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Kal Tak With Javed Ch. 1st September 2010

Kal Tak With Javed Ch. 1st September 2010

Dunya Today – 1st September 2010 – Attacks in Lahore – Guests: Shaikh Rasheed , Haroon Rasheed and More.

Dunya Today – 1st September 2010 – Attacks in Lahore – Guests:
Shaikh Rasheed , Haroon Rasheed and More.

Views on News with Dr.Shahid Masood – 1st September 2010

Views on News with Dr.Shahid Masood – 1st September 2010

Do not Criticize us INDIA, first LOOK in ur domain

World's Top Craziest People

Point Blank with Lucman 1st September 2010

Dunya Mere Aage – 1st September 2010 – Lahore blasts

Suicide blasts kill 17, injure 150 in Lahore

LAHORE: At least 17 people were killed and 150 others injured after two suicide bombs ripped through the Youm-e-Ali procession in Lahore on Wednesday.

Ten women are among the injured.

The first suicide blast took place near Karbala Gamay Shah, while second blast struck the mourners near Bhati Chowk, killing at least 17 people.

Confirming the suicide blasts, Lahore DCO Sajjad Bhutta said a

Sialkot tragedy: lynched boys’ family appreciates judicial report

SIALKOT: The family of the Sialkot lynched boys have appreciated the revealing of the Judicial report and said that the Supreme Court of Pakistan has washed the dirty spot of robbery from the forehead of our

VIDEO...At Sailkot Killing - Reply To Indian Dogs barking at Pakistani Lions

5 types of women men can't stand

Weight watcher
5 types of women men can't stand (Getty Images)
We all know what women don't like in men, but do we have even the slightest idea about what type of women put off men? Here is the lowdown on the personality types men don't like at all.

Cribber: Women who crib, talk negatively and belittle people are a great turn-off. Sure we all have our bags full of complaints, but it is one thing to complain once in a while, and it's something else to crib big time 24x7 about every issue or every person one comes across. Men can't understand why a

Three bomb blasts kill 13, injures 100 in Lahore

At least 13 people have been killed and more than 100 injured in three blasts at a religious procession in Lahore, Aaj News reported on Wednesday.
According to details, the blasts took place in the Youm-e- Ali (RA) procession near Gamay Shah in the centre of a large crowd, resulting in killing 13 people and injuring more than 100. The injured have been shifted to the Mayo Hospital and emergency has been declared in the hospitals of the city.

Several Bomb Blasts in Youm-e-Ali procession – Lahore

5 multi-million dollar prizes for inventors

From moon-roving robots to synthetic meat, some innovation contests are offering serious monetary incentives for creative thinkers
Your breakthrough invention could make you rich.
Your breakthrough invention could make you rich. Photo: Corbis
In an attempt to discover and deploy new technologies more quickly, a growing number of organizations are offering hefty cash prizes to inventors with breakthrough ideas. The trend has sparked a budding new industry, with everyone from individuals to government agencies gunning for the bounties. Here are five $1 million-plus innovation prizes currently up for grabs:
$1 million for growing chicken in a test tube
In an attempt to put a halt to factory farming, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals will award $1 million to the inventor of a

The new Muslim PSA: Don't 'hate' us, America

A grassroots organization produces a video message to remind Americans that ordinary Muslims don't actually want to destroy the U.S.A.

A grassroots PSA showcases American Muslims talking about their faith.
A grassroots PSA showcases American Muslims talking about their faith
The video: "They say you should fear me, suspect me, hate me..." So begins a new public service announcement released by the

Firing at religious procession in Saddar Karachi , four injured

Irritated by blackheads?

Who says having clean smooth skin is a costly affair? If you don’t want to spend your hard earned money on gels and scrubs that are not even effective most of the time, here are some simple home remedies that

Farmer-turned-hunger striker dies in Venezuela

A farmer who held repeated hunger strikes in a land dispute with Venezuela’s government has died in a military hospital where he had been taken against his will.
For opponents of

Britney wants a low key wedding

Pop star Britney Spears is reportedly planning to tie the knot with her boyfriend and former agent Jason Trawick and

Hungry flood-hit people protest lack of help

Hundreds of hungry families blocked a highway in Sindh on Wednesday, demanding the government provide more food as the

Pakistan stars await probe on betting scam claims

Three Pakistan players embroiled in betting scam allegations were preparing on Wednesday to face questioning which is

Sylvester Stallone has a run-in with the cops

Hollywood superstar Sylvester Stallone was pulled over by the police in Beverly Hills and
made his displeasure clear for all to see.

The actor allegedly failed to yield at a stop sign and got very irate when the cops questioned him about the violation, reported TMZ. Stallone, who is flying high at the moment with hit movie 'The Expendables' was less than cordial during the traffic stop, according to the website.

The actor was photographed having a

Demi Moore posts bikini pictures on Twitter

Hollywood actress Demi Moore may be close to hitting the big 50 but she proved that she still has a figure to die for by posting a series of pictures of herself in a bikini on the micro blogging website Twitter.

The 47-year-old posed provocatively in her bathroom wearing a bikini and shades, using her iPhone to take the photographs.

The mother-of-three took the photo at the

10 Most Torturous Methods of Execution

Top 10 Modern Methods of Execution

We have all heard about the various methods of execution used around the world in civilized nations, but quite often we don’t know the methods involved in executing the act. With this list I hope to shed some light on the background of an execution, modern style. All but two of these methods of execution are still in use today.

1. Lethal Injection

Lethal injection room in Huntsville, Texas

In the short time before an execution by lethal injection, the prisoner is prepared for his death. This can include a change of clothing, a last meal, and a shower. The prisoner is taken to thesaline solution is fed through the tubes. These tubes are then fed through the wall in to an anteroom from where the execution will be carried out. The anteroom contains direct telephone connections to officials who have the power to stay the execution. Once the IV tubes are connected, the curtains are drawn back so that witnesses may watch the execution, and the prisoner is allowed to make his last statement. execution chamber and two IV tubes are inserted in to his arms; a

Unless a stay is given, the execution begins. There can be one or more executioners, and sometimes in the case of multiple executioners, the lethal dose is given by only one so that no one knows who delivered it. The executioners are shielded from the view ofthe prisoner and witnesses. The drugs can be delivered by a machine, but due to the fear of mechanical failure, most US states prefer to manually inject the drugs in to the IV. The drugs are then administered in the following order:

Sodium thiopental: This drug, also known as Pentathol is a barbiturate used as a surgical anesthetic. In surgery, a dose of up to 150mg is used; inexecution, up to 5,000mg is used. This is a lethal dose. From this point on if the prisoner is still alive, he should feel nothing.

Pancuronium bromide: Also known as Pavulon, this is a muscle relaxant given in a strong enough dose to paralyse the diaphragm and lungs. This drug takes effect in 1-3 minutes. A normal medical dose is 40 – 100mcg per kilogram; the dose delivered in anexecution is up to 100mg.

Potassium chloride: This is a toxic agent which induces cardiac arrest. Not all states use this as the first two drugs are sufficient to bring about death.

Saline solution is used to flush the IV between each dose. Within a minute of two after the final dose is given, a doctor declares the prisoner dead. The body is then sent to the coroner for verification and sometimes an autopsy and is released to the family for burial or is buried by the state.

2. The Electric Chair

Electric Chair at Sing Sing

The electric chair was invented by Harold P. Brown who was employed by Thomas Edison for the sole purpose of investigating the uses of electricity forexecution . Brown, a dentist used to working with people in chairs, used a chair design for his device. At the time there was still competition to see whether Edison’s direct current (DC) or Westinghouse’s alternating current (AC) would win the current war. Edison was in favor of using his opponents AC as he thought it would lead people to believe that AC was more dangerous than DC. In fact, it would make little difference which current were used at the voltage needed for anexecution. Edison was so keen to alienate Westinghouse, that he tried to get people to refer to execution by electrocution as “westinghousing” someone. The chair was first adopted in 1889 and the first execution took place in 1890 in New York.

In execution by electric chair, the prisoner is strapped to the chair with metal straps and a wet sponge is placed in his head to aid conductivity. Electrodes are placed on the head and leg to create a closed circuit. Depending on the physical state of the prisoner, two currents of varying level and duration are applied. This is generally 2,000 volts for 15 seconds for the first current to cause unconsciousness and to stop the heart. The second current is usually lowered to 8 amps. The current will normally cause severe damage to internal organsand the body can heat up to 138 °F (59 °C). While unconsciousness should occur within the first second or two, there have been occasions where it has taken much longer, leading people to speak out against this method ofexecution.

The post-execution cleanup is an unpleasant task as skin can melt to the electrodes and the person often loses control over bodily functions. The skin is also often burnt. The last use of the chair was on the 12th of September in Tennessee (6 days ago as of writing this). You can view a gruesome image of a person after being executed bythe electric chair here.


. Gas Chamber

Gas chamber at Mississippi State Penitentiary

The gas chamber has been used for executions for a considerable number of years. It has gained the most notoriety from its use in the German prison camps during World War II where it was used to exterminate millions of people in one of the worst cases of genocide in the 20th century. All of the five US states that still use the gas chamber allow the prisoner to choose death by lethal injection instead. The last death by gas chamber in the US was in 1999 when German Walter LaGrand was executed in Arizona. There are unconfirmed reports that North Korea is using the gas chamber as a method ofexecution and to test poisonous gasses on prisoners.

Prior to the execution, the executioner will enter the chamber and place potassium cyanide (KCN) pellets into a small compartment beneath the execution chair. The prisoner is then brought in and secured to the chair. The chamber is sealed and the executioner pours a quantity of concentrated sulfuric acid (H2SO4) through a tube which leads to a holding compartment in the chair. The curtains are drawn back for witnesses to see the execution and the prisoner is asked to make his last statement. After the last statement, a level is thrown by the executioner and the acid mixes with the cyanide pellets generating lethal hydrogen cyanide (HCN) gas. The prisoners will generally have been told to take deep breaths in order to speed up unconsciousness, but in most cases they hold their breath. Death from hydrogen cyanide is painful and unpleasant.

After the prisoner is dead, the chamber is purged of gas and neutralized with anhydrous ammonia (NH3). Both the ammonia and the acid that must be removed from the chamber are highly dangerous. Guards with oxygen masks then enter the chamber and remove the body so that it can be examined by a doctor.
4. Single Person Shooting
Execution of a Vietcong captian

Execution by shooting is the most common method of execution in the world, used in over 70 countries. Whilst most of these countries use the firing squad, single person shooting is still found. In Soviet Russia, a single bulletto the back of the head was the most frequently used method of execution for military and non-military alike. This is still the main method of execution in Communist China though the gunshot can be to either the neck or head. In the past, the Chinese government would ask the family of the executed person to pay the price of the bullet. In Taiwan,the prisoner is first injected with a strong anesthetic to render him senseless and then a bullet is fired in to his heart.
5. Firing Squad
Antonio Echazarreta executed in 1913 in Mexio

The firing squad is considered by many to be the most honorable method of execution, and for that reason it was specifically not used on war criminals. While the method differs widely from country to country, generally the condemned is blindfolded and restrained. A group of men then fire a single bullet into the heart of the prisoner . In some cases, one of the shooters is given a blank – so that afterwards he will feel less guilt. None of the shooters knows who has a blank or, in fact, if any of them do. In the most recentexecution by firing squad in Utah, the brother of the executed man stated that there were five bullet holes in his brother’s shirt, indicating that every shooter fired a live round. Here is an eyewitness account of theexecution of William Johnson, a deserter in the Army of the Potomac in 1861.

    All being ready the Marshal waved his handkerchief as the signal, and the firing party discharged the volley. Johnson did not move, remaining in a sitting posture for several seconds after the rifles were discharged. Then he quivered a little, and fell over beside his coffin. He was still alive, however, and the four reserves were called to complete the work. It was found that two of the firing party, Germans, had not discharged their pieces, and they were immediately put in irons. Johnson was shot several times in the heart by the first volley. Each of the four shots fired by the reserves took effect in his head, and he died instantly. One penetrated his chin, another his left cheek, while two entered the brain just above the left eyebrow. He died at precisely a quarter to four o’clock.

In the United States only two states allow execution by firing squad: Idaho, and Oklahoma; though Utah still has four prisoners on death row who were sentenced when it was lawful there and they may be permitted to be executed in this way.
6. Hanging
17 and 18 year old boys hanged in Iran for homosexuality

Hanging is carried out in a variety of ways: the short drop is when the prisoner is made to stand on an object which is then thrust away – leaving them to die by strangulation. This was a common method of hanging used by the Nazis and was the most common form used before the 1850s. Death is slow and painful. Suspension hanging (very popular in Iran) is when the gallows itself is movable. The prisoner stands on the ground with the noose around their neck and the gallows is then lifted in to the air, taking the prisoner with it. The standard drop was in common use in English nations after the 1850s – it involved tying the noose around the prisoner’s neck and then dropping them a short distance (usually 4-6 feet) to break the neck. This was the method used to execute the Nazi war criminals. The final method is the long drop, devised in 1872 in which the weight of a person was taken in to account to determine the correct rope and drop to be used to ensure the breaking of the neck. This was the method used by Albert Pierrepoint, the last executioner of England, described here in more detail:

The night before the execution, Pierrepoint would visit the condemned man in his cell with the Warden. The prisoner was not told that pierrepoint was his executioner. The purpose of the visit was to size the man up. Pierrepoint would use the information he had gained on the visit to decide what thickness of rope and what length of drop to use. He would soak the rope in water and would hang a sandbag the weight of the prisoner at the end to prevent stretching during the execution. The next day pierrepoint would put a cloth over the face of the prisoner and tighten the noose around his neck. He was very careful to ensure that the trapdoor beneath the condemned would be opened as soon after the noose went on as possible and would often kick the level with his foot. The person would then drop through the trapdoor and their neck would break, causing death.

There have been some instances where the long drop method has caused decapitation – the most recent of which was the hanging of Saddam Hussein’s half brother, Barzan Ibrahim al-Tikriti, in Iraq in 2007.

If you can play real audio, here is a BBC interview with Pierrepoint.
7. Beheading
Sentenced at 15, Dhahian Rakan al-Sibai’i, executed July 2007

In some nations that adhere to Islamic Sharia law, beheadings are still a commonly used method of execution. The most frequently seen cases involve beheading by a curved, single-edged sword. While many nations allow beheading by law, Saudi Arabia is the country that uses it most often. The sentence is normally carried out on a Friday night in public outside the main mosque of the city after prayers. The penalty can be dealt for rape, murder, drug related crimes, and apostasy (rejection of religious beliefs).

Saudi Arabia frequently comes under fire from international agencies because of the fact that they continue to pass this sentence on minors. Saudi Arabian officials state that they are not in breach of international law because the sentence is not carried out until the child has reached the age of 18. This was the case with Dhahian Rakan al-Sibai’i (pictured above) who was sentenced at 15 but executed this year at the age of 18.
8. Guillotine
Eugène Weidmann, last public guillotine execution in France, 1939

Contrary to popular belief, Joseph-Ignace Guillotin did not invent the Guillotine; he suggested that a method of execution be devised that was quick and to be used on all people regardless of class. He sat on the committee that eventually designed the device, but it was actually Antoine Louis who came up with the design that was then used to build the first functioning guillotine. This is one of the two execution methods on this list which is no longer used anywhere in the world.

The device itself is a large timber frame with a space at the bottom for the neck of the prisoner. At the top of the machine is a large angled blade. Once the prisoner is secured, the blade is dropped, severing the head and bringing about immediate death. Much speculation exists as to whether or not the person dies immediately, and one man went so far as to ask a prisoner to blink after his head was cut off if he could. The accounts tell us that he did blink, but it is most likely that if he did, it would have been a post-death twitch.

The last public guillotining in France (photo above) was secretly filmed, and the scandalous behavior of the onlookers caused the government to ban public executions. It was the official method of execution in France until the death penalty was outlawed in 1981.

9. Stoning
A stoning in Iran

Stoning to death is when a person’s movements are restricted and an organized group throws stones at them until dead. Under Islamic Sharia law, stoning is an acceptable method of execution and it is used in many Islamic nations. In Iran, stoning is sanctioned for adultery and other crimes. Article 104 of the Law of Hodoud provides that the stones should not be so large that a person dies after being hit with two of them, nor so small as to be defined as pebbles, but must cause severe injury.

    “The penalty for adultery under Article 83 of the penal code, called the Law of Hodoud is flogging (100 lashes of the whip) for unmarried male and female offenders. Married offenders may be punished by stoning regardless of their gender, but the method laid down for a man involves his burial up to his waist, and for a woman up to her neck (article 102). The law provides that if a person who is to be stoned manages to escape, he or she will be allowed to go free. Since it is easier for a man to escape, this discrimination literally becomes a matter of life and death.” [Source]

Sentences to death by stoning, or stoning without a sentence have occurred in Afghanistan, Nigeria, Iran, Pakistan, Sudan, Saudi-Arabia and the United Arab Emirates in recent years, according to the International Society of Human Rights. Videos of recent stonings have been smuggled out of Iran. You can watch them here. The most recent stoning in Iran was in 2007 when Jaffar Kiani was stoned to death for adultery.
10. Garrote
1901 execution by garotte in Manila

The garrote is the second method of execution on this list which is no longer sanctioned by law in any country though training in its use is still carried out in the French Foreign Legion. The garrote is a device that strangles a person to death (as in the photograph above). It can also be used to break a person’s neck. The device was used in Spain until it was outlawed in 1978 with the abolition of the death penalty. It normally consisted of a seat in which the prisoner was restrained while the executioner tightened a metal band around his neck until he died. Some versions of the garrote incorporated a metal bolt which pressed in to the spinal chord, breaking the neck. This spiked version is known as the Catalan garrote. The last execution by garrote was José Luis Cerveto in October 1977. Andorra was the last country in the world to outlaw its use, doing so in 1990.

Media watch: Cricket, corruption and society

Ramiz expressed sympathy for Aamer, and said the greater blame lay with the men who had led him astray so early in his career. PHOTO: AFP
Media watch is a daily round-up of key articles featured on news websites, hand-picked by The Express Tribune web staff.
Cricket as a metaphor
The shock and horror being expressed in

Procession attacked in Karachi

At least three people were injured when assailants opened fire at the procession.
Three people were injured in a firing incident at Empress Market in Karachi when unknown assailants attacked a Yaum-i-Shahadat Hazrat Ali (RA) procession.
Police and Rangers have reached the area and

Wateen Offers Bill Waiver and More for Inactive Customers

Wateen logo Wateen Offers Bill Waiver and More for Inactive Customers
Wateen has offered its inactive customers, who have not used their Wateen accounts since 30th April 2010, can recharge their accounts and get following incentives:
  • Previous bill amounts WAIVED OFF
  • One month’s LINE RENT absolutely FREE
  • Entry into a lucky draw to WIN AN IPOD
This offer is valid till

Veena Malik to meet cricket corruption investigators

Actress Veena Malik and former girlfriend of fast bowler Mohammad Asif has been asked to give evidence to the International Cricket Council’s anti-corruption unit in a spot-fixing investigation.
Veena Malik’s manager Sohail Rashid said on

CJ slams police for inaction in lynching case

CJ slams police for inaction in lynching case

Screen capture of policemen involved in the Sialkot lynching.
ISLAMABADChief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhary has said that the Sialkot incident reflects that there is no rule of law in the country.
He made the statement while hearing the Sialkot lynching case in the Supreme Court today. The report of the inquiry commission on the incident was presented in the

Video of woman throwing live puppies into river

Death toll from air strikes in Pakistan rises

Islamabad, Pakistan The death toll from air strikes in Pakistan on Tuesday has climbed to 60, two military officials said.
The officials asked to not be named because they were not authorized to talk with media.
Pakistani military officials and a local

Sialkot lynching: brothers innocent, evidence tampered

Butt brothers declared innocent.
SIALKOT: The judicial inquiry in the Sialkot lynching case declared the murdered brothers as innocent and revealed that doctors had tampered with evidence.
The Supreme Court began hearing the Sialkot lynching case on Wednesday, and an inquiry report prepared by Justice (retired) Kazim Malik was submitted before the court.
The report asserted that the brothers were not robbers. It also said that medical officer Dr Farooq and investigation officer Shamsher Bokhari had

“Pakistan cricket needs overhauling” Strings’ Bilal Maqsood speaks out on the current cricket scenario

“Pakistan cricket needs overhauling”
Strings’ Bilal Maqsood speaks out on the current cricket scenario
Even if the Pakistani team is proven not guilty, which seems very unlikely at the moment, we all know that they all are a bunch of shady people who play only for themselves. Their punishment should be exemplary.
In spite of losing, God knows how many matches in

Rahat Fateh Ali Khan – Sainyaan (Download Audio)

Rahat Fateh Ali Khan
Click on the image to download
Artist: Rahat Fateh Ali Khan

Song: Sainyaan

Download Now!

noori vBlog11 pt. 1 -- 'Celebrity Camp: Highlights'

US deaths in Afghanistan hit record in 2010

In all, 1,270 US troops have lost their lives since the conflict began with the US-led invasion of Afghanistan following the September 11 attacks on the United States in 2001. — Photo by AP
KABUL: The number of US soldiers killed in the Afghan war in 2010 is the highest annual toll since the conflict began almost nine years ago, according to an AFP count Wednesday.
A total of 323 US soldiers have been killed in the

Indian film drops Pakistan’s Asif

Asif is one of three players named by British tabloid the News of the World as being involved in alleged “spot-fixing” in the final Test match between England and Pakistan at Lord’s last week. –File Photo

MUMBAI: Pakistani cricketer Mohammad Asif has been dropped from a planned role in a South Indian film after he was embroiled in betting scam allegations, Indian media reported Wednesday. The bowler had been slated to play the lead role in the

Jolie calls for greater support for Pakistani flood victims

Hollywood actress and UN ambassador Angelina Jolie on Tuesday released a video appealing for help on

Katrina and Salman dance together

After reading many stories about their break-up, now here's the stunner. It is now known that Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif are back on talking terms and the two will soon shake a leg in an item number in Farah Khan's upcoming film TEES MAAR KHAN.


Much ink has been spilled about the break up stories of the duo. Now, it turns out to be that Salman and Katrina are back together as buddies and

New Xbox 360 controller with improved D-pad confirmed, $65 on November 9

Hey, what's this? We just started hearing rumors this morning that Microsoft was planning a new Xbox 360 controller with an improved D-pad, and bang -- Major Nelson just went live with a YouTube video detailing the new piece. The new D-pad is a trick new patented design that's just as we heard from Joystiq: it's a disc in the normal configuration, but a quick twist raises the

DARPA's Transformer TX 'flying Humvee' project gets off the ground

Sometimes it feels like the Military-Industrial Complex only exists to keep us entertained with tales of laser weapons and robots that eat enemy combatants -- not that we'd complain if it did! And for today's fantastical wargadget, we have nothing less than a flying Humvee. The

Resort uses augmented reality to pair virtual girls with actual nerds

BeamAtic Premium headlights let you keep your high beams on all night long

It looks like the highways of Japan could soon get a bit brighter -- at least if these new BeamAtic Premium head lights from Ichikoh Industries ever catch on. Developed by France's Valeo SA, the headlights make use of an on-board camera and

Sony's scheming a streaming music and video subscription service, too?

HP unleashes Envy 17 3D, HP Envy 14 Beats edition and specially-cooled Pavilion dm3

We know, it feels like it was just a few months ago that the new Envy 14 and 17 hit the market, but HP isn't quite finished tinkering with its aluminum laptops. First up is the new Envy 14 Beats edition, which just like the previous Envy 15 Beats has a totally different black and

Making computer memory work like the human brain

HP Labs has developed a prototype for a new kind of computer memory called the memristor, shown here under a microscope.
HP Labs has developed a prototype for a new kind of computer memory called the memristor, shown here under a microscope.
How do computers remember things?
It's something most of us never think about. But you may start to take notice if HP Labs is successful in commercializing a new version of

Celebrities misbehave. Why do we care?

Paris Hilton was arrested in Las Vegas last weekend and charged with felony drug posession.

Paris Hilton was arrested in Las Vegas last weekend and charged with felony drug posession.

Some Americans spent Friday night