Thursday, December 2, 2010

Largest food court in Egypt new Guinness World Records title confirmed

CAIRO: The Tivoli Dome, Cairo, Egypt, was given a Guinness World Records title for the Largest Food Court in the world.

The adjudication ceremony was held on the night of the 26th of November at 8:00 pm in Tivoli Dome, which is located at 70 Omar Ibn El Khattab Street, Almaza Area, Heliopolis. Tivoli Dome is a stand-alone food court on a 5,700 square metre piece of land and

A Guide to Smoking

Nicole Scherzinger - Fabulous Mag - Photoshoot with Lambo

10 Things Science Realy dont No

The WOW! signal
Wow, a secret message from outer space! Twenty years on and still no nearer an answer.

Cute Girl Shaves Head after Losing Bet (video)

Pakistan Athletes Also Caught Goggling At Asian Games Hostess

The Pakistan men's field hockey team before the awards ceremony also make remarks about the "flowing" outfits before

Ahmadinejad angry after discovery of Jewish Symbol Hidden on Iran Air HQ

Iranian president Ahmadinejad is very angry after discovery of the Star of David on the roof of Iran Air headquarters at Tehran's airport, which was built and designed by Israeli engineers before Islamic Revolution in 1979.

Even Iranians were not aware of this until somebody just found it at Google Maps. Its been four decades to this sign hidden in in plain sight. Watch it at

Multi touch workspace desk, your future need

The BendDesk is desk from future, created by The Media Computing Group, the BendDesk can bridge the horizontal surface of our workspace with our vertically aligned computer screens for our convenience. It uses a combination of three cameras, two projectors and few infrared lights to make visual for you.. The "bend" is the 90-degree curve to divide a

Samsung unveils foldable 3D OLED TV

Samsung introduces new generation of LED television. Samsung Mobile Display unveil the TV of future is a flexible and foldable 3D-OLED-TV that was already presented at design contest 2010 by SMD.

"The idea is a foldable 3D-OLED-Tv,so you can enjoy your 3D content everywhere and not only in your living room. We think that this

Christmas tree lighting ceremony at Rockefeller Plaza

1. 75-year-old Forest Beauty height 22.5 meters and weighing 12 tons was brought from the city Mahopek, NY. Christmas tree donated to New York firefighter Peter Acton, who took part in rescue work on Sept. 11, 2001. Giganstkaya 75-year-old grew up on his site.
Yesterday, the last day of autumn has passed ceremony of lighting the main Christmas tree USA. Giant spruce height 22,5 m was installed at the

Life in a Madinat-es-Sadr suburb of Baghdad

1. Salon bridal gowns at Madinat-es-Sadr, the site of the former studio in which the sewing curtains. A few years ago to put on a dress for local women, was simply unthinkable. (Ayman Oghanna / The New York Times)
Madinat-es-Sadr, known as a great and very poor suburb of Baghdad, where nearly two million Shia live. More recently, the area was known as

Snow covers-up Europe

People walk through the snow on November 30, 2010 in Dunning, Scotland. United Kingdom. Freezing weather conditions and snow that has created chaos in Scotland and Northern England are moving south to the