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only female formula one driver in middle east Racing Undercover- Women in Black

The Craziest Accidents

Kareena Kapoor pulls a Shakira!

Kareena Kapoor pulls a Shakira!

In the title track of the much awaited Golmaal 3 we will see Kareena Kapoor swaying her hips Shakira style!!

Kareena will be seen belly dancing in this hot new number. Sources from the sets revealed that Kareena was quite a pro when it came to learning these steps. She picked up the steps quickly and gave excellent takes without much rehearsal.

People who have seen the song are raving about her look in it. In Jab We Met Kareena made the harem pants a popular trend and with this song she has brought the

child burned with hot milk Crime News INDIA

Break Ke Baad (2010) Theatrical Trailer *HD* Ft. Imran Khan & Deepika Padukon

Kia Pop recharges in 6 hours with 87mph top speed and 100-mile range

After an August tease the all-electric Kia Pop concept car is now getting a proper reveal at the Paris Motor Show. Pop is a three-meter long three seater featuring a number of futuristic touches like rear-view cameras in each door, a full length glass roof, and an otherwise transparent OLED panel that displays all your instrument readouts only when the car is running. A second touch panel to the right of the steering wheel controls the vehicle's other functions including audio, sat-nav, and climate. Under the hood you'll find a 60-ps, 190-Nm motor powered by lithium polymer gel batteries capable of charging in just six hours. Combined we're looking at an 87mph (140kph) top speed and 100-mile (160-km) max range. Of course, knowing the auto industry, by the time it hits the assembly lines it'll likely resemble an

Nokia N8 first unboxing

Nokia said Q3, Nokia has delivered Q3. Just. The long-awaited first shipments of the Finnish market leader's N8 handset are today finally going out, and we've gotten our hands on one of the very first retail units out there. Gaze upon the gallery below to see what you'll be getting inside the box alongside your multimedia powerhouse, and do make full use of our comments section too -- we want to hear any questions you may have about the N8 and will try to answer them in full, both here and

BlackBerry PlayBook vs. iPad vs. Galaxy Tab vs. Streak: the tale of the tape

What a day -- yesterday, that is. Research in Motion finally announced its long-awaited BlackBerry tablet, the 7-inch PlayBook (thankfully not named the BlackPad). While there's still quite a few missing details, and nary an unit in site for us to try first-hand, we've still got a sampling of specs for this little guy to go tête-à-tête on the quantitative field of proverbial battle, at least as it can be seen so far (that early 2011 release date is still a ways off). Looks very promising so far, lined up against Apple's iPad, Samsung's Galaxy Tab, and the Dell Streak, but our known unknowns -- i.e. price, app support, and overall feel of using the QNX-built operating system -- are what will really make or break the

Sony's 13-inch VAIO Z line gets updated, your wallet hurts just thinking about it

Think Apple's MacBook Air is one overpriced ultraportable? Have a gander at the build sheet for Sony's refreshed VAIO Z. The same machine that we took a peek at this February has seen a predictable fall update, right alongside legions of other Sony lappies. The 13.3-inch machine can now be ordered with a presumably lap-melting Core i5-460M (2.53GHz), Core i5-580M (2.66GHz) or Core i7-640M (2.8GHz), an optional carbon fiber colored casing, up to 8GB of DDR3 RAM, 256GB or 512GB SSD, optional Blu-ray Disc burner, an SDXC card reader and NVIDIA's GeForce GT330M graphics card. Oh, and did we mention that there's a 1920 x 1080 screen resolution on

Murata Seiko and her male counterpart get upgrades, we get another look at their awesome skills

Murata Seiko, or Murata Girl, is a pretty impressive, attractive little piece of work. The unicycling, dress-wearing robot brings smiles wherever she goes, we're sure (when we had the chance to see her in person that was certainly the case). You may or may not have known that Murata also has a bike riding male counterpart called Little Seisaku? Well, they've both just gotten their upgrades for the year, and that, of course, gives us another opportunity to admire them in all their cuteness. While there aren't any videos of their improvements yet, we know that Murata Girl's now able to traverse an S-shaped balance beam in addition to her straight one, while Little Seisaku's charging capabilities have been upgraded (he can now do so wirelessly), and

Jaguar C-X75 is the 780bhp electric supercar we've all been waiting for, likely to keep us waiting (video)

Ouch! It really stings to see the curvaceous spectacles that car designers can come up with, only to then find out the resulting electric speedsters are either far too expensive or nowhere near becoming a reality. Latest in this group of four-wheeled objects of desire is Jaguar's C-X75, which roars from 0 to 60mph in 3.4 seconds, cranks out 780bhp courtesy of a quartet of electric motors and a pair of micro gas turbines, and reaches a screaming 205mph at its absolute zenith. You can go for 68 miles just on electric juice or 560 if you let the gasworks recharge the Li-ion battery pack on the go. So it's gorgeous inside and out, it comes with swan doors, high-res LCD screens and an aluminum body, and

Flying Humvee a step closer to reality, still seems like a really bad idea

It looks like AAI Corp has, indeed, landed the contract for feasibility studies of the Transformer flying Humvee project, which as far as we can tell takes a lightly armored (if armored at all) four man vehicle and puts it in the air, practically begging to be hit by a rocket-propelled grenade. And if that doesn't sound sketchy enough, keep in mind that among the design considerations are gas tanks in the craft's wings which, as Spencer Ackerman at Wired points out, would make really obvious targets. The testing should last about a year, and cost DARPA a cool $3 million. If all goes well, AAI could have a

Nokia N8 shipments begin, ushers in Symbian^3 era

Nokia's N8 is now shipping to those of you who pre-ordered. It may not be the device that'll make you leave your beloved BlackBerry, iPhone, or Android phone but Nokia's N8 with its significantly enhanced Symbian^3 OS is without a doubt the best you can you do if you're one of the millions of Symbian users looking for a smartphone upgrade. Having said that, fans of cameraphones on any platform might be swayed by the N8's 12 megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss lens, extra large image sensor, and HDMI out. Nokia says that availability will vary by country and operator and should be

Is India’s Commonwealth games village ready to host athletes?

Just five days out from the start of the Delhi Commonwealth Games, organizers are intent on stamping out any indication that facilities remain sub-par.
After extending the original 48-hour deadline four days to clean and repair the athlete’s village, New Delhi’s chief minister has announced that all cleanup work at the village has been completed.
Lifts are functional, all flats are clean, and there is no water pooling up anywhere inside the village, she said after a tour of the facilities. Extra staff had been drafted in from the Delhi municipal authority and even five-star hotels.
This sort of last-minute-ism is hardly unusual in India: In fact, the whole affair has widely been referred to as a “monsoon wedding approach,” where everyone and their grandmothers are roped into stringing up lights, sweeping the staircase, and folding napkins to make sure everything is

Salman At FilmFare Sep 29 2010

Katrina Kaif Salman's item song in "Tees Maar Khan"

Katrina Kaif Sexy Harper's Bazaar Cover October 2010

Mandira Bedi Hot Gym Photos

Kareena Kapoor In Pink Sari At Gitanjali Wedding Collection

Stunning Gul panag

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Fire Records failing to promote the Musicians & distributing music content

Fire Records Logo
Fire Records is supposed to be the most powerful Music Record Label of Pakistan but it is not indeed true. If it’s  ”Powerful” then the organization should have reach to every part of Pakistan, to distribute their albums & Content. But here in this case, people assume “Fire Records” powerful as it controls Artists, Bands & their content very tightly.
Fire Records content is like “Fire”! it doesn’t mean that it goes VIRAL but actually it means that No one can touch it. The one who touches the “fire” is burnt into ashes or he gets a threat to get arrested by FIA ( yes Federal Investigation Agency ) . This was the intro of the monopolist record label of Pakistan – Fire Records – as discussed by major stake holders such as Private Music Channels Officials, FM Channels representatives & RJs , Music Website Owners & many a times ARTISTS/MUSICIANS too.
There is an album releasing each week by Fire Records except in the

Ijaz Butt withdraws fixing claims against England

Pakistan Cricket Board chairman Ijaz Butt has withdrawn his statements linking England’s team with throwing a one-day international earlier this month.
Butt had said he had heard from bookmakers that England’s players were paid to lose the third one-day international to Pakistan on Sept.17.
The England cricket board had threatened Butt with legal action if he didn’t withdraw the accusation.
The board released a statement Wednesday quoting Butt as saying: “I never intended to question the behavior and integrity of the England players nor the ECB nor to suggest that any

Salman-Katrina have a blast on the sets of ‘Tees Maar Khan’

People might speculate on their relationship status, but one thing is for sure that Bollywood’s most bizarre couple Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif get along like a house on fire.
Recently, while shooting a qawwali sequence for Farah Khan’s ‘Tees Maar Khan’, which also features Akshay Kumar, at Film City in Mumbai, Salman and Katrina were extremely cordial towards each other.
Confirming Salman and Katrina’s camaraderie with prankster Akshay Kumar, a source said, “Salman and Katrina had always been discreet about their relationship.
And all speculation about how awkward they would be when they bump into each other again, went for a toss on the sets of ‘Tees Maar Khan.’ It wasn`t a shoot for a

Najam Sethi exposes the fear of Altaf Hussain

Shakira song Loca FULL video

Ali Zafar looks through Katrina Kaif

It seems Pakistan's pop icon Ali Zafar, who is now in Mumbai to pursue a career in movies, has a lot of catching up to do on the who's who of the film industry. Last week at a party, he failed to recognize Katrina Kaif although she is his co-star in the Yash Raj film that Ali has signed.

Last week Katrina spotted Ali whom she had seen and liked in Tere Bin Laden at a party. Knowing they were scheduled to work together Katrina enthusiastically approached Ali…only to be greeted with a polite but bank smile.

Says an eyewitness, "Ali clearly didn't recognize Katrina. Though he was polite, he had a quizzical who-are-you look on his face. It was an embarrassing moment for Katrina. But she handled it with aplomb. She introduced herself as her co-star in the Yash Raj film that they were doing, welcomed him to Mumbai and walked off."

When asked about this embarrassing incident Katrina shrugged it off with a laugh, "It's true. Ali looked at me quite strangely at the party last week. What's the big deal? He's new to Bollywood. It will take him time to know everyone. I've been here for four years. I still don't know everyone."

The story doesn't end there. It seems Katrina had load of fun at Ali's expense the day after the party incident.

Letting out a prankster's chuckle, Katrina says, "I met Ali at the

girls dancing openly is this islamic republic of pakistan?

Growing Porn Business in Pakistan

Pakistan is one of those countries where most searches made on the Google are about Porn/Sex sites. Millions of sites are available online which offer you these kind of things, and these sites are earning alot. Let me give you some overview about the Porn sites business on the internet.

The statistics are truly staggering. According to compiled numbers from respected news and research organizations, every second $3,075.64 is being spent on pornography. Every second 28,258 internet users are viewing pornography. In that same second 372 internet users are typing adult search terms into search engines. Every 39 minutes a new pornographic video is

Shahid Afridi After Meeting Tariq Jameel – Afridi Born again

Tujhe Bhula Diya [remix] - Anjaana Anjaani

Ali Zafar’s Memorable Meeting With Katrina Kaif

Ali Zafar’s Memorable Meeting With Katrina Kaif

It seems Pakistan’s pop icon Ali Zafar, who is now in Mumbai to pursue a career in movies has a lot of catching up to do on the who’s who of the film industry.

Last week at a party he failed to recognize Katrina Kaif although she is his co-star in the Yashraj film that Ali has signed.
Last week, Katrina spotted Ali, whom she had seen and liked in ‘Tere Bin Laden’, at a party. Knowing they were scheduled to work together, Katrina enthusiastically approached Ali…only to be

Piya Re Piya Live & Atif Aslam On Tabla

Kate Winslet could marry new boyfriend

Hollywood actress Kate Winslet believes she could get married to her new boyfriend Louis Dowler.

"As far as Kate is concerned, they could go all the way together - get married, have kids. She's the happiest we've ever seen her. He really brings out a wonderful, carefree side to her that we haven't seen for years," quoted a source as saying.

Kate separated from her filmmaker husband Sam Mendes early this year after almost seven years of marriage.

But Louis, who started dating the "Revolutionary Road" star in July, has brought a smile back to the Oscar winner's face and she has never been happier.

"It wasn't that long ago that Kate was

Lady Gaga's grandfather passes away

Pop star Lady Gaga is mourning the death of her grandfather Joseph Germanotta.

He passed away Friday. He was 88.

The pop superstar jetted back to her native New York last week to visit her grandfather at the Lincoln Park nursing home in New Jersey. reports, Germanotta passed away two days after Gaga's visit.

Gaga spoke about her grandfather's health troubles at a show earlier this year, telling the crowd: "I don't always talk about my personal life but my grandpa's sick. I'm really close with my grandpa and he's really sick and he's in the US and my dad's with him. So I was, like, crying all day, really sad. So I thought I would be honest and tell you that's what's going on... It's been one of

'Mission Impossible' filming starts in Dubai soon

| A+   A-

Dubai has a new mission: To play starring role in the upcoming Mission Impossible 4.

The Gulf city that hosts the world's tallest building said Tuesday filming will begin on the next installment of the Tom Cruise spy franchise in the coming weeks.

Dubai's media office says the sheikdom expects to play host to more than 400 members of the Mission Impossible 4 crew and cast for at least three weeks.

Dubai in recent years has bankrolled studio facilities and an annual film festival in an effort to establish itself as a regional moviemaking hub.

Among the few western films in which it has

Hrithik, Katrina's lip lock in new film

Hrithik Roshan and Katrina Kaif will share a steamy liplock in Zoya Akhtar's Zindagi Milegi Na Dobara. The kiss was shot in the Spain during the first schedule of the film, last month.

Although Hrithik has played tonsil tennis with other heroines in the past, this was his first time with Katrina Kaif, so there was a level of discomfort from her side. Also, this is the first time they are working together, so she didn't have the easy on-screen chemistry she does with an Akshay Kumar, Salman Khan or even Ranbir Kapoor.

The duo had to work to get into the comfy zone. They spent a time of time together on the set before the intimate scene was shot. Perfectionist Hrithik wanted to get it right and was suggested rehearsing the smooch before the shoot. A source spills the

Ijaz Butt refuses to apologise for England

Chairman of Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) Ijaz Butt flew into England on Tuesday still steadfastly refusing to apologise for his role in a row over ‘spot-fixing’ that has been the talk of world cricket.
Butt, due to meet with his London lawyers on Wednesday, gave little away when asked by reporters after getting off his plane Tuesday if he’d apologise.
“I will talk to you people once I am through with my visit here.”
As to whether he was ready for legal action if he didn’t apologise, Butt said: “It depends, we’ll see what happens. “There is a lot of confusion, once I am

Swift to replace Lohan in new romantic comedy

Troubled actress Lindsay Lohan’s legal woes seem to be taking a toll on her career, as she is reportedly being replaced by country singer Taylor Swift in a new romantic comedy about a child star finding success on a reality TV dating show. Writer-producer Richard O’Sullivan initially offered Mean Girls star Lohan the lead in his new film One Night With You after writing it with her in mind.O’Sullivan said: “It is ready-made for Lindsay… but we’re proceeding with extreme caution while the Lohan family sorts through their issues during a very trying time.” Lohan has since served two stints in jail – the latest being a 10-hour stay Friday – and also spent time in a court-ordered lockdown rehab. The producers are now planning to

Priyanka Chopra Unseen Awesome PICS

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sahir lodhi Xposed

Motorbike Crash

Strings & Atif Aslam: ‘Azme Alishan is the answer to our challenge’

Internationally acclaimed Pakistani pop artists endorse Azme Alishan by donating their inspirational song Ab Khud Kuch Karna Paray Ga
Karachi, Tuesday 28th September: Multi-award winning Pakistani pop artists the Strings and Atif Aslam have thrown their weight behind the fast-growing Azme Alishan initiative by donating their latest hit song to the patriotic movement at a special press conference in Karachi today.
The song “Ab Khud Kuch Karna Paray Ga” (We need to do something for ourselves) – a Strings collaboration with the international renowned and popular vocalist Atif Aslam – was launched to critical acclaim in July, its inspirational lyrics striking a chord with the youth in particular. However, many people responded by asking what they could practically do to make a difference. The artists’ have found positivity in Azme Alishan and its activities seen over the year.
“Azme Alishan is all about bringing people together and encouraging them to commit to building a better future for Pakistan” said Bilal Maqsood of the Strings band. “Since the

A girl take stand for Aafia

Inspirational... Especially for AVERAGE Students!

Greedy Politicians Have Been Caught Red Handed

Sonakshi, the next best thing, feels Sallu

Sonakshi, the next best thing, feels Sallu

Sonakshi, the next best thing, feels SalluThe female casting for Shirish Kunder's Joker starring Akshay Kumar has been caught in a game of musical chairs.

Deepika Padukone (who seems to be suffering from amnesia) says she was never approached for Joker! Akki, who is also co-producer, was keen to have her in the project.

He should perhaps jog Dippy's memory. Meanwhile Salman Khan has been recommending his Dabangg co-star Sonakshi Sinha.

Apparently, Sallu has been trying to convince Akki to take Shotgun Jr in Joker. The newbie is already part of Sajid Nadiadwala's Kick (at Sallu's insistence).

He feels she is the next best thing. Maybe he should leave the casting to the directors, no?

Soha and Maria walked the ramp for Archana Kochhar

Soha Ali Khan and Maria Goretti Warsi walked the ramp for

Kangna's close shave with death! Get's a new life

Kangna's close shave with death! Get's a new life

Kangna`s close shave with death! Get`s a new lifeThe Bollywood actresses are turning bolder these days, not only in the sense of doing intimate scenes but also doing the stunts themselves without taking the help of a body double.

But such boldness turns very risky sometimes and such an incident happened to actress Kangna Ranaut recently when she was shooting for Sanjay Dutt and Irrfan Khan Starrer movie Knock Out.

The accident took place while shooting a scene where Ranaut was reporting on Irrfan’s character, who was not coming out of a telephone booth after repeated requests thus creating a suspicion among the law enforcing authorities. The scene required to show a speeding truck go up in the air and then come crushing down.

Director Mani Shankar sensed the risk involved in the scene and asked Kangna to opt for a body double. But Kangna showed her confidence to perform the scene herself.

A source associated with the film was quoted saying that when the shooting was conducted, the truck went up in the air but when it came crushing down, it caught fire and went spinning towards Kangna.

Speaking on this, Kangna said that she could not realize the risk involved with the scene when the director briefed her but she was shocked to see the truck on fire

Shahid, Priyanka's close moments In Goa!

Shahid, Priyanka's close moments In Goa!

Shahid, Priyanka`s close moments In Goa!Lots of speculations have been made and said about the alleged Priyanka Chopra and Shahid Kapoor relationship but it seems that there is no end to it. Now, there is a report that the two Bollywood stars had recently gone for a short holiday in Goa!

It seems that they want to come out of the 'good friends' tag to a publicly declared couple. Last month, when Priyanka left for Brazil to shoot for the reality show 'Khatron Ke Khiladi', she was reportedly dropped by Shahid.

The actress left for Brazil on 16th August and came back to Mumbai on 8th September, which was a gap of almost one month.

A source was quoted saying that soon after returning from Brazil, the unofficial couple made a plan to spend some time together and had a very short one-day trip to Goa. They had reportedly left on September 9 and spent just one day there. Priyanka was scheduled to leave for Delhi on the next day and the promotions of her Anjaana Anjaani followed after that.

An eyewitness was quoted saying that the

Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina are totally committed to each other?

Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina are totally committed to each other?

Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina are totally committed to each other?Here is why Ranbir and Katrina are still shh... about their love

After Deepika Padukone (sort of) 'outed' new beau Siddarth Mallya during the release of Lafangey Parindey, all eyes are now on her ex Ranbir Kapoor who is busy promoting his upcoming release Anjaana Anjaani. Will the actor use the platform to finally admit to being in a relationship with Katrina Kaif?

RK and Kat -- together for over a year -- have been together for more than a year and are feeling the pressure of keeping their relationship a secret. The Kapoor clan has already welcomed Ms Kaif with open arms, so why hide their love, right? The answer's simple enough: Salman Khan.

Gimmick, anyone?
While Kapoor's ex has moved on, Kat's ex still believes she is single. A source close to Sallu confides, "He believes the Ranbir-Katrina romance to be a gimmick to promote their films together. " It started on the sets on Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahaani and became stronger during Raajneeti.

They were slated to work together in Anurag Basu's Silence but Katrina walked out due to script problems. But Katrina and Ranbir are slated to go on a world tour next year.

The couple who are totally committed to each other are

I dream of being married: Katrina Kaif

I dream of being married: Katrina Kaif

I dream of being married: Katrina KaifKatrina Kaif reveals how important marriage is for her in the latest issue of Cosmopolitan.

In an interview, she states: "I belong to the mindset where having a husband and children are very important. I dream of being married and having kids and living happily ever after.

That's me. " But may we remind her that the first step towards realising her dream is admitting she is in a relationship.