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Whether he sang it or not, Justin Bieber sure can sell it

An experimental version of Justin Bieber's song "U Smile" has become a smash online. But where did the song really come from?
An experimental version of Justin Bieber's song "U Smile" has become a smash online. But where did the song really come from?

Editor's Note: Damon Brown is a Northern California-based freelance writer and author of books including "Damon Brown's Simple Guide to the iPad" and "Porn & Pong: How 'Grand Theft Auto,' 'Tomb Raider' and Other Sexy Games Changed Our Culture."
 Pop heartthrob Justin Bieber may be

World's Longest Ear Hair

Former Guinness World Record winner Radha Kant Bajpai, 55, has reclaimed the record for the world's longest ear hair. They say it takes patience to achieve greatness. This certainly

Katrina Kaif gets kissed on the lips by a fan

Katrina Kaif might have huge number of fans but she has got one very special fan who is dam crazy for her. He is a two year old small child named Czar and another information about him is that he is choreographer turned filmmaker 


Pakistan has got Talent

Top 10 Fun iPod Speakers for Under $50

acorn-speaker.jpgThe great thing about owning an iPod is having your entire music collection with you at all times, either for some personal musical chillaxing, or alternatively to share with

'The most sexist' political ad ever

Minnesota Republicans backpedal after posting a web video portraying GOP women as hotter than Democrats

Carrie Prejean is a well-known conservative celebrity.

A local Republican district office in Minnesota was swamped with complaints this week after posting what critics called a "sexist" web video suggesting that Republican women are hot, and Democrats are "dogs." The ad contrasts appealing photos of Republican women, including Sarah Palin and former Miss California Carrie Prejean, with unflattering or digitally altered pictures of Democrats, including Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. The soundtrack for GOP women is Tom Jones' "She's a Lady," while for the Democrats it is The Baha Men's "Who Let the Dogs Out." Politicians from both parties called the ad "juvenile" and offensive, and the local Republican officials quickly pulled it down. But the people behind the video maintain critics are overreacting. "It wasn't intended to be fair," says local GOP webmaster Randy Brown. "It was intended to be

sialkot boys killed, interview of mother, dadi, chachi

Does Disneyland discriminate against Muslims?

A Disneyland employee says the company discriminates against her Muslim faith

Disneyland reportedly discriminated against a woman wearing a hijab.
Disneyland reportedly discriminated against a woman wearing a hijab. Photo: Corbis
Best Opinion:  Jezebel, Atlas Shrugs
Disneyland restaurant hostess Imane Boudlal, 26, plans to suethe California theme park for discrimination, after her bosses barred her from wearing a hijab at work. The managers at the Storytellers Cafe say the traditional Muslim headscarf — which Boudlal only recently requested to wear, after two years at the restaurant  — conflicts with Disneyland's notoriously strict dress code. As a compromise, executives offered Boudlal "a backstage role" with the company. "Their offer to put me in the back is humiliating," said Boudlal in a statement. "The Constitution tells me I can be Muslim, and I can wear the head scarf. Who is Disney to tell me I cannot?" That's "a fair question," says Anna North in Jezebel. And "frankly, it's hard to see a justification for banning the hijab for employees other than simple prejudice." This isn't about discrimination — every employee, no exceptions, is expected to reflect the "Disney Look," says Pamela Geller in Atlas Shrugs. "This is about Islamic supremacism and imposing Islam on

Brother of ANP leader shot dead in Karachi

Another incident of target killing?

KARACHI: Two people have been killed in a shooting incident in the Sachal area of Karachi. Among the dead was Asif Khan, brother of

10 things Obama must do in 10 weeks

Analysts say there are actions President Obama can take to minimize expected losses for Democrats in November.

 President Obama is facing criticism that his message has gone off track at a crucial time for his party and administration. With the midterm elections just 10 weeks away, the president's approval ratings are at their lowest. Analysts are predicting big wins for Republicans in November.
Ten weeks is an eternity in politics, and Republican and Democratic strategists say there are some key things Obama can do in the final stretch to restore the

Doctor charged in Michael Jackson's death returns to court

Los Angeles, California (CNN) -- When Dr. Conrad Murray returns to a Los Angeles court Monday afternoon, he is likely to be hounded by dozens of Michael Jackson fans angry about the pop star's death.
Monday's hearing is expected to be

10 things teachers want parents to know

The parent-teacher relationship is an important component in student success.

 The relationship between teachers and parents is an extremely powerful component in

Pitt hints at death penalty for people behind oil spill

Hollywood superstar Brad Pitt has hinted that he feels the executives responsible for the Gulf of Mexico oil spill earlier this year deserve the death penalty.

The Inglourious Basterds star has spoken out against those behind the oil rig explosion in April in a new documentary If God is Willing and Da Creek Don't Rise, Contactmusic reported.

Of the people responsible for the disaster, the 46-year-old actor says, "I was never for the death penalty before - I am willing to look at it again."

The oil spill, which caused the worst environmental disaster in US history with millions of gallons of oil flooding into the sea, happened after an explosion on the BP operated Deepwater Horizon rig.

It resulted in the decimation of wildlife and

I am done with all toxic relations, says Vivek

Bollywood actor Vivek Oberoi, who is gearing up for his next release Rakta Charitra, has decided to distance himself from controversies and let bygones be bygones.
"I do not want to get into any more controversies.. I have learnt from my personal life that revenge is a waste of time. Enmity, anger are all negative. True strength lies in forgiveness and not punishment," Vivek, told PTI.
"Life is a roller coaster ride...there are ups and downs. Experience teaches you a lot, be it good or bad. I decided one day, I was done with all unnecessary drama, toxic relations, enmity, feud and hatred. There was too much baggage to carry. I wanted to be free feel positive," said the actor who courted controversy since 2003 by calling a press conference, accussing superstar Salman Khan of harrasment.
"I decided I want to be a happy person, want to do good

"I have gone through sexual innuendo in Bollywood" - Eesha Koppikhar

Eesha Koppikhar

It's a lucky day. Eesha Koppikhar invites me to her residence in Bandra's Pali Hill. I arrive on time expecting a superb, well managed modern decor with half a dozen maids running up and down. But the first glance makes you forget your expectations. It just doubles it up. From the outside, it looks like a colossal palace. More like the Buckingham Palace. It's retro in style. It's traditionally white and it's got about a dozen chefs cooking some special courses for the day. BMWs, Mercedes and Toyotas are seen entering the spacious parking lot to attend the obvious function. I enter the reception area and ask for Eesha. But to no avail. I call her and she calls back and guides me to come on the first floor where she is busy eating her hot served lunch. She offers me some but I insist on 'no thanks'. Next up, "Will you have Tang?" I reply in affirmative. And then the best part, "Will you have it with soda or water?" the maid asks. Eesha can't stop laughing when I reply, "Isn't Tang suppose to be had with water?" 

What followed next was unimaginable. Eesha reveals one

Rizwan Anwar - Junoo (Official Music Video)

Soch - Bandeya (Video Teaser)

Salman scared of Arbaaz

Salman Khan is the quintessential brat boy of the filmdom. No one can dare to takepanga with him. It's a well known fact that Salman works on his own terms; he is the last person to stick to briefs from his producer or for that matter his director.

But all this becomes a different story when Salman is working with Arbaaz Khan. Salman's tantrums don't work with Arbaaz. In fact, according to close sources, Salman is

Kajol: Karan Johar isn't that great a producer

we all know how dedicatedly Kajol did an energetic dance number 'Jailhosue Rock' for her upcoming film WE ARE FAMILY, despite being three months pregnant. Just for her convenience, the makers - producer Karan Johar & director Siddarth Malhotra made quite a few alterations in the dance steps. 

Good pal Karan made sure that Kajol was relaxed and made her comfortable. He saw to it there was exertion on Kajol even if it meant compromising on the peppy dance number. 

view WE ARE FAMILY videos

When we asked Kajol about the same, in her witty & bubbly style she replied, "Karan is not that great a producer (laughs)," On a serious note she added, "He was very

Our Satanic Pop Culture and Mind Controlling Media

Nokia N900 does real-time face tracking for verification (video)

In a world where smartphone unlock patterns and PINs can be easily gleaned from display muck, and computer passwords can be deciphered from the telltale audible clicks of the keyboard, it's any wonder that research is funded for alternative identity

Acer's JT Wang: iPad's market share will drop to about 20 percent, maybe less

You can read that as bitter hype; then again, we're looking at a company that's known to live up to its words. In a recent interview with UDNAcer Inc. Chairman JT Wang echoed ASUS' recent forecast regarding the iPad's erosion of the netbook market in the US and UK, although he also pointed out that netbooks are still selling like hotcakes in developing countries. As for the tablet market itself, Wang believes that Apple's closed camp operation will ultimately bow to other joint forces once the

Villager demands share in Peepli Live's earnings

Peepli [Live]The controversies surrounding Peepli Live cease to die even as the film continues to enjoy a dream run at the B.O. The latest jolt to the makers of the film has come from a villager Kunjilal Malviya who seems to want a share in the profits of the film as he feels that it's based on his life story.

Apparently, Kunjilal had predicted his death in the year 2005 and soon after an army of news channels came to cover his story. He feels that Natha's character in Peepli Live, who announces his death only to be attacked by a swarm of media, is similar to his real life story and hence is demanding a share in the pie.

While Kunjilal along with his lawyers plan to file a case regarding the

Mekaal Hasan speaks about devastation caused by floods in Pakistan

'Soha Ali Khan waxing MMS scandal' a dud

We have reason to believe that searching for the Soha Ali Khan waxing MMS scandal might be an exercise in futility.

Over the weekend, Bollywood websites and blogs went into a tizzy with reports of a Soha Ali Khan waxing MMS scandal video.

After trawling through several dead links and investigating the matter in detail, we can safely assume that it's a campaign by vested interests with an explicit purpose: to malign the actress.

Apparently, Saif's little sis underwent a bikini wax session at a beauty salon recently. Unknown to her, there were cameras strategically placed in the room that recorded her in various states of undress and in some scenes, from close quarters, says the report.

Mention is made that she is completely at ease, implying that all

Jim Carrey set to star in Mr Popper's Penguins

Funnyman Jim Carrey is on board to star in the big screen adaptation of 1938 children classic Mr Popper's Penguins.
The actor has finalised a deal with 20th Century Fox. to play the lead in Penguins. Carrey was circling to play the lead since June, Variety reported.
Directed Mark Waters and produced by John Davis via his production company Davis Entertainment, the film tells the story of Mr Popper, who is a high-powered, New York business man who suddenly inherits six penguins.
Taking care of the animals is no easy matter, and he quickly hits major hurtles, both at home and at work. But along the way, he learns the value of family and friendship - human and otherwise.
Fox acquired screen rights to Richard and Florence Atwater's classic kids

Jackson's family compound haunted by ghosts

Michael Jackson's brother Jermaine has spoken out about his family's darkest secret - the clan's famous compound in Encino, California, is haunted by ghosts.

According to reports, the singer revealed that the estate was built on a burial ground and he has encountered many spooks there over the years.

Jermaine said ghosts have been spotted roaming the grounds of the estate and he once woke up to find two in his bedroom, when he was a child.

"I opened my eyes and there were two older people," he said.

And he insists the spooks weren't fun spirits. "They were

Katy Perry hosts bridal shower

Pop star Katy Perry treated herself to a 'Alice In Wonderland' themed bridal shower with her closest friends and family in tow.

The Hot N' Cold hit-maker, who is engaged to British comedian Russell Brand, threw a garden party in Los Angeles on Sunday to celebrate her impending nuptials, reported Contactmusic.

"The party had an 'Alice in Wonderland' theme and only 11 of her closest friends were invited," said a source. Guests included her DJ friend Mia Moretti, Markus Molinari and her stylists Logan Horne, Rick Henry and Aaron Light.

Among the 25-year-old pop star's family members was her grandmother who brought along with her a picture of a young Perry posing in a pink outfit.

The singer later posted the photo on her Twitter

I wouldn't do an Aamir again: Rajeev Khandelwal

His debut as Aamir, a young Indian Muslim who struggles to survive in a pitiless and unforgiving city might have fetched him critical accolades, but Rajeev Khandelwal says he wouldn't like to do a similar role again.
"If given a chance I wouldn't repeat an Aamir-like role. I don't want to tread the same path. I want to do something new, something different, something challenging," the 34-year old actor told PTI.
"The only time you would probably catch me repeating a role is when it comes to a matter of survival," he jokingly added.
Although popular for his role in the 2008 suspense film Aamir and his roles in television serials like Kahin To HogaCID and Left Right Left it was the controversial Sach Ka Saamna, the Indian version of US reality show The Moment of Truth

Farah's son loves kissing Katrina

Farah Khan's son Czar may be all of two years old but the tot already knows what he wants. What he wants, he gets.

And Junior loves kissing his mom's leading lady Katrina Kaif on the lips.

Talking about the kid's fascination with Kat, a source says, "Farah often brings her kids (Czar, Anya and Diva) to the set of her film Tees Maar Khan. Czar is a total brat. Farah often kisses him on his lips and he annoyingly wipes it off most of the time.

However, one day on the set, he was playing with Kat and she offered her cheek to let him plant a kiss. But instead of kissing her on the cheek, he kissed her on the lips. Now, Czar usually wipes off his moms affectionate kisses but he didn't do the same after plating a wet one on Kat."

Recalling the incident, Farah adds that it didn't just happen

Ex-policeman in Philippines holds tourists hostage

An unidentified man is released by the hostage-taker (behind R) after he hijacked a tourist bus with more than 20 Hong Kong tourists on board in Manila. The gunman, a former policeman, released seven of the tourists, including three children and an elderly man, as well as one of the Filipino hostages, as the drama near Manila's historic tourist district was played out live on national television. –AFP Photo/Noel Celis
MANILA: A dismissed policeman armed with an automatic rifle seized a bus in the Philippine capital Monday with 24 passengers, most of them Hong Kong tourists, in a bid to demand his reinstatement, police said

Dell ships 10.1-inch Inspiron Mini 1018 to Europe, heading elsewhere soon

Looking for yet another Mini 10 netbook? How's about one with a curvaceous chassis modeled after the Inspiron R series? Dell's just pushed out the Inspiron Mini 1018 across the

Welcome To V8 Hotel - Its Heaven For Car Enthusiasts

Welcome To V8 Hotel - Its Heaven For Car Enthusiasts

The V8 hotel in Stuttgart, Germany is a paradise for auto enthusiasts. The hotel features themed rooms done with trendy details and many original parts from the automotive world, including a 70′s Cadillac drive-in cinema, a Mercedez-Benz carwarsh, a Morris Minor garage and many more.

The luxurious 4-star hotel incorporates 34 rooms each of which is

ISPs and PTCL Customers Bear the Brunt of Strikes

PTCL customers who were already suffering from worst possible sale and after support facilities at PTCL are left in middle of nowhere during ongoing employees’ PTCL employees’ strike  against the management for not increasing their

Because he's a MUSLIM...

Katrina Kaif's all set to fly

view KATRINA KAIF picture gallery

No, Katrina Kaif is not going on any holiday with anyone. It's just that she has been appointed as the new brand ambassador of Etihad Airways. She will be present at an