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Fathers, Don't Let Your Sons Grow Up Without The Expendables

Being a man isn’t what it used to be. When my grandfather was born ninety years ago, he was pushed into a world which expected certain things from him because of his gender. He was a man, he had to stand on his own two feet. He would be a provider, a fixer, and when it was called for, a fighter. A man had to be independent. A man had to be strong. A man had to be in charge. A man had hair on his chest and even more hair on his balls. He’d take care of women, knowing that they couldn’t take care of themselves. He’d keep his emotions to himself, because there were things to be done and no time for tears. He’d make a living with his hands, he’d grow calluses on his finger tips. A man’s role was certain, you were born knowing what kind of a person you were supposed to be. But even then, the world was changing. 

I wonder what the world would look like now, to my grandfather. Could he understand it? Could he comprehend it? Even before he died a decade ago, my grandfather seemed like a stranger lost in a strange land. He stayed trapped inside a cocoon of his own devising because the world had moved on, and there was simply no way he could move on with it. Most of those changes have been for the better. Men have, after a little prodding, willingly sacrificed their dominant place in society and moved over to give woman an equal place next to them. In doing so we’ve gradually modified what it means to be a man, and that’s mostly been for the better too. But inside every guy there’s that caveman waiting to get out, that testosterone fueled badass who wants to take charge and grab hold of the universe with his own two hands. For awhile, movies provided an outlet for that. Stallone and Schwarzenegger built their careers on it in the 80s. But

Manager Fined For Asking Pakistani Man If He's A Terrorist

Subway Manager Fined $75 For Asking Pakistani Customer If He Was A Terrorist

Four days after the attempted Times Square bombing, a 64-year-old Indian-born Subway manager in North Chicago walked up to a 29-year-old Pakistani-born customer and said: "I heard you guys were recruiting more terrorists in New York. Are you one of them?"
The customer left the Subway and found a police officer, who wrote the manager a citation for disorderly conduct. A judge this week ordered the

Sarah Palin is telling everyone she 'represents America"

“World’s Fastest 3D Film Segment” clocked by Mercedes SLS AMG

mercedes sls amg
Leave it to Mercedes to think about making a 3D movie that defines speed.
Mercedes SLS AMG, a closed section of the Isle of man, an ex-Formula 1 star and BBC presenter David Coulthard, Britains best 3D teams, boom cars and choppers.
  • Assemble Britain’s brightest talents in 3D technology.
  • Ask David Coulthard to drive the SLS AMG as fast as he possibly could (and mind you – he is fast).
  • Track the paces with “another” Mercedes SLS AMG with a boot 3D camera (driven by none other than rally ace – Robbie Head), a modified 4×4 with a V10 engine, special boom cars and several helicopters.
Note: Once the camera’s were off, Coulthard went on to accomplish his personal goal of clocking 162 mph on the snake-like Isle of Man, which is the country’s lone stretch of public roadway that doesn’t have a speed limit
Check out the video (in true 3D) on Sky’s 3D pub channel this Sunday. Wired reports that the producers have brokered a deal “with a major electronics brand” to show it on the company’s gear across its stores.
You can also check out the trailer for the film, and a “making of the film” below.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part I download now

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part I [2010] CAM XViD
RUNTTIMR.............: 85Mins
ViDEO.CODEC..........: 886Kbps XVID
AUDiO.CODEC..........: 128Kbps MP3
RESOLLTiON...........: 624*362
LANGUAGE.............: English
SUBTiTLES............: n/a
FRAME.RATE...........: 23.976 fps
Genre................: Adventure | Fantasy | Mystery
Director.............: David Yates
Writers..............: Steve Kloves (screenplay), J.K. Rowling (novel)

Plot:Description:Voldemort's power is growing stronger. He now has control over the Ministry of Magic and Hogwarts. Harry, Ron, and Hermione decide to finish Dumbledore's work and find the rest of the Horcruxes to defeat the Dark Lord. But little hope remains for them, so everything they do must go as planned.

 Reduced: 80% of original size [ 640 x 272 ] - Click to view full image

 Reduced: 85% of original size [ 600 x 800 ] - Click to view full image


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Atif Aslam’s Official Page is the 4th Most Explosive Page on Facebook This Week

On Saturday, we covered a story mentioning how Atif’s management claimed rights on unofficial fan pages and shifted the fans to the official fan page which now has over 250,000 fans. And the result? Atif’s official page is the the 4th most explosive page on Facebook which means page with 4th highest fan activity and interaction.

Ranbir Kapoor wants to settle down soon

Rishi Kapoor is renovating his Mumbais Pali Hill bungalow Krishna Raj. The bungalow is going to be more spacious than before and one of the reasons behind making it bigger and spacious is their son Ranbir Kapoor. No sooner Ranbir finds the perfect match for him, he will settle down. Ranbir quips that he wants to stat a family soon.

Rishi Kapoor has decided to convert his bungalow into 14-storeyed building because he hopes that Ranbir would get married someday. Ranbir confirms the same, I want to start a family at some point. So we’re only making a bigger house for ourselves.

He hopes to settle down soon, I will settle down as soon as I find someone special, and I haven’t so far; I have a lot to do as of now. I am still trying to create a firm hold in the film industry, says Ranbir. Like any normal person, the actor is very closely attached to Krishna Raj. He has memories attached to the house.

Celebrity Look-Alikes from TV/Movies

The following are only my observation and hence may not be 100% true, or everyone wouldn't agree to them.
Its just that whenever i watched those shows, they kinda looked like someone else so i m posting here 

1. Katrina Kaif and Robin(HIMYM):


2. CM Punk(WWE) and Sawyer(LOST):

3. Charlie(LOST) and Jimmi Simpson(Date night) (right in the pic):


4. John Cena(WWE) and Mark wahlberg(Date night):

5. Jacques Kallis and Jack Bauer(24):


PPP activists besiege Geo/ Jang office

 Updated at: 1618 PST,  Tuesday, August 10, 2010
PPP activists besiege Geo/ Jang office KARACHI: The Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) which have a great array of leaders who untiringly trumpet the freedom of expression and freedom of having opinions and hold them as the flag-bearers of democracy, is stemming the flow of information to be freely accessed by the people, Geo News reported Tuesday.

The operatives of a party that is excessively fond of democracy, are surrounding the offices of Geo News for televising the news story relating shoe-hurling incident involving President Asif Ali Zardari.

The PPP’s activists, holding the flags of their party, have taken the building of Geo News at II Chundrigar Road into their siege and pelted stones.

The jialas are raising full-throated slogans against Geo News and Jang Group, as more party workers are pouring into the scene.

The PPP’s rioters-generated chaos badly blocked the busiest thoroughfare of the country—II Chundrigar Road, virtually beleaguering the people present at offices.

Everything You Need to Know About 3D TVs

In areas ranging from sci-fi to sports, from documentaries to kids' movies, 3D is going to be the next big thing for the world of home theater. HDTV may make your image look awesome, but only 3D promises explosions that make you flinch and landscapes that seem to be rolling out of your TV.
If you are a hardcore home-theater enthusiasts, you probably remember the sting of having nothing to watch on your cutting-edge HDTV--and you may have had the sinking realization that your $300 HD-DVD player was on the verge of becoming obsolete. Don't make those mistakes with 3D TV; just read through this 3D TV FAQ, and you'll have all the details you need before you start your holiday shopping early (or decide to wait).

How does 3D TV work?

All 3D displays work by showing each eye a slightly different image, which creates the illusion that you're seeing something from more than one angle. For example, the classic red-and-blue "anaglyph" 3D glasses achieved this effect by using the colored lenses to filter red light to one eye and blue light to the other.
Anaglyph 3D glasses.The drawback of the anaglyph method, of course, is that it practically obliterates the color from the image. Instead of using a light filter, current 3D TVs work by combining a pair of powered glasses (called "active shutter glasses") with a television that has an infrared emitter. When the TV plays a 3D movie, it alternates between displaying an image for the left eye and displaying one for the right; its infrared emitter instructs your glasses when to dim the left lens and when to dim the right lens to create the illusion of 3D.
This method is significantly different from the one used in movie theaters, by the way. Most 3D movies use glasses that are polarized (kind of like sunglasses) differently in the left and right lens; a special filter fitted to the movie projector allows it to switch rapidly between images for your left eye and images for your right. In principle, it's similar to the red-and-blue 3D system, except that it keeps the color intact (though the polarization does dim the image a bit).
In any case, if you forgot to return your movie glasses after watching Avatar, you won't be able to use them with a 3D TV, since it uses a completely different display technology. For more information about how 3D TV works, check out our "Geek 101: Getting Behind the Scenes With 3D HDTV" post.

What equipment do I need to be able to watch 3D content at home?

3D TV will cause blue aliens, jets, and football players to chase a butterfly out of your TV.You'll need a 3D-capable HDTV, a pair of 3D glasses, and (if you want to watch 3D Blu-ray movies) a special Blu-ray player; unfortunately, your existing Blu-ray won't quite cut it. For PlayStation 3 owners, Sony released a firmware upgrade in June to support 3D games, and the company is promising to provide a similar upgrade for 3D Blu-ray support in September.
As of now, it doesn't look as though you'll need to buy new HDMI cables or anything like that, so you don't have to donate your paycheck to Best Buy quite yet.

How can I tell whether my TV can display 3D images?

So far, only a handful of TVs from the big manufacturers can display 3D images: Samsung has a few higher-end LED-backlit LCDs (7000/8000/9000 series), plasmas (7000, 8000), and LCD TVs (750) that can handle 3D; other qualifying sets include Sony's Bravia XBR-LX900 series, LG's LX6500 and LX9500 televisions, and Panasonic's Viera VT25 line.
In other words, it's highly unlikely that you purchased a 3D-capable HDTV and didn't realize it. If you're still wondering whether your TV can show 3D images, just look it up on the manufacturer's Website--vendors aren't shy about promoting this capability on the relevant product page when they can.
LG, Panasonic, Samsung, and Sony are the only big-name TV manufacturers with entries in the 3D arena already, though models from Philips, Sharp, and Toshiba should reach the market in the next year or so.

My HDTV says that it's "3D-Ready." What does that mean?

A few manufacturers have sold TVs labeled as "3D-Ready." Many of the models in Mitsubishi's DLP HDTV line carry this designation, for example, as do a handful of Sony Bravia TVs. While the definition of "3D-Ready" varies from manufacturer to manufacturer, the term typically means that the set can display 3D content but lacks the IR emitter needed to sync the TV's image to the glasses--so you'll need to buy that separately. Also, because the 3D techniques found in DLP TVs ("Wobulating") sacrifice detail for a 3D image, if your source media is in 1080p ("Full HD"), it'll show in 3D at half that resolution.

How much does a 3D TV cost?

The total cost of fully 3D-ifying your home-theater setup depends on such factors as the set's display size and other features. Generally speaking, however, you're looking at investing at least $2000 in the set itself, plus anywhere from $220 to $400 for a 3D Blu-ray player and $150 for each additional pair of active shutter glasses (some sets will come bundled with one or two pairs).

What kind of content can I watch in 3D?

At this writing, not much 3D content is out there. After you've spent a bunch of money on a 3D setup, you might very well find that you can't watch anything in 3D quite yet.
Gaming in 3D, according to NVIDIA.So far, few 3D Blu-ray movies are available (Amazon.com lists only Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs and Monsters vs. Aliens, and the latter is available exclusively as part of a $350 Samsung 3D starter kit).
Sports fans will want to catch ESPN's 3D channel, which is available on DirecTV, Comcast, and AT&T U-Verse (for an extra $10/month). But 3D is available only for specific events; check the channel's rather sparse 3D schedule to see what's on.
Aside from Blu-ray and ESPN 3D content, your TV provider largely dictates your content options; DirecTV subscribers have received a software update that added four 3D channels (ESPN 3D, a demo channel, a 3D movie channel, and a video-on-demand channel), Comcast currently has ESPN 3D plus a 3D channel limited to specific 3D events, and AT&T U-Verse appears not to have anything besides ESPN 3D.
The NVIDIA GeForce 3D Vision.3D gaming has begun to emerge, too. In addition to the PS3 firmware upgrade mentioned earlier, PC gaming has supported 3D for a year and a half now via kits such as thenVidia GeForce 3D Vision, which you can pair with a compatible 3D display to run plenty of games in 3D. Wondering if your favorite titles will work in 3D? Check out nVidia's recommended 3D game list.

Can everyone see 3D images?

Regrettably, not everyone can see 3D; somewhere between 4 and 10 percent of people simply can't see 3D images, though apparently the appropriate kind of stereoscopic vision can be "learned." Meanwhile, the disclaimers attached to 3D TV and theater displays are quite interesting. To judge from them, 3D TV isn't for the young, drunk, elderly, or pregnant, and watching it can actually cause disorientation, so you might want to hold off on buying a set until its precise effects are better known.

Can I watch regular 2D content on a 3D TV?

Yes, you can watch normal 2D shows on a 3D TV. (If you smirked to yourself while reading this, just remember that your friends and family will probably start asking you the same question during the holiday shopping season.)
CyberLink PowerDVD can upconvert 2D to 3D--with mixed results.Some 3D apps and devices offer support for upconverting a 2D source to 3D, though at this point such support comes mostly from Samsung's TV and Blu-ray lineup. The latest release of Cyberlink PowerDVD can upconvert to 3D with passable results, too. The upconverting modes probably won't make you want to rewatch your entire Blu-ray collection, but it's a promising start.

Do I need to wear those dorky glasses?

Yes--for now, at least. A number of companies are working on no-glasses 3D, or "auto-stereoscopic" displays, most of which use a lenticular lens system that displays a different image depending on where you're standing in relation to the display (if you've ever seen a movie poster that shifted as you walked by, it's the same idea). For the time being, however, it's substantially more expensive: A Chinese company named TCL sells a 42-inch display for about $20,000. Samsung is working on a lenticular lens display, too, though it's designed for commercial use (think flashy signs and such).
A mysterious Amazon.com preorder posting for a $6000 no-glasses 3D display (with built-in 500GB hard drive and Blu-ray player, no less) made waves a few months ago, but until "StreamTV" (not to be confused with Mitsubishi's StreamTV) has some images and a Website, don't start holding your breath.

Will my 3D glasses fit over my corrective glasses?

Yep. All 3D glasses are designed to fit comfortably over corrective glasses, though you'll want to try a pair on before you buy them. Unfortunately, nothing is available on the market at the moment to make you feel like less of a doofus for wearing glasses over your glasses.

Will my glasses work on all 3D TVs?

Not quite. In the rush to hit the market with 3D displays, manufacturers never paused to hammer out a design standard for active-shutter glasses, meaning that your Panasonic glasses won't work with your friend's Sony TV.
A few solutions may be in the works, though. XpanD offers universal 3D active-shutter glasses that can determine the type of TV you're using based on its IR signal and adapt accordingly. We haven't tried them out yet, but the company claims that they work with most of the 3D displays on the market.
In the meantime, you can use your Samsung glasses with Panasonic sets (and vice versa)--but only if you wear the mismatched glasses upside-down.
Have more questions? Just ask 'em in the comments!

CJ says Presidential system failed in country

 Updated at: 1304 PST,  Tuesday, August 10, 2010
CJ says Presidential system failed in country ISLAMABAD: Chief Justice of Pakistan Justice Iftikhar Muhammed Chaudhry said the attempt to run the presidential system of governance in the country, has fizzled out, Geo News reported Tuesday.

CJ Iftikhar Chaudhry remarked this while heading a 17-member full court, hearing identical petitions challenging certain provisions of the 18th Amendment with particular reference to the formation of a judicial commission for appointment of judges to superior courts.

Additional Attorney General KK Agha, while giving arguments on the part of the federal government, submitted that everything in the Constitution is amendable.

KK Agha gave arguments today on the basic structure of the Constitution, theory, and amendment in the constitution, saying, ‘We should not gravitate towards India, as we have our own visions and circumstances.’

He added, ‘Everything in the Constitution is amendable.’

The CJ Chaudhry said the attempt to run the country on the Presidential system of the government, failed; and, now there is Parliamentary system of the government in the country.

He stressed it was public resistance or the reaction, that the powers entitled to the President, were delegated to the Prime Minister.

Agha further argued that Article-175A does not enshrine the administration’s interference in the judicial matters; instead, the new procedure regarding the judges’ appointments, has been introduced envisioning the improvement in the process.

The Article does not stand in conflict with any constitutional clause and as such, it should stay as it is, he observed.

Nokia Launches Ramadan Mobile Applications


nokia ramadan application Nokia Launches Ramadan Mobile Applications
Nokia has come with new mobile applications with the content tailored for the holy month of Ramadan. The new Nokia mobile applications are available in the Ovi store. The updated mobile applications tailored for the Holy Month can now be downloaded on the well-matched Nokia devices for free directly from Nokia’s Ovi Store.
“The overwhelming response and feedback that we received from last year’s offering allowed us to improve and expand this year’s application offering. Nokia users have now a single and easy access to many of the cherished experiences that Muslims like to be close to, and keep them connected to the Holy Month. The applications this year also support a wider range of devices including both touch and non-touch Nokia devices, and are available in more languages” said Haseeb Ihtisham, Head of Marketing, Nokia Pakistan and Afghanistan.
This year’s Ramadan applications are feature packed, and include the Holy Quran, Prayer Times, Hadith, Boyoot Allah, Arabica, Mozzaker, and Makkah and Madinah. New features include Quran recitation from multiple recitors from which users can choose to download in MP3 format. Arabica is a great new feature for non-Arabic speaking Muslims to help them learn and understand the message of Allah in Arabic. The new mobile services also feature locations of major mosques in Saudi Arabia, such as the two holy mosques, Masjid Al Haram in Makkah and Masjid Al Nabawi in Al Madinah. Additionally users can also find locations of mosques all around the world using free Ovi maps available on Ovi store.
“Ramadan applications for 2010 are free and offer a variety of content from a range of global and local content providers ready to be downloaded for the widest range of devices.” Haseeb added.
The Ramadan applications are developed by ASGATech, a Forum Nokia Premium Partner in the Middle East, with all content reviewed and approved by Al Azhar Al Shareef.
Ramadan applications for 2010 are compatible with a range of Nokia devices including Nokia N97 mini, Nokia E72, Nokia E52, Nokia X6, Nokia 5230,Nokia 5530,Nokia C5,Nokia 5235, Nokia 5800, Nokia E5, Nokia 6700 slide, Nokia 5233, Nokia X3, Nokia 6303i, Nokia 2710, and Nokia C3. The user interface for the applications is available in English, Arabic, Farsi, French and Urdu.

12 of the Creepiest Serial Killers

There isn’t much that’s creepier in this life than a serial killer, because they’re predators in the purest sense of the word. Some of them have racked up frightening body counts, while others were just so sick that even a handful of murders were enough to make an entire country uncomfortable at night. These are 12 of the most famous, and downright creepiest serial killers.

Theodore Robert Bundy (November 24, 1946 – January 24, 1989)

Ted Bundy — who doesn’t know that name? Kids growing up today have no idea who he even was, but the name itself is still part of our everyday vocabulary as a name for potential murderers and dangerous psychotics. He spent four years on a killing spree that cost at least 29 people their lives, with an upper ceiling of possibly 100. The guy was really sick, too; not only did he kill his victims in the most violent way he could manage at the time, but he didn’t care whether they were alive or dead when he felt the need to rape them, too.

Gary Leon Ridgway (February 18, 1949 – Present)

Called “the Green River Killer,” Ridgeway was convicted of 48 murders after a 16-year spree up in Washington State — but he claimed to have killed closer to 100. This sick bastard only targeted women, and he would torture and rape his victims before strangling them with rope or fishing line. As if that wasn’t bad enough, he dabbled in necrophilia when there weren’t any live girls around for him to satisfy his cravings.

Jeffrey Dahmer (May 21, 1960 – November 28, 1994)

When Jeffrey Dahmer was arrested, police found a human heart in his freezer, a human head in the fridge and several more throughout the apartment, severed hands and penises, human skulls (of which many were being used to craft an altar), vats of acid full of corpses, and photographs of mutilated bodies on all the walls. The word insane could barely cover what Dahmer was, but killer, rapist, child molester, necrophiliac and cannibal all fit pretty well. He was convicted in 1992 of 15 counts of murder, and given 957 years in prison — but he was killed by a fellow inmate in 1994.

Andrei Romanovich Chikatilo (October 16, 1936 – February 14, 1994)

This man was so evil that he even looked like a demon. He was nicknamed “the Rostov Ripper” for killing at least 52 women and children between 1978 and 1990 in the Ukraine. He was a monster, attempting to rape his victims before stabbing them to death — often in a rage over his own impotence and failure to get it up. He was executed in 1994 by a single gunshot to the back of the head.

Serhiy Tkach (1952 – Present)

Serhiy Tkach was a Ukrainian police investigator who used his position to cover up a truly sickening hobby; he killed at least 29 teen and pre-teen girls over a 2-year period — but that’s just what has been proven. He claims to have killed between 80 and 100 girls, and he liked to rape them first if he had the chance. He was sentenced to life in prison back in 2005.

Harold Frederick “Fred” Shipman (January 14, 1946 – January 13, 2004)

Harold Shipman earned the nickname “Doctor Death” by being one of the absolute most prolific serial killers of all time — by killing his patients. He was a general practitioner who would kill his victims (usually younger women) by lethal injection, and while he’s been positively linked to 250 deaths, the real number is suspected to be much higher. He hung himself in a jail cell while serving a life term, in 2000.

Anatoly Onoprienko (July 25, 1959 – Present)

This guy is especially crazy; Onoprienko killed 52 people in 6 years, forming a large cross on the Ukrainian map (yes, the Ukraine was quite a dangerous place back then), and his usual weapon of choice was a hunting rifle. He claimed to have been driven by several voices in his head, but they didn’t warn him when the cops were about to pick him up. He was found with the rifle on him, so it wasn’t difficult for the prosecution to do their job when he went to trial in 1999. He’s serving life in prison.

John Wayne Gacy, Jr. (March 17, 1942 – May 10, 1994)

Much like Ted Bundy, John Wayne Gacy, Jr was an American serial killer who set standards for horror. Known as “the Killer Clown” due to his job as a clown at children’s parties, Gacy’s modus operandi was to rape and murder young boys — and he was convicted of doing it 33 times. He was put to death by lethal injection in 1994 (but not by Harold Shipman).

Donald Harvey (April 15, 1952 – Present)

Mr. Harvey fancied himself “the Angel of Death,” and that’s what he called himself while killing a suspected 87 victims over a 20-year period. While working as a hospital orderly, Harvey would slowly murder his victims by poisoning them arsenic, cyanide, or insulin (in large doses). If he was feeling particularly wrathful, though, he would resort to actual violence; he had suffocated some victims, and had once even punctured internal organs by repeatedly stabbing a patient with a coat hanger. He’s serving a life sentence.

Alexander Pichushkin (April 9, 1974 – Present)

Pichushkin was called “the Chessboard Killer,” because he was attempting to kill as many people as there are squares on a chessboard. Needless to say, he was more than a little upset when he was apprehended before accomplishing his goal (64 people). He claimed to have killed 63, but officials didn’t think it likely that he had racked up over 50 and he wound up getting convicted of 48 — mostly homeless men that he lured with vodka. He’s now serving life in prison.

Ahmad Suradji (1951 – July 10, 2008)

Suradji didn’t just kill his victims in the usual fashion — no, he had a ritual. Apparently, he was “visited” by his father in a dream. His father told him that he needed to kill 70 women and drink their saliva to “become a healer,” so he gathered up his 3 wives and made them assistants as he began his quest. He and his wives would capture their victims, then bury them up to their heads in sand and proceed to strangle them with a cable. They killed 42 women — of all ages — over an 11-year period. Suradji was put to death by firing squad in 2008.

Pedro Alonso López (October 8, 1948 – Present)

López is nothing short of a true monster, and the scariest part about him is that he’s not in prison. He was once convicted of killing 110 girls, but he was somehow released after serving only 14 years. Even worse, at the time of his conviction, he was suspected of raping and murdering a far greater number than what had been proven in court. His nickname was “the Monster of the Andes,” and he’s probably still roaming those mountains today.