Sunday, July 25, 2010

Aryan has been offered a film opposite his dad Shahrukh Khan

Shahrukh Khans 12 yr old son Aryan Khan has been offered a film opposite his father and superstar King Khan. The film talks about the growing problems of the teens. Aryan andShahrukh are asked to play the role of son and the father.

A prominent producer had thought about a movie role with Aryan and Shah Rukh together. The film centres around the romantic world of a teenager. At the same time, the same incidents and situations seem very practical and mundane in the eyes of the father says a source.

The makers are desperate to have Shahrukh and his son Aryan on the board. The filmmakers are very confident that Shah Rukh will like it but there has been no response from SRK yet. The filmmaker is keeping his fingers crossed the source adds.

Aryan is only 12 now. I don’t think Shah Rukh will green-light any project like that. However, we cannot confirm any information at the moment says one of Shah Rukh’s staff members.

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Another Banned iPhone 4 Promo

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Sarah Palin Runs For 2010 And Wrestles Obama In A Mud Pit

DABANGG promo: the most watched internet video

In less than 9 hours of being uploaded DABANGG promo makes it to the number one spot in the "Most Wanted" videos on a leading website portal. The two and a half minute trailer is a runaway viral hit as just hours within its release climbed charts to be the most viewed promo of the year.

Says acclaimed trade analyst/critic, "Those who want to know what I felt about DABANGG promo: ROCKING. Salman Khan like never before. Expect a hurricane like start at the box office."

The promo is also the most talked about subject on popular micro blogging site Twitter.

Reminding audiences of the glorious WANTED only better, Robinhood Pandey has taken the internet by storm.

The ultimate Hindi pulp entertainer starring Bollywood superstar Salman Khan and debutant Sonakshi Sinha releases this Eid.

Tom Cruise, Cameron Diaz in France

Tom Cruise, Cameron Diaz in France

PARIS: Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz were in France, premiering Knight and Day. The costars also visited the Tour de France where they presented the yellow jersey to rider Alberto Contador. Tom and Cameron have been side-by-side for all the worldwide travel for the film, with stops in Munich and London this week.

Experts seek early cholesterol tests for all kids

Experts seek early cholesterol tests for all kids VIRGINIA: A new study argues that all children should get tested for cholesterol levels.

Some health experts worry that such testing could lead to inappropriate drug treatment for kids. While cholesterol-lowering medications have been proved safe and effective for adults, there are no significant studies with children. The concern is that since children would be taking these medications for the rest of their lives, long-term studies of both safety and effectiveness are needed.

In West Virginia, pediatric cardiologist Dr. William Neal wanted to see what would happen if all children over the age of 10 were tested for cholesterol.

He analyzed results of more than 20,000 fifth-graders who were tested, and his findings were somewhat surprising. Neal says if testing for cholesterol had stuck to current recommendations and only children with family histories were measured, they would have missed a lot of kids with problems.

Of the 548 children they would have missed who had abnormally high cholesterol, Neal says, 98 had cholesterol levels so high that treatment with medication would be worthwhile.

While studies have shown these cholesterol-lowering drugs are effective for adults and are mostly safe with relatively rare side effects there have been no studies showing the drugs' safety and effectiveness with children over the long term.

Fashionable dogs beg on Manila streets

Fashionable dogs beg on Manila streets MANILA: Fashionable dogs wearing caps, glasses and holding mini-buckets (begging bowls) have appealed to peoples’ attention on streets of Manila – capital of Philippine.

Area residents along with international and local media have paid them special heed in news media reports.

Dogs are really looking like participating in a fashion show with woolen caps on their heads and shining fancy sunglasses on their eyes.

Many people told newsmen they gave them charity owing to their funny appearance.