Monday, August 16, 2010

Strings, Sabri Brothers & Arif Lohar @ CityFM89 Studios, Flood Relief Special (Pictures)

Strings, Sabri Brothers, Arif Lohar, Wasim Akram & Vj Mahira on The Breakfast Show Flood Relief Special

Jhootha Hi Sahi (2010): Movie Information

Also known as (AKA) / Was earlier titled: 
1-800 Love, Call Me Dil


Release Date: October 15, 2010

Language: Hindi


Asif Ali Zardari Introducing Bilawal Bhutto Zardari HELL FUNNY MUST WATCH

UN Chief Ban Ki-Moon: Pakistan Floods Are Worst Disaster I've Ever Seen

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan — U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said Sunday he has never seen anything like the flood disaster in Pakistan after surveying the

Justin Bieber Tweets Enemy's Phone Number to 4.5 million Followers

Justin Bieber Tweets Enemy's Phone Number to 4.5 million FollowersSaturday night, a tweet appeared then quickly vanished on teen heartthrobJustin Bieber's verified Twitter account: "everyone call me 248-XXX-XXXX :) or text". The number belonged to a teen in Detroit, and Justin apparently tweeted it out of revenge.
A little before midnight on Saturday, Justin tweeted this:
Justin Bieber Tweets Enemy's Phone Number to 4.5 million Followers
The tweet disappeared a few minutes later, . But not before thousands—if not hundreds of thousands—of Justin's followers retweeted it with expressions of multi-exclamated astonishment. Was that actually Justin's number!?
The number actually belongs to a Detroit teenager named Kevin Kristopik. At around 1am Sunday morning Kristopik tweeted "Thanks for giving out my # @justinbieber." (Kristopik has since deleted his

*** We're going to do Partner 2 now : Salman ***

Three years after the success of Partner, actor Salman Khan says is once again set to work with

*** When a WOMAN tried to SMOOCH Bipasha ***

Actress Bipasha Basu was taken in for a shock after a women tried to smooch her at Bangalore air

*** How to Make a Woman Happy ? ***

I?m pretty sure this is all we need to do?
It?s not difficult to make a woman happy. A man only needs to be:

1. a friend
2. a companion
3. a lover
4. a brother
5. a father
6. a master
7. a

8. an electrician
9. a carpenter
10. a

Sizzling Katrina at Nishika Lulla fashion show - Photos

Event:Sassy Katrina walked the ramp for Nishika Lulla at the India International Jewellery Week. She dazzled in an orange saree.
Guest List:Katrina Kaif, Sucheta Sharma, Neeta Lulla, Nethra Raghunathan
Venue:Grand Hyatt, Mumbai
Katrina Kaif
Views :130

Views :44
Katrina Kaif

Atif Aslam's Punjabi track with Guns n Roses (Glimpses) VIDEO

Atif Aslam Punjabi track with Ex Guns n Roses, Velvet Revolver (Pakistan America Project Glimpses)

Glimpse of flood relief efforts between Lanny,

Ali Zafar’s Blog: Types of Rozay Daars

Type A ;
This type of Rozay dar has the following characteristics
1 ) He makes sure to stuff himself with parathas and lasees (may be food suppliments) during sehry to prevent hunger from putting him in any kind of pain or misery the next day which can accidently lead him to test himself or provide an opportunity to relook at his desires and change for better.
2 ) Since now he has kept the Roza, he would go around asking everyone if they have kept it or not. Hoping someone would say “no” in embarrassment and he will rise to the occasion as a better Muslim in his own eyes and give a monstrous, demeaning look to the non-rozay dar.
3 ) He waits for aftary to feast on pakoras and other unhealthy fried food but more than that…… his cigarette.
4 ) During his day, he displays occasional bursts of

New Wikileaks for Afghanistan coming soon

New Wikileaks for Afghanistan coming soon

WikiLeaks will publish the last batch of secret documents on the

British couple builds a robot child

British couple builds a robot child

Meet Aimec, the creation of Tony and Judie Ellis, a

Priyanka takes you in the Kingdom of Dreams

Air Defender Who Shot down Two Indian Fighter Jets in Kargil War

Air Defender Who Shot down Two Indian Fighter Jets in Kargil War

Combined Press Conference of Zardari and Ban ki Mu

Combined Press Conference of Zardari and Ban ki Mu

3 Reasons Israel will attack Iran

A long article out this week in The Atlantic argues there's a good chance Israel will attack Iran over its nuclear program next summer. While there are strong grounds for doubt, here are some reasons author Jeffrey Goldberg could be right.
Dan Murphy, Staff writer
In this Nov 2009 photo released by the semi-official Iranian Students News Agency, Iranian technicians work with foreign colleagues at the Bushehr Nuclear Power Plant, just outside the southern port city of Bushehr, Iran. (Mehdi Ghasemi/ISNA/AP)

1. A nuclear Iran would shift the regional strategic balance

One thing everyone who debates whether Iran is seeking a nuclear bomb, and what to do about stopping them if they are, agrees on is this: A nuclear-armed Iran would profoundly shift the strategic balance of the Middle East.
Israel, with an arsenal of 100 or so nuclear bombs and the missiles to deliver them, is the region's only current nuclear power. While that sole status doesn't give it carte blanche to do as it pleases, the day Iran has a nuclear weapon is the day Israel's ability to directly attack Iran – or perhaps other regional countries – is taken off the table.
Iran in turn would be able to act with

What's on Aamir's menu these days?

No, we are about to tell you what diet ace actor Aamir Khan is following. We are merely talking about what is keeping Aamir busy these days. And no, it's not the promotion of PEEPLI [LIVE] or either of his forthcoming films DHOBI GHAAT andDELHI BELLY that is keeping Aamir Khan occupied! It's his passion for learning Marathi!


Days after his good friend, 'Khiladi' Akshay Kumar showed us a glimpse of his knowledge of Marathi for his film KHATTA MEETHA, it is now Aamir's turn and it's his love for

More surprises in store from DABANGG

Call out DABANGG and the only face that comes to mind is Salman Khan. Such has been the entire marketing and promotional effort around this Arbaaz Khan production that one can't miss Salman from action even in a single frame of what has been revealed so far. However, as Arbaaz claims, there is quite a lot that this action drama has to offer with number of veteran actors making an appearance as well.

view DABANGG videos

"What we have seen so far is just the first look so that a certain interest level is generated amongst the audience. If we go by the results, we have pretty much succeeded in that as well", says Arbaaz who is going all out to promote and pitch the film amongst the

Salman to try his own style in Bigg Boss 4

Bollywood actor Salman Khan has taken the entire media into frenzy by signing on to become the host of celebrity reality show Bigg Boss season 4.

There were speculations that the host for this season would be Shah Rukh, or Aamir,Akshay Kumar, or Sanjay Dutt. Some went to the extreme of speculating that it would be cricketer Sachin Tendulkar, who would become the host for the reality show!

view SALMAN KHAN AT BIGG BOSS 4 PRESS MEET picture gallery

Big B had hosted the last season with mind blowing popularity!

However, the entire gamut has been put to

DUNNO get wide release like SRK's films!


Though generally Bollywood films get released on DVDs abroad, except for Shah Rukh Khan's and other big budget films that release in theatres, Sanjay Sharma's DUNNO Y... NA JAANE KYUN is going to see a theatrical release in Germany, Austria, Italy and Switzerland, all with largely German speaking populace.

DUNNO Y... would be the first small budget film to be released in theaters in these countries. And, while big blockbusters are aimed at the Indians settled there, DUNNO Y would be targeting the Germans as well. This is the reason why it will have German subtitles or may even get dubbed in German in the second phase of the release in November, which follows the first phase in September. To prove how it's being sought after abroad, big German distributors are queuing up to get the film.

Since DUNNO Y... is the first Indian film about serious gay relationships because of which it is generating a lot of curiosity all over the globe... as it is proving from the various international awards that it is winning. The German distributors also realize the true potential of the film and so impressed were they that they read about the film and hunted for lead actor Kapil Sharma's email id! "Those guys read about the film in their local newspapers and also on the Internet and requested me and I sent them a screener of the film and they really liked it. So, the deal is on and we are working on a contract now," says Kapil.

So, looks like DUNNO Y is going to

Aamir Khan offers new face of Indian cinema

LOS ANGELES: After forging a career as one of the biggest stars of lavish Bollywood movies, Aamir Khan is using his clout to bring a grittier vision of India to the big screen.

Khan, 45, the star of acclaimed films such as "3 Idiots" and "Ghajini," is the producer of "Peepli Live," a dark tragi-comedy about the hardships suffered by workers in contemporary rural India.

"Mainstream Indian cinema is larger than life and mainly musicals," Khan said in an interview during a publicity event in Beverly Hills ahead of the worldwide release of "Peepli Live" on August 13.

"The style of story-telling is larger than life, with strong emotions. This film is unusual for Indian cinema as well, and it's a

Sonam Kapoor loses her smile

MUMBAI: Sonam Kapoor's smile has shrunk after the release of her film AISHA. Well, the reason is pretty obvious. Sonam had high hopes from the film but it has only managed to get a mixed response from the audiences.

Our source tells us the new story. He says, "These days Sonam is not her bubbly self that she is known to be. As she is very close to her mom, Sonam loves her company more than the arc lights. In fact Sonam and her sister are wondering what went wrong with this subject that had everything in its favour." 

AISHA, as the reports have already suggested didn't get the public pulse right. Despite its attractive storyline and great performances, Sonam Kapoor could woo the audiences to the extent she hoped to do. 


Hrithik, Abhishek losing their star value?

MUMBAI: According to several tabloids reports, two of the top-notch actors in Bollywood, Hrithik Roshan and Abhishek Bachchan, seems to have lost their charisma to lure distributors towards them with just their names only.

The biggest reason that has contributed in non-demand for Hrithik and Abhishek, is recent bombing of both stars big budget films like ‘Kites’ and ‘Raavan’ irrespectively.

“Both Hrithik and Abhishek’s last film - Kites and Raavan- were turkeys. The buyer Reliance lost tons of money. The corporate are a bit wary about taking on their next films at unreasonable prices,” revealed a source familiar with the matter.

Both stars films were marketed aggressively but

Atif Aslam at Charsada Peshawar Flood Relief Camp

Dear fans ~
Hope u r thinking about the contribution towards the flood victims and doing the best u can. My advice ~ ……. Please go by yourself , send ur relatives , friends or anyone and have a look at what is this NATION going through a…s sitting at home and talking about relief camps wont do much .
If u guys want any sort ov information or help regarding supplies or anything related to victims u can write us at and we will let u know every possible detail we can.
The  u can see are from charsada peshawar and although the flood has passed away but it has left behind its devastation and the magnitude ov it is just starting to reveal the catastrophe it has created. No doubt this is much much bigger than tsunami. I saw the dead out ov their graves while i was there looking at them but could do nothing. The kids didnt even know where they use to play. They have lost their loved ones and can do nothing about it , sadly but certainly they are waiting for someone to hold their hand n give them strength to