Friday, December 3, 2010

Prince William’s Wedding To Cost $20 Million.

Prince William and Kate Middleton’s nuptials are expected to cost $20 million and the expenses will be borne by none other than the British taxpayer. Talking to a daily on the much hyped Kate-William wedding, a source said, “When all is said and done, this wedding will likely cost the British taxpayers over USD 20 million. It will be the biggest wedding of all time, even bigger than William’s mum, Diana’s – and the price will be bigger, too. You really can’t compare this


Nokia E10 concept phone with rollout display

With modern gadgets getting minute in size and big in function, contemporary designers seems to follow the catchword “small is the new big,” which is equally supported by latest advancements in technology. Earlier this year we came across the Sony’s roll-up OLED display concept, and now Chinese designer Wang Yifei has come up with a foldable phone, the Nokia E10, which lets you roll out the display to make or receive mail, and when not in use you may simply stash it to place in your pocket. Prior to the concept, Nokia has already registered a patent describing the

Tour New York City With A Toy Plane

I Could Spend All Day Watching This Thing Making Chairs

1 in 10 Facebook friends won't be human by 2015

A new report about Facebook future shows, that 1 in 10 Facebook friends will not be human by 2015. Why? because, they'll be bots. These bots will be automated software programs used by corporate sector to inject there brand in social lives.

Jackie Cohen says:
Don’t misread “nonhuman” here. We’re talking about bots. Right now companies employ humans to promote brands through profiles and pages. By mid decade, this will

3 years old boy rescued from washing machine

NASA Discovers Unique New Life Form.

WASHINGTON (Reuters) ? A strange, salty lake in California has yielded an equally strange bacterium that thrives on arsenic and redefines life as we know it, researchers reported Thursday.

The bacteria do not merely eat arsenic -- they incorporate the toxic element directly into their DNA, the researchers said.

The finding shows just how little scientists know about the variety of life forms on Earth, and may greatly expand where they should be looking for life on

Russia and Qatar to host World Cups

Russia's bid was picked ahead of England, Spain-Portugal and Holland-Belgium to host the 2018 event [EPA] Russia and Qatar will host the football World Cup finals in 2018 and 2022 respectively, Fifa, the sport's governing body said.Thursday's decision, announced by Sepp Blatter, the Fifa president, followed a bidding process involving 11 nations seeking a prize expected to bring a huge economic boost for the chosen hosts.Both decisions were made following a secret ballot of Fifa's 22 executive members in Zurich.The vote will spark huge cash investment by the successful nations, and bring them under intense scrutiny as the world watches to see if they can stand up to the challenge.It is the

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