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Atif Aslam - Main Phir se Jeon Ga (Teaser)

A few months ago the front page of a very well known and famous magazine says that Pakistan is the most dangerous nation and right after two weeks of the flood the-very- magazine writes about Pakistan being the most bravest nation. ThE song " Mein phir say jeon ga " is a tribute to all the victims and yes a new approach towards how we can contribute in

DJ Playing Pakistani national anthem

7 Point Agenda of Musharraf – 12th Oct 2010

The Reunion: Ex-Junoon bassist Brian O’Connell joins Ali Azmat

Musicians don’t retire; they stop when there’s no more music in them.It happened when Ali Azmat flew to America to play live in shows with the “Crunchy” guitarist-vocalist Omran Shafiq. And with Ali Azmat, the Bassist accompanied was ,GOOD OLD, Brian O’Connell..
Ali and Brain were in touch all the time, probably missing the “MAGIC” in their collaboration everyone witnessed in Junnon’s live performances. These people are artists. These people are musicians. They’re taking it out and trying to express it this way.People want to see musicians play things that come from their mind and heart in real time, responding to the

The Feeling Expressed by Her is Very Natural and Sad

Main Hara nhi houn – Atif Aslam

Atif Aslam

While i was in LA we recorded this song at gilbys studio and thought about how beautiful my world is-in this land, full of culture and traditions. Recording Pakistan was smooth , beautifuly written by Mr. Lanny cordola and the verse ov sufi saints completes it all. PAKISTAN gave me my home , my school , frien…ds , my first bicycle , the cricket bat, manners , tolerance , patience , respect ,taught me how to reconstruct myself ( my mistakes ,, )……….fans …… ~~…………………. love .. ! ……….and alot more. ……….. I cant thank you people enough for taking out time and absorbing what my views are about this world to be a better place. A gr8 feedback to “” ab khud kuch kerna paray ga “” gives me hope to save the

tecnology in 2019

song Jaana- Mustufa Pervez

Video/Audio: Alag Band – Dhokay Bazi

Song Name: Dhokay Bazi

Band Name: Alag
Vocals By: Shaan Khan and Muddassir Wadood
Lyrics By: Danish Qamar, Shaan Khan & Muddassir Wadood
Music Composed & Mixed by: AJDJ aka Umair & Muddassir Wadood
Video Direct & Edit By: Muddassir Wadood

Malaika,Priyanka,Sonakshi,Preity+Other @ Launch Of BALTHAZAR

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Deepika's Sony-Cybershot promotional pictures

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City Sahiwal Pakistan and Farid Town pictures


I'm not dieting: Katrina Kaif

I`m not dieting: Katrina KaifBinges on Punjabi dhaba food en route to Chandigarh

Katrina Kaif, who has been religiously dieting and working out (the cinnabons she ate on Farah Khan's sets being the sole exception) to maintain her slim and svelte look, gave in to temptation yesterday when she and her co-stars stopped at a roadside dhaba to feast on Punjabi khaana.

Deserted dhaba

Says a source close to the actress, "Imran and Kat suddenly decided to stop at a roadside dhaba to sample the food there. Ali and the crew of Mere Brother Ki Dulhan were also with them. The unit had wound up the shoot at Mussourie and were on their way to Chandigarh.

The dhaba was one of those quaint, rustic ones you see on highways. It was completely deserted. Katrina, Imran and Ali thoroughly enjoyed eating there without the restriction of

Imran gets 16 slaps from Katrina Kaif in a single day

Imran gets 16 slaps from Katrina Kaif in a single dayIt's not what you think. This isn't a filmy fight, just a fallout of Imran Khan's quest for the perfect slap for a scene in Mere Brother Ki Dulhan.

On the sets of Yash Raj's latest film starring Katrina Kaif and Imran Khan, what seemed like a simple enough shot soon turned into a slap fest.

Kaif's character is supposed to slap Khan's in an emotional scene. However, Khan, ever on the lookout for innovation, suggested that they make the slap look real.

Trying too hard to follow in the footsteps of uncle Aamir Khan (whose quest for perfection is legendary for the number of people it has both, annoyed and impressed in the film industry), perhaps?

Considering the script called for a single slap, it should have been a simple enough take. Enter Khan, who insisted that his co-star slap him for real, instead of faking it, and that too not once, but 16 times. His logic? So that the

First Look: Priyanka Chopra gets a nose job done

First Look: Priyanka Chopra gets a nose job doneBuzz is, Priyanka Chopra is finally happy with her attempts to get the perfect nose. The change is there for all to see!

Priyanka Chopra walked the ramp for Salman's Being Human show on Saturday. At the event, her visage was under the scanner as her nose definitely looked different yet again!

Speculation was that the actress had gone under the knife. There was buzz that PC's recent trip to London was to fix her nose that has been causing her grief for the past few years.

A source reveals, "Priyanka has always been unhappy with the way her nose looks. In the past too, she has tried to get a defined sharp features. However, this time the effects are more visible than before.

She felt her nose needed to be sharper as it would enhance her features. Though details of where she got it done aren't known, she's happy with the

Tunn k rakh dia tah.. danda dy kar rakha howa tah... saying female ppp leader must watch

 AND General Ziauddin Butt Pakistan Ex Army Chief Reveals Conspiracy Pervez Musharraf Coup Detail in Kashif Abbasi Off The Record.Ziauddin Butt is a court-martialed 3 star rank Lieutenant-General of Pakistan.General Ziauddin Butt: Nawaz Sharif’s “Chief of Army Staff

Samsung unveils its 55-inch LCD

Samsung Electronics, the border (bezel, Bezel) is the industry's thinnest thickness of DID (Digital Information Display, Digital Information Display) has developed for the LCD panel. The products developed by Samsung Electronics as a 55-inch size panels, each panel matbutyeoteul between the panel and 5.7mm (upper panel, left-3.8mm, the panel down / right 1.9mm) is nothing.

Accordingly, the combination of multiple panels to create a large screen, screen, although the natural thinning of the boundary can be implemented with

Ford Cars To Use Dashboards More Like Cellphones

After testing prototype controls, the design team proposed layouts.
It seems Ford is very inspired by dashing cellphones' designs that why recently they re-transformed their car dashboards to make more like cellphones than traditional cars' dashboard styles.

Ford has been consulting with Ideo, the person who made Apple's original mouse, for the designs and layouts. Unveiled designed are more like gadgets navigations as you

The Nissan Townpod: An Eight-Doored Toffee Car

Nissan unveiled its The Nissan Townpod at Paris Motor Show new electric concept car featuring 8 doors for the first time in car & SiFi interior which have never been used so far.

Looking like a crossover between a van and a hatchback, the car is tiny piece of expertise. It more look like Toffee to me than a car. But overall this car is good for small family who

Breakfast at Sydney Harbour Bridge

Amongst the picnic goers were members of Australia’s national football team, the Socceroos and some of the best local and international chefs taking part in the Crave Sydney International Food Festival events. (SUPPLIED)
Breakfast at Sydney Harbour Bridge is part of annual Crave Sydney International Food Festival, at event Bridge became like a picnic spot. More than 200,000 residents and international tourists joined Sydney Harbour Bridge picnic, which is known as the centerpiece of the city’s month-long food festival. From around he world celebrity chefs joined the event, including Margaret Xu Yuan and Siu Ming Leung of Hong Kong’s Yin Yang restaurant. The event was also tied to the city’s bid to

USA is #1

Reverse fountain Charybdis looks like water tornado

This brilliant "reverse fountain" is called Charybdis, designed William Pye for Seaham Hall, in Sunderland, England, using a massive acrylic cylinder to give the appearance of a containerless volume of water. The water is contained inside a transparent cylinder and using a motor its moves in

Self-Painting dress would make you cool itself

Pseudomorph system is design by Dutch designer Anouk Wipprecht. This amazing system of pneumatic control valves that work like a ring in your neck, which actually pump ink drops at stuff you wearing to create an a unique design by absorbing into it. A 9 Volt battery powers the

Fujitsu Dual Touchscreen Phone

The Fujitsu Dual Touchscreen Phone works with two touchscreen at the same time, like to other. both in portrait and landslide modes, you can scroll the information of screen from one screen to other by touching or using finger. This prototype fone is unique in style but

Anjaana Anjaani May Reach 50 Crore Mark

Anjaana Anjaani May Reach 50 Crore MarkWhen 'Anjaana Anjaani' opened to a good response over the weekend, it seemed that a 50 crore total would be a cakewalk at theaters in India. However, as the week progressed, the film did take a dip due to average word-of-mouth.

While a good section of youth did find the film interesting, it didn't quite work for the older generation. Also, amongst non-urban/cosmopolitan centres, this Siddharth Anand directed film didn't find much patronage. Resultantly, the film had to settle down as a decent success rather than being a smash hit.

As things stand today, 'Anjaana Anjaani' has collected over 37 crores after its first week which is quite good. This pretty much establishes once again that films coming from the house of Sajid Nadiadwala have consistently taken good opening, case in point being his last films like 'Housefull' as well as 'Kambakkth Ishq'.

However, the film does have a journey ahead to touch the 50 crores milestone. Still, the fact remains that one would have expected a lot more from this Ranbir Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra starrer, that boasted of one of the

Knock Out is Phone Booth? How utterly ridiculous!

Knock Out is Phone Booth? How utterly ridiculous!By Subhash K Jha

Director Mani Shankar has always been known for his fiercely original films like 16 December, Mukhbiir and Rudraksh.

Reacting sharply to the plagiarism charges against his latest film Mani Shankar completely turns the argument on its head by arguing that the film which Knockout is supposed to have copied is itself a copy.

Argues Mani, “First of all just because my film shows some shots of a man in a phone booth being targeted by a man with a gun, it doesn't mean I've made Phone Booth. How utterly ridiculous! It's like saying every love story which has a climax on the airport is copied.”

Then Mani adds the clincher. “Phone Booth itself is apparently a copy of Kari Skogland's Liberty Stands Still. So I don't see how charges of plragiarism can be leveled at us when the film is itself is not the

Shreyas stepped on Soha's foot five times

Shreyas stepped on Soha`s foot five times7 am: What! Again? Body aches from jumping about in the scorching sun yesterday. I long for the days of yore when princesses were woken with foot rubs by jasmine-scented handmaidens...I was so born in the wrong century!

8 am: En route to location: Powai. My right foot is bruised from where Shreyas accidentally stepped on it five times, accidentally, but five times?! My fault, though can never stick to my mark when dancing!

10 am: Breakfast muesli (plain, without milk), coffee and an apple. At least we're indoors today. Its a romcom. My character description? A mix between Dev Anand saab and Charlie Chaplin - I kid you not! Guess that explains the vibrant look today.

2 pm: Scoffing down lunch as the magician has arrived to teach me some magic tricks for the film! And I have to do a crash course in riding a Scooty is now a good time to tell the director I've never even ridden a bicycle?!

4.15 pm: I am convinced that I am a dancer trapped in the

Pakistani singer Ali Zafar serious about Bollywood

Pakistani singer Ali Zafar serious about BollywoodPakistani singer-actor now in YRF film, gets himself a manager, 'temporarily' moves to Mumbai. Wife and baby to follow suit

Ali Zafar plays Imran Khan's brother in Yash Raj Films' Mere Brother Ki Dulhan. And that's not all. The Pakistani actor-singer who became popular with Tere Bin Laden, has got himself a business manager in Mumbai. He will spend some time in the city. His wife and baby will join him soon and stay on till November.

"After that, I return to Pakistan for a charity concert in aid of flood victims with performances by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, Ali Azmat and (Azmat's band) Junoon along side me. But I am very serious about pursuing an acting career in Mumbai, " he admits.

Change my role, I'm in

Zafar began shooting last week for Mere Brother Ki Dulhan at Pataudi. Apparently, he agreed to be part of the

Hrithik excuses himself from Zayed Khan's Jungle film

Hrithik excuses himself from Zayed Khan`s Jungle filmHrithik Roshan walks out of Zayed Khan home production, after delaying the film for quite some time It doesn't always pay to have a star in your family.

Zayed Khan waited for months for his brother-in-law Hrithik Roshan to allot dates for Welcome To The Jungle, the Khans' home-production. He has now decided to stop waiting.

Duggu soon begins shooting for Karan Johar's Agneepath remake.

There are also other films on the anvil, but there has been no talk about his sasur's film. ZK, justifiably impatient, has gone into production with Dia Mirza on board.

Apparently, Hrithik has excused himself from his in-laws' film. The jungle adventure toplining Sanjay's beta and damaad was to be directed by Allah Ke Banday director, Faruk Kabir.

Reliable sources claim the project is as good as dead now. Says a source, "The incident hasn't affected Zayed's relations with

Who Made Kareena Cry?

Who Made Kareena Cry?Kareena Kapoor is surely an emotional and kind-hearted actress, which was proved recently, when she appeared on a music reality show to promote her upcoming movie Golmaal 3.

Now, here, something happened that was totally unexpected for Kareena. Suddenly, the host announced that they have brought a very special person to the show, who has been very closely associated with Bebo's grandfather Raj Kapoor. He also said that the person has cradled Kareena when she was a little kid. But this renowned technician of yesteryear is now very lonely and in deep financial trouble.

Kareena was in tears on listening this news. In a few moments, a man seated on a wheel chair was taken to the stage while the live audience maintained a total silence. The host paid his homage to the man saying that industry people tend to forget the contribution made by the technicians to the world of cinema.

An overwhelmed Kareena walked up to

Sneak peek: Vivek-Priyanaka's so costly wedding card

Sneak peek: Vivek-Priyanaka`s so costly wedding cardHere's a sneak peek at the Vivek Oberoi-Priyanka Alva wedding card. The invite to Vivek Oberoi's wedding is a limited-edition piece, contains expensive Ganjifa art

We managed to find a copy of the invite which is a two-tiered box with chocolates, and within, the invite and a unique, limited-edition piece with a Ganjifa painting in it which makes it a collector's item.

Both the families will send out 2000 cards. A source close to Vivek says, "Priyanka and Vivek, being of a social bent of mind, put in a lot of thought and care while selecting their wedding and reception invite."

Ganjifa is a traditional art form of Karnataka which is dying because it's expensive to create and the pair decided to revive the craft.

Bro's Idea

It was Priyanka's brother Aditya who suggested that they revive the Ganjifa craft by having a miniature painting in each invite. It was a big decision as it expanded the wedding budget but the couple decided it would be worth it.

The bride and groom's moms personally met the Ganjifa artists and selected the paintings. There are 100 families in Karnataka who are still involved in Ganjifa art. It takes a

Akki owns the bungalow from where he was thrown out

Akki owns the bungalow from where he was thrown outThe house that Akki lives in, is the same place where his first photo shoot happened and where he was unceremoniously shooed from. Here's how it went down...

Twenty-three years ago, a struggler named Rajeev Bhatia (he's now known as Akshay Kumar) wanted to get a portfolio made, so he could procure roles.

He approached a top photographer of the time Jayesh Sheth but didn't have the money to pay him.

The 20-something aspirant requested the lensman to let him work as his assistant and use his salary as payment for his shoot.

And that's how the story behind the star's first-ever photo session begins.

For the shoot, the photographer decided to use an old Juhu bungalow as a backdrop. The two reached the agreed place.

Between one of the shots, a watchman guarding the place got rude with Khiladi Kumar, abused him and shooed him away.

That bungalow is the actor's current residence. He bought the

First Look: Salman goes under knife to look younger

First Look: Salman goes under knife to look youngerSalman Khan has got the bags under his eyes 'fixed'. And we have the exclusive photographs

Over the weekend, Salman Khan sported dark glasses on Bigg Boss throughout the one-hour duration of the show (on Friday and Saturday).

There were murmurs about the actor getting surgery to fix the bags under his eyes.

We decided to play the wait-and-watch game and see if he'd sport dark sunglasses when he walked the ramp the following day for his Being Human show. It paid off. Sallu came with a chashma on.

He'd flown to Dubai last week, where he had the procedure done. A doctor from Singapore flew in especially for the Khan.

After the show, our photographer Satyajit Desai (see box) clicked pictures of the actor without his