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Bloomberg tells us three things we didn't know about Microsoft

Financial news source Bloomberg analyzes Xbox Live in an article looking at how much revenue the service generated for Microsoft last year. Sure, we all knew (or could at least guess) it did pretty well -- but here's just how well, according to analysts and officials.

1) Xbox Live "probably" broke $1 billion in revenue
While Microsoft declined to give Bloomberg specific numbers -- and never breaks Xbox Live totals out separately in earnings reports -- Dennis Durkin, Xbox's chief operating officer, told them that download sales of movies and TV topped the revenue Microsoft gets from subscriptions. An analyst at Goldman Sachs Group Inc. in San Francisco estimated that that puts total sales at $1.1 billion.

2) $600 million of that came from half of the 25 million XBLA users who pay for subscriptions
With games like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 relying more often on online multiplayer and downloadable content packs for lasting appeal, it's no wonder more users would want Gold subscriptions than did three years ago. Also, special 30-day exclusives like MW2's Resurgence Pack DLC reinforce Microsoft's concept of customer loyalty.

3) Activision wants a (bigger) cut
Activision CEO Bobby Kotick told Bloomberg that the company wants a cut of the subscription revenues in addition to the percentage it gets from DLC sales on Xbox Live. "We're driving a lot of the subscription interest and certainly hours of game play," he said.

Business-savvy gamers and those with an abiding dislike for Activision could probably guess at least two of these points; but with Bloomberg printing information that advises its readership to buy shares in Microsoft, those of you who don't think much about this kind of stuff might want to take note. After all, it's your loyalty everyone is trading on.

Microsoft's Online Xbox Sales Probably Topped $1 Billion [Bloomberg]

CORRECTION: GamePro corrects an earlier version of this article that incorrectly stated all 25 million Xbox Live users paid for Gold subscriptions.


Separate power rates for day and night in pakistan

Updated at: 1835 PST, Thursday, July 08, 2010
Separate power rates for day and night LAHORE: Pakistan Power Electric Company (Pepco) has fixed separate rates for day and night, Geo News reported Thursday.

According to a decision made by the Pepco 'Peak Hours', from 06:00pm to 11:00pm, rates were fixed at Rs 11.77 per unit, while, 'Off Peak Hours', 11:00pm to 06:00pm, rates were fixed at Rs 07.18 per unit.

According to Geo News correspondent, new meters would be installed for the purpose at the consumer's cost.

The decision has been taken to discourage the power demend, according to Pepco.

Atif Aslam Live in BOSTON

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Nokia's N8 Football Fever - Greatest match ever played?

Behind the scenes: Damian Dinning talks Nokia N8 camera

Mobile camera guru Damian Dinning shares some behind the scenes information on the fine tuning on the 12 megapixel camera on the Nokia N8. He also shares one stunning camera sample along with a few crops, that illustrate the approach they've taken with Nokia N8 imaging processing.

We've had the pleasure of interviewing Mr. Damian Dinning on the Nokia N8 camera before, but back then the Nokia N8 was still early in the development process and he couldn't share some of the juicer details.

Now, as we're inching closer to release, he penned a lengthy post over at the official Nokia blog and gave an interesting inside look of what it takes to tune a camera. This first part deals with the still camera, and on Friday he'll delve into the video camera details.

The Nokia team has been working on the Nokia N8 camera since January and this camera sample sums up what they've been trying to do, says Dinning. He explains it one word - "natural" (as in unprocessed).

Nokia N8 camera sample

Damian Dinning gives a short list of image enhancement techniques used in all mobile phone cameras and says that in the pursuit of that natural look, they almost did without any altogether. For example, edge sharpening is all but disabled.

To illustrate his point, Dining presents three exhibits - A, B and C. Exhibit A shows the white halo, which often results from the edge sharpening meant to make images look more detailed. Exhibit B also relates to edge enhancement - how it alters the appearance of things (makes the blades of grass look thicker) and how it amplifies the noise in the water (note: exhibit B is the top image, the bottom one is the Nokia N8 image).

Exhibit A • Exhibit B • Exhibit C

Finally, Exhibit C (left) and the Nokia N8 sample (right) show off how much more finer detail the Nokia N8 is able to preserve.

If you prefer the more processed look, you can adjust the color and sharpness settings on-the-fly and the Nokia N8 will remember those settings for the next time you start the camera.

As for the flash, Damian Dinning says it performs better than the one on the Nokia N82.

It is also smarter - if you're trying to shoot a person who is backlit the flash will fire automatically if the person is within flash range or would stay off otherwise. All the improvements should result in lower noise and more detail compared to the N82.

We can't wait till Friday to read what he has to say about the video camera tuning.


Sonam Kapoor's Hottest photoshoot

Shahid Kapoor is a cute girl!

Sonam Kapoor: 'I am always in Love'

*** Rs 300 cr riding on SRK ***

After almost 20 years in the industry, Shah Rukh Khan still sells. The buzz in the industry is that two of his upcoming solo hero films have been sold for astronomical amounts. If rumours are to be believed, then Don 2 recently sold for Rs 125 crore and RA.One for Rs 175 crore. Reliance Big Pictures has bought Don 2, the sequel to his 2006 hit, for Rs 25 crore more than what they paid for the dud Kites. This is despite the fact that shooting for Don 2 is yet to start.

Meanwhile, RA.One, whose shooting is on in full swing, has been purchased by Eros International for Rs 175 crore. Rumours claim it is more of a funding deal than an outright buy. RA.One also stars Kareena Kapoor, while Don 2 stars Priyanka Chopra.

Lafangey Parindey ~ Title Song (2010) [HQ]

Is Miley Cyrus Losing Her Audience?

Justin Bieber Talks Ex-Girlfriend

Ranbir's shirtless rugged look for HiBlitz magazine


Will AISHA carry on the trend like 3 IDIOTS, DEVDAS or PARINEETA?

That Bollywood's fascination towards adapting a work of literature into a movie is an age-old trend is something we are well aware of. But what's really interesting to know here is that converting the novel into a screen work, more often than not, proved fruitful for Bollywood. Over the decades filmmakers have been turning to the literary world to churn out successful films. DEVDAS, PARINEETA, DEV D, OMKARA, 3 IDIOTS, etc, which were greatly inspired from popular novels, have been huge hits.

In the past also, many filmmakers, who made films inspired by books, were immensely successful. Satyajit Ray's APU TRILOGY based on Bibhutibhushan Banddhopadhyay's books and his SHATRANJ KE KHILADI based on Premchand's work are still remembered as great masterpieces of cinema. Others include, SAHEB BIWI AUR GHULAM, an eternal gem produced by the immensely gifted Guru Dutt was adapted from the Bengali novel 'Shaheb Bibi Golam' by Bimal Mitra. Gulshan Nanda's books have provided fodder for commercial hits like KATI PATANG, NEEL KAMAL, KHILONA, JHEEL KE US PAAR, SHARMILEE, etc. These movies proved to be big commercial hits in the late 1960s and early 1970s. When talking about adaptations how can one miss out the name of one of the most prolific directors of Indian Cinema, the pioneer of parallel cinema, Shyam Benegal. He has adapted many novels over the course of his film making career.

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However in the current times, the commercial success of Bhansali's mega budget Shah Rukh Khan-Madhuri Dixit-Aishwarya Rai-starrer DEVDAS played a major role in revival of Bollywood's interest inliterature. Also, the dearth of good scripts coupled with the audiences' raised expectations for thetrend urged the filmmakers to go back to the books. The thumbs-up to the adapted versions of Rabindranath Tagore's CHOKER BALI, Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay's PARINEETA further resulted in the proliferation of this trend. And with that many big profile filmmakers embarked on this path (considering it a successful filmmaking formula)

Vishal Bhardwaj went one step ahead and bespoke Shakespeare's plays into movies. The success of Vishal Bharadwaj's take on 'Mcbeth' encouraged this trend. After tasting success with MAQBOOL, Vishal Bharadwaj came up with OMKARA, his version of 'Othello', which again was well-received. Salman Khan's brother-in-law and former actor, Atul Agnihotri too tried his hand in this area and made a film called HELLO, based on Chetan Bhagat's bestseller, 'One Night @Call Centre'. Though the film gained much critical acclaim but couldn't fetch the expected results.

The latest classic example is of Aamir Khan's 3 IDIOTS, also inspired by Chetan Bhagat's bestseller 'Five Point Someone'. The film was a huge blockbuster and rage among the audiences; it not only benefited the author of the novel but also gained enough publicity because of its successfuladaptation & execution on screen. Besides starring Aamir Khan, 3 IDIOTS mostly worked because of its content which talked about contemporary scenario and the issues faced by youth. Today 3 IDIOTS' grandeur success has only enthused many aspiring filmmakers to take the route to literary world and in turn created/creating a surge in demand for more & more novels, books & creative writers.

Now the latest to join the ever-growing list of cinematic adaptations is Jane Austen's 'Emma', which is made into AISHA. Directed by Rajshree Ojha, Sonam Kapoor is playing the title character in the film. Jane Austen's 'Pride and Prejudice' and 'Sense and Sensibility' have already been made into BRIDE AND PREJUDICE (a Hinglish movie by Gurinder Chadda) and KANDUKONDAIN KANDUKONDAIN (a bilingual by Rajiv Menon) respectively.

Produced by Sonam's sibling Rhea Kapoor, the major hype & buzz about AISHA is it being inspired by Jane Austen's 'Emma'. Now it is to be seen whether Sonam Kapoor and her much touted film AISHAtriumphs at the touchstone of box office and carries the baton of success (set by its forerunners), when it releases on August 6, 2010.

Cat food being sold as fruit juice

Updated at: 1704 PST, Thursday, July 08, 2010
Cat food being sold as fruit juice LAHORE: Dangerous for human consumption, liquid cat food is being sold as juice in Lahore, an investigation revealed Thursday. The said juice is very popular among the kids, report added.

The product was tempered with to look like a fruit juice.

Western scientists have declared this unfit for cats as well. Whiskas is a famous international cat food brand.

Renowned veterinary surgeon Prof Athar Khan told Geo News that the said food was given to animals with medicine.

Lahoriites have shown great concerned over the issue, saying sale of animal food as human food in the country’s one of biggest cities has put the question mark on government's efficiency.

Shakira to perform at World Cup closing ceremony

Updated at: 1423 PST, Thursday, July 08, 2010
Shakira to perform at World Cup closing ceremony JOHANNESBURG: Shakira will be performing at the closing ceremony for the FIFA 2010 World Cup Football on July 11. Colombian star Shakira will perform the official tournament anthem 'Waka Waka (This Time for Africa).'

The 30-minute long closing ceremony of World Cup Football 2010 will start at 6.30pm at Soccer City Stadium in Johannesburg. The closing ceremony would be broadcast live in 215 countries to more than 500 million viewers will watch the show. World Cup Football is one of the most watched TV program in worldwide.

According music company official, Shakira featuring Waka Waka (This Time for Africa), the Official tournament anthem of the 2010 FIFA World Cup, has reached one million singles sold since it became available May 11. "Waka Waka" is the fastest-selling single and the biggest-selling World Cup single of the digital age. The song was written and co-produced by Shakira itself.

World Bank hints at further power tariff hike

Updated at: 1345 PST, Thursday, July 08, 2010
World Bank hints at further power tariff hike ISLAMABAD: The increase in power tariffs is not final as the difference between power generation and tariffs is still exists, said World Bank.

World Bank’s head in Pakistan John Wall in an exclusive chat in Geo News program ‘Aik say Du’ said the recent hike in tariff is not the final one because the difference between power tariffs and production cost is still in hundreds of billions rupees.

He said now its upto government of Pakistan whether it will end the difference through increase in power tariff or budget.

Replying to a question about privatization of Karachi Electric Supply Corporation (KESC), John Wall said it was not a wise decision particularly in a scenario where 72 companies including Faisalabad and Islamabad Electric Supply still not privatized.

Local energy drink ‘Thadal’ energizes in summer: report

Updated at: 1028 PST, Thursday, July 08, 2010
Local energy drink ‘Thadal’ energizes in summer: report KARACHI: The hot summer season augments intakes of energy drinks including locally produced ones, soft drinks and fresh fruit juices.

Likewise, a local-made most popular energy drink for ridding intensity of hot weather and its negative effects in human body is dubbed as ‘Thadal’.

Thadal energizes human body against scorching heat and keeps one fresh, which is very much seen available at roadside stalls in almost every locality in Karachi.

Thadal is more popular drink among rickshaw, taxi and bus drivers and conductors.

A latest medical report based on a research states that it is better refreshment in hot weather in comparison with soft drinks.

There are many refreshing ingredients used to make Thadal including black peeper, rose petals, almonds, cumin seeds, khashkhash, and cardamom.

Its rising demand is also a great source of generating income for poor people.

Town of old books in Wales

Updated at: 1129 PST, Thursday, July 08, 2010
Town of old books in Wales LONDON: Home to the largest secondhand bookstore in the world, Hay-on-Wye is more than just a little town on the border between England and Wales, it’s book heaven on Earth.

The history of Hay-on-Wye as the “town of books” began on Fools’ Day of 1977, when during a bold publicity stunt, bibliophile Richard Booth announced the independence of Hay-on-Wye as a kingdom of books, with him as the monarch.

Ambassadors were sent to the International Court of Justice, in Hague, and a rowing gunboat started patrolling on the river Wye. Since then, he managed to establish a healthy tourism industry based on books, and thousands of visitors come to Hay-on-Wye every year, to look for whatever books they need.

Before Booth’s daring scheme, Hay-on-Wye was a slowly dying town of under 2,000 people, with no real economy or notable local businesses. The King of Hay-on-Wye opened his first bookstore in 1961, and in few-years-time he filled every available building with books, including the old workhouse, a chapel and even Hay Castle.

Hay-on-Wye has an annual turnover of over 1 million books, and unlike other book dealers, Richard Booth doesn’t focus on any one topic. He buys any type of books in the belief that every book is valuable and someone in the world wants it. Bibliophiles from all over the world come to Hay on-Wye because of the large number of books found here and the low prices.

Hay-on-Wye is now booming tourist town, with ten percent of its population working in the book business, and local businesses benefiting from the waves of tourists coming here in search of reading material.

Boney Kapoor on Shahid Kareena and Milenge Milenge

Akshay Kumar turns Director

Review of I hate Luv storys

130 Pakistani Websites Got Hacked

In an attack launched by Pakistani rivals, some 130 Pakistani websites were successfully accessed by a group called “ICA”.

Reportedly this hack was launched yesterday when one server hosted at Brain Net premises ( got compromised by alleged hackers.

When tried to contact Brain Net at numbers given on its website, but phone said “Ap ka Matlooba Number Tabdeel Ho giya hay”

Hackers didn’t deface these websites, instead just inserted one file “ICA.html” into root folders, just to show that security level of sever was not up to the mark.

There was no major website in the list – while most of the websites belong to local colleges, Universities and businesses.

List of hacked website can be seen here

We are yet to determine type and size of exploit that was used to root the server.

This is one of many hacking activities reported in past few months, which means it is extremely important for local hosting companies to realize the importance of web server security.

These companies are charging nominal prices (less than Rs. 1,000) for yearly hosting plans and don’t bother at all for securing customers’ assets.

Motorola CHARM unveiled, brings SNS-minded Android 2.1

Motorola obviously got tired of all those leaks and decided to step up and tell all there is to be told about the CHARM. The T-Mobile-exclusive smartphone will bring a mid-range set of features, focusing on social networking.

Motorola CHARM will be running Android 2.1 (Eclair) and will have the company's proprietary MOTOBLUR UI preinstalled on top of it. That combined with the four-row full QWERTY keyboard will make sure users can easily update their Facebook, Twitter or whatever other service on the go.

On the hardware side of things, Motorola CHARM offers a 2.8-inch touchscreen display of QVGA resolution and a 3 megapixel fixed-focus camera. 3G connectivity is supported and so are all contemporary Wi-Fi standards (yeap, there's Wi-Fi n on this one).

A microSD card slot allows expanding the Motorola CHARM memory, while the local connectivity is covered with microUSB slot and Bluetooth.

Motorola CHARM should become available exclusively to T-Mobile customers this summer but its pricing details are yet to be unveiled.

Baby born on aircraft, abandoned

AMRITSAR: A medical student delivered her child in the aircraft and tried to escape after abandoning the newborn in the aircraft?s washroom. She was caught by police on being alerted by the airline?s staff. Both mother and child have been admitted in a private hospital. A case has been registered against the girl.

According to reports, Amandeep Mann (24), resident of Hoshiarpur, is studying medicine at Minsk, the capital of Belarus. Sources said Mann?s marital status is not clear.

While flying to Amritsar on board Turkmenistan Airlines flight number T5551 on Wednesday, she delivered the male child, but refused to accept it. The child was said to be in a critical condition and was admitted in the ICU.

My Songs Were Copied By Indian Music Directors: Ali Zafar

Pakistan singer Zafar Ali, who is making his debut as a leading man with Tere Bin Laden, tells Jyothi Venkatesh that whatever he has achieved till now has been only due to talent and nothing else and asserts that he has not ever been subjected to the syndrome of the casting couch here or in Pakistan.

What made a popular singer like you to take up the offer to play the lead in a Hindi film in India?
As a singer, you crave for glory but once you get what you seek you want to do something to explore, to feel excited and challenged as an artistic person. I feel that a film is the ultimate medium where a singer also gets the scope to dabble with creativity in a bigger way.

How did you bag the role of Ali Hassan in Tere Bin Ladan?
The role of Ali in the film Tere Bin Laden was offered to me by director Abhishek Sharma and I came all the way from Pakistan to Mumbai to meet the director but look at my bad luck. When I came down for the audition, the director had gone to Pakistan and it was producer Aarti who took my audition. Luckily, I passed the audition when Abhishek came down to Mumbai and saw the DVD.

How did you prepare for your part in the film?
It was a fantastic experience for me as an actor. It was nice on the part of my producers and director Abhishek to have sent me to attend a ten-day workshop with none other than Barry John. I read the script thoroughly and did the rehearsals to get into the thought process of my character in Tere Bin Laden.

There I learnt from Barry John Sir the different ways to execute a scene by looking at the possibilities within the periphery of the script. He taught me to go out of my comfort zone and limitations and challenge myself as an actor.

Singing has its own level of thrills but I want to do more films now. The acting bug has bitten me fully after my stint as an actor in Tere Bin Laden.

What lured you to say yes to the offer?
What attracted me to say yes to the offer to act in the film is the fact that the subject is very original and different, jo ab tak kahin bhi nahi bani hai.

It is a film which is hatke. It gave me a big high that the director had thought of naming his character as Ali Hassan even before he met me. I enjoyed working with actors like Pradyuman, who played the role of Osama in the film, Nikhil, Rahul, Piyush Mishra and Sugandha Garg.

You aren't the first Pak actor to make his presence felt in Hindi Cinema!
I am very proud of the fact that I am all set to make history in Indian cinema as the first ever Pakistani actor who has done a solo lead in a film. All the other actors from Pakistan, whether it was Jawed Shaikh or Nadeem or for that matter Muammar Rana, have only done supporting roles in Indian films.

I have been lucky enough to have been singled out to play the main lead in an Indian film. In Pakistan the film industry has to be revived. Nadeem is seen more on TV than in films. There are also actresses like Monalisa, Umayma and Reema.

Tell me about your role in Tere Bin Laden!
The role of Ali Hassan in Tere Bin Laden is that of a go getter who does not like to quit. I play a reporter from a news channel whose mission in life is to work for a top American TV channel.

Ali Hassan's application for visa gets rejected and he thinks of a sinister plan. He becomes a look alike of Osama. He tries to get visa as an impersonator. I could identify this character a lot with my off-screen character because like Ali Hassan in the film, I am also after my goal.

The only difference between Ali Hassan and me is that Ali is a street smart guy who does not mind making ulloo of people and the whole world to achieve what he wants, in real life people make ulloo of me as Zafar Ali.

Who are the actors in India who have inspired you a lot?
My favorite actors are Dilip Kumar, Aamir Khan, Boman Irani, Amitabh Bachchan, Naseeruddin Shah, Shabana Azmi, Tabu, Kajol etc. My favorite directors are Rajkumar Hirani, Karan Johar and Farhan Akhtar.

Singing or acting!, which is would you consider your first love?
It is very hard to choose. If I let go anyone of the two ? acting and singing, I'd feel as if I am letting a part of me go away from me. Till date, I have come up with two albums ? 'Hukka Paani' and 'Masti'. I had not only written and composed but also sung all the songs in both my albums. My next album as a singer will be a Sufiana album titled 'Jhoom'.

Is it true that your songs have been copied in India by top music directors?
My song Rangeen Hai was copied by Himesh Reshammiya and passed off as his own song in Dillagi Mein Jo Beet Jaaye and my song Channon Ki Aankhon Mein was copied as Chori Ki Bathe Meethi Chori in the film Fight Club by music director Preetam.

I did not raise any objection or ask for any legal compensation because my philosophy is 'love and not fight'. I feel that love is better than hatred. Even Gandhiji had taught the virtues of tolerance and patience. Sufism also teaches you to tolerate all religions. I have always believed that forces of good will prevail over all forces of evil, whether now or later.

Considering the fact that you are young and handsome, did you have to go through the syndrome of the casting couch to get where you have reached?
Whatever I have achieved till now is only due to talent and nothing else. Frankly, I have not ever been subjected to the syndrome of the casting couch whether here or in Pakistan. I would not say that it does not exist. Hota hoga wahan bhi lekin main iske bare mein bilkul kuch bhi nahi jaanta hoon.

'Aisha' music out download now

>> >>
Suno Aisha Amit Trivediy, Aditt, Nakash Aziz, Ash King

Media Player-128 Kbps

Gal Mitthi Mitthi Tochi Raina

Media Player-128 Kbps

Sham Amit Trivedi, Neuman Pinto

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Behke Behke Anushka Manchanda, Samrat, Raman Mahadevan

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Lehrein Anusha Mani, Neuman Pinto, Nikhil D'souza

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By The Way Anushka Manchanda, Neuman Pinto

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Gal Mitthi Mitthi (The Bombay Bounce Dhol Mix) Dj Lloyd, Discreet

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Lehrein (The Bombay Bounce Lounge Mix) Dj Lloyd, Discreet

Media Player-128 Kbp

Arooj Aftab - Udhero Na Live at the Red Room from Arooj Aftab

Arooj Aftab - Udhero Na Live at the Red Room from Arooj Aftab on Vimeo.

Puyol strikes as Spain down Germany to reach final

Updated at: 0150 PST, Thursday, July 08, 2010
Puyol strikes as Spain down Germany to reach final DURBAN: Carles Puyol scored the only goal of the game to send Spain into the World Cup final against Holland following a 1-0 victory against Germany on Wednesday.

The Barcelona centre-back powered home a header from 10 yards from Xavi's corner 17 minutes from time to send the reigning European champions into their first ever World Cup final.

Holland reached the title game by beating Uruguay 3-2 in Cape Town on Tuesday.

It means there will be a new name on the trophy for the first time since France claimed victory on home soil in 1998.

Spain coach Vicente Del Bosque had sprung a surprise before kick-off by dropping out-of-form Liverpool forward Fernando Torres and replacing him with Barcelona youngster Pedro.

That move allowed tournament top scorer David Villa to play through the middle and the switch almost paid dividends six minutes into the game.

Pedro came in off his wing and slipped a delightful ball in behind the Germany defence which Villa ran on to but he had to slide in to shoot before Manuel Neuer arrived and he succeeded only in prodding the ball into the goalkeeper's chest.

Spain should have gone ahead on 14 minutes after a cleverly-worked corner routine left Andres Iniesta free to cross from the right, but Puyol got too much purchase on his diving header and sent the ball over the bar.

Germany were stretched again on 19 minutes as a great crossfield ball from Xabi Alonso found the marauding Sergio Ramos but after an exquisite piece of control his shot was wild and high.

Germany finally threatened on 32 minutes when Piotr Trochowski, in for the suspended Thomas Mueller, shot from distance and forced Iker Casillas into a sprawling save low to his left.

Mesut Ozil thought he should have had a penalty on the stroke of half-time when he went down under a challenge from Ramos but his appeals were waved away by referee Viktor Kassai.

For all their pretty approach play, Spain were struggling to get into the box and started hitting pot shots from distance with Alonso, twice, and Villa shooting wide.

Neuer then saved from Pedro, who moments later shot wide while Villa was inches away from a tap-in after Iniesta jinked into the box and squared the ball across goal.

Up the other end substitute Marcell Jansen's cross was flicked on by a Spanish head, but on the turn Miroslav Klose could only volley high.

And on 69 minutes Germany created possibly their best chance of the match as substitute Toni Kroos arrived unmarked at the back post onto Lukas Podolski's cross but his finish was weak and straight at Casillas.

But then came Puyol's great leap to propel Spain into the final.

Spain had several chances on the counter attack late on but Pedro wasted the best of those as he tried to turn Arne Friedrich once too often instead of squaring to the unmarked substitute Torres.

Lindsay Lohan says to judge thru’ her fingernail

Lindsay Lohan says to judge thru’ her fingernail LOS ANGELES: She sobbed and pleaded in court not to be thrown in jail, but troubled Hollywood starlet Lindsay Lohan had another, far less plaintive message for the judge, written on the fingernail of her middle finger.

Photographers using telephoto lenses captured photos showing that Lohan, hand pressed against her mouth, had the words "f...(expletive) u" carefully written over a multicolored pastiche of pastel nail polish.

The judge ordered Lohan, 24, to spend 90 days in jail for violating probation in two 2007 drunken driving cases. She also was ordered to take part in a 90-day in-patient substance abuse program.

Lohan was ordered not to drink alcohol, drive a vehicle with any drugs or alcohol in her system, drive without a valid driver's license and insurance, or deny any field sobriety tests.

The judge ordered Lohan to begin serving her jail term July 20

Gal Meethi Meethi Bol ~ Aisha (2010)

Mehngai Dayain ~ Peepli [Live] (2010) [HQ]


Tu Yeh Kanha Aa Gaya Hai Re - Red Alert: The War Within