be considered overkill. Thankfully, Panasonic (or more specifically, its Activelink subsidiary) has considered such situations, and has now come out with its streamlined Power Loader Light (or PLL). As you can see, this model eschews the robot arms altogether, but it makes use of the same direct force feedback system that's able to predict your leg movements and increase your leg strength by up 40 kilograms. Of course, even the Light version is still a bit out of reach for everyday use -- it will initially cost around $223,000, but Panasonic is offering a grant program to

Symbian Foundation winding down operations?

2010 hasn't exactly been a banner year for Symbian, with Symbian^3 getting lipstick-on-a-pig reviews via the just-launched Nokia N8, top-tier supporter Samsung moving on, and chief exec Lee Williams either quitting or being shown the door. On that note, it comes as little surprise that doomsday rumors are starting to swirl -- and The Register is citing a "source close to Symbian" as saying that new CEO Tim Holbrow is under orders to square things away for closure while some employees have apparently already been offered severance packages. Seeing how Sammy was one of the Foundation's primary sponsors (along with Nokia and Sony Ericsson), it's reasonable to believe that they're finding themselves in a cash pinch -- and now that Nokia is de-emphasizing the concept of Symbian^4 altogether, it seems like there might be little work for these guys left... especially considering that Sony Ericsson has no new Symbian products in the pipe. Putting a CFO in charge of a

Jolicloud prepping a netbook of its own

What do you do if you're the maker of a popular netbook operating system? Create your own netbook, of course! Okay, it does seem like a rather odd step, but Jolicloud CEO Tariq Krim tweeted a few teaser images this morning and then confirmed with the exclusive shot above that the software company is in fact working with a hardware partner to create its own 10.1-inch netbook. The details are fairly slim at the moment, but Krim did share that the mini-laptop will boot Jolicloud 1.1 and be primarily aimed at those in the 12 to 25 age range. As for specs, your guess is as good as ours at this point, although he boasted that it will be able to rock 720p video. We can't tell much from the picture above, but it sure does have a funky lid, VGA port and a few USB sockets. Pricing and availability are

Microsoft says it's 'doubling down' on PC games

Well, it looks like the forthcoming launch of Microsoft's browser-based Games for Windows Marketplace could just be the beginning of a broader PC gaming push from the company. Speaking with Kotaku, Microsoft's Peter Orullian, group product manager for Windows PC and Mobile, said rather boldly that PC games "is a place where we are doubling down." Exactly what that means beyond the new Games for Windows Marketplace isn't clear, but Orullian did mention that Microsoft has a "healthy list of features we're going to start bringing out once the store launches" in response to a

Lady Gaga's meat dress is a Halloween hit

She may have earned plenty of  flak for wearing it, but Lady Gaga's controversial meat dress has become the most sought after Halloween costume.

The creation, which she wore to the MTV Video Awards, was made from six pieces of sewn-together steak teamed with a matching meat hat and bag.

Butchers in the US are being inundated with requests to make versions, reported New York Post online.

Ben Turley, the owner of NYC's Brooklyn Kitchen, says a piece of meat couture would cost up to $2,000 and should be made from the leanest cuts of

Spirituality, homosexuality, thriller on offer at box office

A film based on the preachings of Shirdi Sai Baba, another on the controversial issue of homosexuality and a thriller too - movie buffs will have three distinctively different films in Maalik Ek, Dunno Y... Na Jaane Kyun and Nakshatra on offer this Friday.

Maalik Ek marks a comeback of sorts for actor Jackie Shroff, who dons the garb of Shirdi Sai Baba. The film is based on the saint's preachings and philosophies.

The film will take audiences back to the era when Sai Baba was refused or was prohibited from various communities and

Begum wants to sort out matter with Thackeray over tea

Begum wants to sort out matter with Thackeray over teaWell-known Pakistani TV actor Ali Saleem, better known as Begum Nawazish Ali, fails to understand why the Shiv Sena was targetting him and fellow Pakistani Veena Mallik for featuring in "Bigg Boss 4", but wants to settle the issue with party supremo Bal Thackeray over a cup of tea.

"I just fail to understand why Shiv Sena did what they did. It has come as a surprise to me because we (he and Veena Mallik) came here as guests. We were invited, and the least we expected was hospitality from the Indians, " Ali, who was evicted from the Bigg Boss house in the episode aired Friday, told.

The Shiv Sena earlier held protests at Lonavala, a hill station near Mumbai, where shooting for the reality show is on, demanding the removal of Ali and Mallik from the show on Colors channel.

"I really respect Bal Thackeray-ji, though I don't know what the reason is but I would really want him to invite me for a cup of tea and sort out the matter in a mature manner. I just want to let him know that I'm not a

Happy 20th marriage anniversary SRK and Gauri

Happy 20th marriage anniversary SRK and GauriBollywood's most loved couple, Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri Khan are all set to celebrate their 20th year of marriage on the 25th October.

And while the King Khan's fans are more than excited about such a happy day coming in his life, Shah Rukh Khan himself will reportedly be absent from home and will not be able to celebrate the special day with his wife! Unfortunate, but probably this is the price one has to pay for being a superstar.

SRK is currently in Berlin shooting the last lap of Farhan Akhtar's Don 2, along with co-star Priyanka Chopra. And while the anniversary celebrations will not take place in Germany, Gauri Khan will reportedly travel to Europe to be with hubby dearest on his birthday on the 2nd next month.

The birthday, too, is not supposed to be devoid of work for Shah Rukh Khan but it is reported that the presence of family members and buddy Karan Johar may lighten the mood of the

Not Perry good: A big fat controversial Indian wedding

Not Perry good: A big fat controversial Indian weddingKaty Perry-Russell Brand's big fat Indian wedding saddled with controversies; guests demand elephant safari and maid of honour Rihanna runs late

Contrary to rumours that American pop sensation Katy Perry had already married her British beau comedian-actor Russell Peter on Thursday or Friday, the couple actually exchanged nuptial vows on Saturday evening. But at the time of going to print, Perry's best friend, Barbadian pop star, Rihanna was not to be seen.

According to highly placed sources in Aman-i-Khas, the resort on the outskirts of tiger reserve Ranthambore in Rajasthan where the couple and their guests are staying till Monday, the bride was wearing a ghaghra- choli with a ghoonghat that covered her forehead and eyes. Meanwhile, Brand was spotted wearing mehendi.

Taxi tour to shaadi

At around four in the evening, guests, some of whom have been accommodated in other properties like Sherbagh Resort, started dropping in at the venue in various variants of Mercedes. Most of the cars had been sourced from Delhi's taxi operators.

The cars that ferried Russell's guests had letter 'R' written on the front shield, while the bride's guests sat in cars with 'P' written on them. The

Will Emraan Hashmi Star In A Porn Movie?

October 23, 2010: Will Bollywood’s serial kisser Emraan Hashmi next be seen in a porn movie? Well as far as reports circulating in the media are concerned, the talk of tinsel town is that the actor has given his consent to star in a porn movie, work for which will begin anytime soon. The porn movie in question has been titled “XXX”. In fact various tabloids are of the opinion that when approached with the question, Emraan Hashmi very promptly confirmed that he has indeed been roped in to play the lead in

Model sues Apple for steamy pics

NEW YORK: An aspiring model in the US has sued an app-maker and Apple for making her an international sex sensation on the Internet.

Rebecca Battino, 19, from Long Island, had taken the sexy self-portraits when she was 16 and they popped up in an online iTunes application called "eXtreme Cam Girls".

She had no idea that the pictures she had taken of herself with a

Pakistani scholar wins international chemistry award

Dr. Hina Siddiqui, a research officer at ICCBS urged women to come towards Science and research. – Photo
KARACHI: Pakistani Scholar Dr. Hina Siddiqui won the best “Oral Presentation Award” in the 11th Eurasia conference on Chemical Sciences. The international conference was held in Jordon 

Dr. Siddiqui’s presentation was declared as one of the top three oral presentations in the conference, where a panel of experts decided upon the top three finalists. Another scholar from Peshawar also got prize in the event, where over 200 scientists delivered their

Anushka Sharma Kiss from Movie Band Baaja Baaraat

Hot Bollywood/Hollywood star's Maybe ' [+17]