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Karo Mumkin show Idea Auditions

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Mumbai oil spill: Clean up to take 45 days

Taj's iconic heritage wing to reopen

Official: PTCL Launches 9.3 Mbps EVO Nitro Device

evonitri page Official: PTCL Launches 9.3 Mbps EVO Nitro Device
This independence day, PTCL has unveiled its anticipated Evo 3G Nitro in Pakistan; the World’s first & most cutting edge EV-DO Rev.B commercial network. Priced at

Intel Donates WiFi Enabled Classmate PCs to Students

Pictures shows a Students looking at a presentation on their computer screen
Pictures shows a Students looking at a presentation on their computer screen
Forty Intel-powered Classmate PCs with WiFi connectivity were donated to Public School and College, a government-run institution in North Karachi. The PC lab was inaugurated by David Fosberg, Manager Intel World Ahead Program for APAC, in the presence of Raza Haroon, Minister for Information Technology, Government of Sindh.
The Intel World Ahead Program aims to enhance lives by accelerating access to un-compromised technology for everyone, everywhere. Focused on developing communities it integrates and extends its efforts to use technology to help improve their lives and economies.
Intel-powered Classmate PCs offer a

"Deepika Play's PARINDEY Online Game"

Hairat - Anjaana Anjaani [song trailer]

Rotating Outdoor Theater

Rotating Outdoor Theater

NL Architects’s proposal for a new entertainment venue in Amsterdam makes Madison Square Garden seem like a funeral parlor. It’s an

Dumpster Swimming pools on Park Avenue

Dumpster Swimming pools on Park Avenue

For the first time ever, New York City invites residents to swim in pools made from repurposed garbage dumpsters as part of its third annual Summer Streets program. The city is

An Iftari Feast

Sweet and spicy aromas coming from the kitchen ... the table set with a variety of dishes from appetizers to deserts ... everyone gathers and wait for the Azan-e-Maghrib ... and as soon as they hear the Azan, they reach for a date to Iftar. This was a scene at Iftari. As I promised, I am serving you with three main dishes for the Iftari

Why Men Are Twice as Likely to Be Exposed as Love Cheats?

A poll found that women are more likely to have an alibi when having an affairWhen it comes to having an affair men are apparently strictly amateurs compared with women.
They are twice as likely to get caught because they’re so hopeless at covering their tracks, researchers say.
Women, however, are far more skilled in the arts of hiding their affairs, particularly when it comes to handling technolgy such as emails, texts and social networking sites.
Affair: John Prescott had an affair with his former assistant Tracey Temple
According to the researchers, the difference is so great that one in ten male cheats have

Foodie Lists Edible Zoo: Awesome Food Animals

​You're not supposed to play with your food, but if you can make cool animals like these with your butter, cheese, and what-not, we definitely

The Most Expensive Lawyer in the USA

Currently in the USA there is only one lawyer that will charge a client $1,000.00 an hour.  The lawyer is a form USA Attorney General Ben Civiletti, a partner of the Venable law firm.
Civiletti specializes in antitrust law, litigation and white-collar defense.  Civiletti topped the National Law Journal’s 16th annual survey of hourly rates for clients.
While Civiletti charges more than any other lawyer in the USA that does not mean that he earns more than all other lawyers.
Civiletti’s rate does not come close to making him one of the USA’s highest-paid lawyers around.  Trial type attorneys can win multimillion-dollar verdicts and earn extra fees that break down into well over $1,000.00 an hour.  A law firm working with a merger may charge a client a percentage of a deal which can well exceed $1,000.00 an

Will smartphones kill the phone call?

Last week there was an interesting article over at Wired about the apparent death of phone calls. Turns out that according to research by Nielsen, the average number of mobile phone calls people are making is dropping every year since it hit a high in 2007. Maybe it’s not surprising when you consider how many other ways there are to contact people with your phone.
The oldest option is of course texting. The first SMS was sent in the UK way back in 1992 and contained the words Merry Christmas. The first GSM text message was sent in 1993 on a Nokia phone by the engineering student Riku Pihkonen. Today, it’s estimated that between 4 and 5 trillion texts are sent every year!
Then there’s the instant messaging option with an ever-increasing number of chat apps available. At the Ovi Store alone, you’ll find more than half dozen apps that let you chat across multiple IM protocols.
Add to that the easy connection to email you get with the Nseries and you can see why our devices might be contributing to talk losing ground. That’s not to say phone calls will ever be a thing of the past (can you imagine saying no to your mum!), but maybe they’ll be reserved for those deeper and more meaningful conversations.
But what do you think? Is the fall of the call imminent? Or will video chatting stop talk from taking a tumble?

15 Futuristic Weapons That Will Certainly Make A Mess

15 Futuristic Weapons That Will Certainly Make A Mess

Since the dawn of mankind we’ve been coming up with new and creative ways to kill each other – you could argue that it’s what humans do best. Advancements in science and weaponry will make the battlefields of fifty years from now seem a heck of a lot different than they are today. You may be surprised find out though, just how incredibly different they’ll look in just ten years. The character of Daniel McCarthy from KoldCast TV’s conspiracy thriller series Tyranny,

eBay Launches Cashback Program With PayPal

eBay is launching its rewards program today: eBay Bucks, which allows any eBay shopper who lives in the U.S. and is a registered member of the marketplace, to earn 2 percent cash back on most items purchased through the site with

Samsung's world’s largest 65-inch 3D LED TV

Samsung's world’s largest 65-inch 3D LED TV

Samsung undoubtedly has the broadest 3D LED TV lineup for home entertainment needs. Adding further to its list, Samsung announced a 65-inches 3D LED TV at a press event held to

Nation celebrates Independence Day with simplicity

 KARACHI: The worst floods in Pakistan have eclipsed Independence Day, August 14 celebrations, leading to cancellations of government festivities and prompting nation to

Prime Minister Syed Yusuf Raza Gilani Addressing the nation on the eve of 64th Independence Day today

 ISLAMABAD: Addressing the nation on the eve of 64th Independence Day today, Prime Minister Syed Yusuf Raza Gilani expressed profound grief over the loss of thousands of precious lives amid the ongoing deadly floods across Pakistan, saying while thousands of people have lost their

World Flexible Man

The fast and the studious: The 590kmph school bus

Name: The School Time Jet-Powered School Bus

Engine: 42,000 horse power General Electric motor from an

The 11 Greatest Fast Food Fights and Freakouts Caught on Video

Yesterday we got a few chuckles from security camera footage of a drunk women losing her marbles at a McDonald's drive thru when she found out Chicken McNuggets

The Rise and Fall of the (Sexy, Icky, Practical) Waterbed


In 1968 Charles Hall presented the waterbed as his Master's Thesis project to his San Francisco State University design class. While showcasing their

8 Countries About to Go Underwater, Literally

We've all heard about the possibility that theMaldives could go underwater because of rising seas caused by climate change. But there are other nations facing the same risk.
Not that going underwater is the only form of

Killer vampire bats attack 500 people

Vampire bat
Rabid vampire bats have attacked more than 500 people in Peru's Amazon Photo: PHOTOLIBRARY
The attacks occurred in the village of Urakusa, in northeastern Peru, where the indigenous Aguajun tribe lives. At least four people are believed to have succumbed to

"Hindustan ke galli-galli mein Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan mil jayega" - Abhijeet

He is known for his firebrand image. Singer Abhijeet Bhattacharya is also known for the strong emotional bond that he forms with the

Deepika, Siddharth can't get enough of each other

New lovebirds Deepika Padukone and Siddharth Mallya can't seem to get enough of each other.

A source close to the two reveals that Mallya Jr plans

Saif & Priyanka's mature love story

Director Siddharth Anand, who has worked with his favourite actor Saif Ali Khan in two Yash Raj Films like SALAAM NAMASTEY and TA RA RUM PUM has turned producer.

He will co-produce a mature love story along with

First look: Pregnant Kareena

Not in real life, but on screen. Kareena Kapoor plays a

Moderate Islam counters Radical Islam : CNN Footage

India's 35 dollar laptop

( 18 + ) Model accused senior citizen of rape

girl rapeMore than six months after raping the girl the two businessmen are now giving her threats that they will kill her….
the girl is ab aspiring model and she has now made a police complain against the two senior citizens that they are threatning her
The model-cum-actress, Anara Sharma (name changed), had in

Harihar Dash - Popping n Locking Dance - India's Got Talent 2010 Auditions

Peepli Live recovers cost even before release

Bollywood superstar Aamir Khan's "Peepli Live", which will perhaps be the first non-commercial Hindi film to hit over 600 screens when it releases Friday, has already recovered its investment by selling its satellite rights for Rs. 100 million.

Made on a budget of approximately Rs.100 million (including marketing costs), journalist-turned

Celebrities Birthdays (All Celebrities Date Of Birth)

A K Hangal 15-Aug
A R Rahman 06-Jan
Adesh Srivastava 04-Sep
Aditya Pancholi 11-Sep
Aditya Paudwal 17-Sep

Katrina Vs Priyanka: Do Dushman, Ek Dostana

Katrina Kaif and Priyanka Chopra drop in on the set of an Ajay Devgn film to meet the actor

Katrina Kaif and Priyanka Chopra were spotted on the

Atif Aslam Hopes Lead Role In ”Bol” Goes Well