Tuesday, November 30, 2010

US President under used cars

Commercial flights are likely to be delayed by at least an hour when Air Force One, with an escort of three  aircraft and five helicopters, touches down at Mumbai airport on Saturday morning. Though officials have yet to receive communication on air-space closure, protocol calls for a gap six minutes during a VVIP visit.
Obama Car is a Cadillac, armored and

Katrina Kaif in several unseen Advertisements & other pictures

How to Kill man by Mosquitoes (Video)

Greedy eyes catch on cam must watch

Amazing Pakistani Talent (pic)

Why are Deepika's men so fit?

Don't laugh. This is serious stuff. Ever wondered why Deepika's men have the perfect body that can make any woman go weak in the knees? Well, heres the secret. Read on.

Actually the fact is that Deepika is a fitness freak. And not only does she work hard to keep her curves at their dangerous best but she also makes sure her

cadbury dairy milk ad spoof.

7 year old raps Justin Bieber - "Pray" (MattyBRaps Cover/Remix)

Pictures story of Street theater in Guadalajara, Mexico

Guadalajara, Mexico - This urban theater, where GIANT PUPPETS walk through all avenues of the beautiful city of Guadalajara, held from 23 to 28 November. "the Peasant", "Little Giant" and "Xolo dog" told the whole story to

Pictures Story of Bridal couture week 2010 in Lahore, Pakistan

A models displays creations of Pakistani designer Nomi Ansari during a Bridal Couture Week 2010 in Lahore. (AFP)

Arusy apparel exhibition held in Lahore and continued until 28 November. Beautiful models form Pakistan displayed bridal dresses by

sun can melt rock must watch

Amazing Dog in China trained to go shopping for you

Meet Deng Deng: The one-year-old sheepdog who lives with his owner, Zhang Tiegang in Changsha, southern China. Despite Tiegang being a sprightly 32-years-of-age, he has trained Deng Deng to go to the shop, pick out his food and carry it all the

Lamp post climbing lock can make bike more safer Try now

Lamp post climbing lock is created by a German toy and model company called Conrad. The lock consist of a motorized skateboard to lift your bike up at a standard size lamp post. Where no hands of thieves can reach easily. The video below shows the building of lock and

Small Food big eaters Sculptures by Kim Burke

These amazing Miniature Food Sculptures are created by American sculpture designer and artist Kim Burke, measuring 1/12th scale, miniatures of food from polymer clay. These hyper realistic sculpture look so real. You can buy these creations for decoration at Etsy. Below are

Veena Malik Shedding Crocodile Tears