Sunday, August 15, 2010

Apple supply manager arrested for money laundering, fraud...

Ever wonder why -- after years of secrecy -- camera-ready iPod cases began rolling out? The answer could possibly be Apple supply manager Paul Shin Devine, who was just fingered by the FBI and IRS as a fraudulent, money laundering mole. Devine was arrested Friday for allegedly receiving kickbacks from six accessory suppliers in exchange for confidential information, which apparently gave them an edge in negotiating Apple contracts. "The alleged scheme used an elaborate chain of U.S. and foreign bank accounts and one front company to receive payments," reports the San Jose Mercury News, "and code words like 'sample' were used to refer to

Annie Khalid msg for her - Official Website Launched!

Firstday Fast [Official Video] - Farid Alhad [HQ]

Policeman hurls shoe at Indian Kashmir chief minister

A shoe (on top) that was thrown at the dais where Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir, Omar Abdullah was taking salute, at Bakshi stadium in Srinagar on Sunday. Photo: Nissar Ahmad  A shoe (on top) that was thrown at the dais where Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir, Omar Abdullah was taking

Patriotism Culture in Pop

Imran Khan's new remix song - "Dusri Waar" (feat. Osama Com Laude)

[Prod. By Talal Qureshi]

2010 just got a whole lot better with this hip-hop/electro version of

The Top Ten Dead Google Projects Floating About In Cyberspace

It has recently been announced that Google Wave’s development will be coming to an end.  There are many different people giving their own opinions on why Google Wave didn’t take off.
The subject is largely up to interpretation and I’m sure you have your opinions, too.  All we know is that it didn’t take off, Google is ending its development, and Google plans on integrating much of the tech behind it into other Google products (check out 4 new features that make Google Docs even better).  Read the report yourself to try and

Couple of The Year Award Winners

Ailing 7-Year-Old Becomes Rock Star for a Day

Kassaundra Ramirez of San Jose gets her hair styled by C.J. Acosta before the premiere of the music video for her song.

Everyone has played this game: If you had only one wish, what would it be?
For Kassaundra Ramirez of San Jose, the question was no game.
The 7-year-old knew what she wanted. And on

Denver officials clash over police discipline after brutal video released

Denver officials are deeply divided over the proper level of punishment for a police officer who was seen on video tackling and beating a 23-year-old man who was doing

25 Insane ScarificationTattoos

Tattoos are so 2006.  The new cool thing is to horribly mutilate yourself.

India, a beacon of hope world over: Obama

Washington: India and Indians have been an inspiration and beacon of hope for people across the globe, US President Barack Obama has said on the eve of India's 63rd independence day.
"Ever since August 15, 1947, India's non-violent struggle for freedom, its rejection of terrorism and extremism, and its belief in democracy, tolerance, and the rule of law have been an inspiration and beacon of hope for people around the world," Obama said on Friday.
Observing that India's example has had a profound effect on many countries, including the US, the President said leaders of America's civil rights movement, including Dr Martin Luther King Jr spoke about the debt they owed to Mahatma Gandhi.
Looking forward to his visit to

6'11", 400 lb, Football Player Too Big to Play?

Ole Miss Walk-on Terrell Brown is a 380 pound, 6'11" Freak of Nature

Last year Terrell Brown was working in a furniture store in Cleveland, Mississippi. Two years ago he was playing football for Mississippi Delta Community College. Now the

World's longest catwalk at Denmark fashion week

 COPENHAGEN: About 250 fashion models sashayed designers clothes and accessories on the world's longest catwalk of about a mile at Copenhagen Fashion Week.

The 1,609-metre long catwalk held Saturday at Copenhagen's popular shopping street Stroget was the biggest event during the ongoing fashion festival, media reported.

With Danish model Helena Christensen starting things off, the models strutted on a giant pink carpet, presenting the collections of Scandinavia's top fashion labels.

'Copenhagen fashion week and the world's greatest catwalk bring fashion on the street, and bring unique

Ritz Carlton to open world’s tallest hotel in Hong Kong

 HONG KONG: The Ritz Carlton Hotel Company, L.L.C has decided it wants to enter the record books. They plan to do so by opening the world’s tallest hotel. The city chosen to play host to this ambitious project is none other than Hong Kong.

The hotel will occupy the top stories (102 to 118) of the International Commerce Centre (ICC), Kowloon. A plush hotel, it will boast of 312 rooms including a lavish 365sqm Ritz-Carlton Suite.

Besides the guest rooms, the hotel is said to feature six dining venues and an alfresco rooftop bar. Like every luxury hotel this hotel too hopes to paper its guests with an 860sm spa christened the ESPA, a fully equipped fitness centre and an indoor pool on the 118th floor.

Offering scenic views of the Victoria Harbour and

Pakistani drama Actor Bilal Khan passed away last night in Islamabad

Bilal Khan has passed away last night in Islamabad from his injures from the burns. Please make dua-maghfirat for him. May Allah give patience to his family and friends in this difficult time.... May his soul rest in peace. Ameen.

Bilal passed away 1 day from his birthday, he would have been 32 on August 15. He will be greatly missed. Actor Bilal Khan was injured on 11 August 2010 after a gas explosion on the set of a drama.....

Obama once again controversial for New York mosque project

Obama once again controversial for New York mosque project

WASHINGTON - President Barack Obama on Friday backed construction of a proposed mosque and Muslim cultural center near the

World's Longest Working Email Address

World's Longest Working Email Address

A little interesting new record found, which is made by

Atif Aslam Live in NY 2nd July [ Pictures ]

Its time for some Action – Block NATO Supplies from Pakistan

Imran Khan on Zardari Shoe Incident

12 Things to Avoid during Ramadan by Dr. Zakir Naik

PTI will bring Much bigger revolution than 1970′s: Imran Khan

our politicians – They wear not less than branded Clothes

Kangana Ranaut will become Pakistani politician’s wife, in a film

 MUMBAI: Indian actress Kangana Ranaut will become the wife of a Pakistani politician in a Bollywood movie.

Kangana will play a character married to

Meera Has Backed Again with more fun