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True Story of mughees and mujeeb in Front Line with Kamran Shahid – 9th October 2010

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Superb AIRCRAFT Cockpits

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This is the Real President.

Mental Father loving his child

Turning Muslim in Texas – A Must Watch

One of the best Film Ever Seen – Must Watch

For all dentists in india...hilarious one Video

Beautiful,Gourgeous,Hot Katrina Kaif Oct Updates

Riya Sen - Maxim India 2010

Making Fun of Sheela Dixit's Name!!

Mahnder Singh Dhoni Accept Islam

Mahnder Singh Dhoni Accept Islam by the hands of former Pakistani Cricketer Saeed Anwar & famous Religious Anchor Junaid Jamshaid
Indian Cricket Captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni, could not have thought in his wildest dreams that his second marriage to “Aaisha Bi Singh Rawat” alias Sakshi Singh Rawat would come to haunt him one day.
Mahendra Singh Dhoni had converted to Islam to marry Sakshi Singh Rawat as Hindus are not allowed second marriage. Their marriage was solemnised on 04 July 2010 in Lucknow near Babri Masjid in accordance with Islamic rites. He had married Sakshi while his first wife Deepika P was still alive. Had he paid her enough, the matter probably would not have come to light.
While filing his divorce papers before the

Mathera Vibe Tv Pakistan Sexual Abuse In Live Show

Xbox 360 Kinect video demo's

Is this Fun any more ?? ..Watch it you won't beleive it !!

Aishwarya isn't jealous of Katrina

Best Combination Of Rabab & Guitar

American student finds GPS tracker stuck to car, FBI shows up to reclaim its 'federal property'

American student finds GPS tracker stuck to car, FBI shows up to reclaim its 'federal property'Mechanics spot strange things stuck under cars all the time, but when 20-year-old Yasir Afifi's ride was put up on lifts his shop found something that hadn't been kicked up from the road: a cylindrical tube connected to a device with an antenna. An extremely paranoid person would think they'd found a bomb, but the truth isn't much better. It was an FBI tracking device. Afifi posted pictures and his story on Reddit while a friend contemplated cunning things to do with it, sticking it to someone else's car or selling it on Craigslist. They didn't have long to ponder before long two "sneaky-looking" people were spotted outside his apartment. Afifi got in his car and drove off, only to be pulled over by FBI agents who demanded the device back, threatening "We're going to make this much more difficult for you if you don't cooperate."

Now, we've already given our opinions on using GPS technology like this and, while it's unknown whether these agents had a warrant to place this device, the 9th US Court of Appeals recently made one unnecessary for this sort of thing. The ACLU is working with Afifi to fight that ruling, and for now we're hoping that he, who is an American with an Egyptian father, is currently able to hit the town without agents following his every move. However, at this point they may

Nokia N8 teardown reveals easily replaceable battery, 'beefy' construction

Surprise, surprise. The iFixit team have cornered themselves a dark grey Nokia N8 and have proceeded to do the one thing that comes naturally to them: disassembled it. It's mostly good news all around with this teardown, which found the BL-4D battery cell was only two Torx screws away from being user-replaceable, while the overall N8 construction was praised as being the "beefiest" of any phone this year. There are plenty of bodacious highlights within, including the massive Xenon flash and the pair of camera modules -- which are regrettably not removable from the main board. The touchscreen controller in the N8 is the same as has previously been used on the Kin Two and BlackBerry Torch. Perhaps that's not the best pedigree in the world, but the (complete in one case, and relative in the other) lack of success of those phones was never really about the screen's responsiveness. Hit the source link for a

News publishers looking to the Galaxy Tab and BlackBerry PlayBook for refuge as well

In case you were worried that it was just Apple love that got major news outlets on the iPad so quickly, you should know that the general sense of desperation (or is it their never ending sense of adventure?) pervading the likes of the The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and USA Today has them building apps for the Galaxy Tab as well. The news comes courtesy of The Wall Street Journal, and has yet to be announced officially by the parties involved -- though we have a hard time doubting any of it. It makes sense, of course: the big cost is producing content for a tablet form factor, not building the reader app, and the Galaxy Tab naturally won't be the last of its Android kind. The WSJ and The Financial Times are also apparently some possible gets for RIM's PlayBook, though less is known about

Microsoft licenses dozens of patents from Access and Acacia, including some Palm inventions

Complete details on the deal are still a bit light, but it's just been revealed today that Microsoft has licensed a total of 74 patents from Acacia Research Corp. and Access Co. Ltd, some of which come from PalmSource, the software company spun off from Palm Inc. in 2003. While Microsoft itself isn't saying much on the matter beyond the usual formalities, Acacia CEO Paul Ryan says that the patents licensed by Microsoft are "foundational" in the smartphone market and, as The Wall Street Journal reports, they apparently include some of the very same patents that Acacia has sued other companies over, including Apple, RIM, Samsung and Motorola -- those specific patents concern things like email synchronization and "providing phone capabilities from personal computer devices." Guess that's one

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PML Nawaz Will Protest Against Pervez Musharraf in Manchester

Liu Xiaobo, 刘晓波, Won Nobel Peace Prize 2010

刘晓波, liu xiaobo, nobel peace prize 2010, 诺贝尔和平奖 2010, 诺贝尔 和平奖 2010.Announcement of the 2010 Nobel Peace Prize by Thorbjørn Jagland, Chairman of the Norwegian Nobel Committee, 8 October 2010

Amitabh Bachchan,Shah Rukh Khan and Hrithik Roshan Rock the Ramp for Karan Johar Photos, Video

Big Boss 4 – Veena Malik and Rishant Fight in Bigg Boss House

Katrina, Priyanka to heat up Salman's show

Katrina, Priyanka to heat up Salman`s showSalman Khan has roped in a bevy of beauties including his ex-girlfriend Katrina Kaif, co-star like Priyanka Chopra and his good friend Karisma Kapur to walk the ramp to add zing to his "Being Human" show Saturday at the HDIL Couture Week.

Others who will scorch the runway are Kareena Kapoor, Bipasha Basu, Priety Zinta, Rani Mukerji and Sushmita Sen. All these beauties will be decked up in Manish Malhotra's creations and coveted diamond jewllery by Forevermark.

The theme for the show is "Fashion Throughout the Ages" and jewellery designer Mona Mehta will present her collection Almas.

"We are especially pleased to be supporting 'The Being Human show' at this year's HDIL Couture Week. The theme of timelessness is a perfect fit for the enduring beauty of Forevermark diamonds but also as a brand that stands for quality and integrity. We are hugely proud to be supporting the Salman Khan Foundation with its twin causes of education and healthcare," Binita Cooper, MD, Forevermark India, said in a statement.

The show will also mark the curtain raiser to the

Surprise! Mallika doesn't want to go dare-bare

Surprise! Mallika doesn`t want to go dare-bareMallika Sherawat refuses to indulge in a skinfest for Double Dhamaal

Mallika Sherawat refuses to indulge in a skinfest for Double Dhamaal. The B-Town bombshell, surprisingly, has several reservations about her look and styling in the comic caper.

The sudden change in stance of one of the industry's boldest and sexiest actress has taken the unit unawares.

Informs a source, "Her attitude has left everyone exasperated. It has taken not only the makers but also her co-stars by surprise. She is just not keen on going bare-dare."

Mallika maintains, "It's funny how obsessed everyone is with what I wear when all I am trying to do is, be true to the character."

The actress adds, "First, there were reports that I was in a bikini in the first shot and now, that I've turned into a sati savitri. Neither version is

Kareena and Aamir to come together again

Kareena and Aamir to come together againKareena Kapoor and Aamir Khan to shoot ads for same brand of vehicles

Post 3 Idiots, Kareena Kapoor and Aamir Khan will come together... for a two-wheeler brand. The two will be seen in separate advertisements, though.

Bebo will seen riding a scooterette in the ad film. No prizes for guessing, it's the same brand as the one she rode, in the Rajkumar Hirani flick.

Only for the screen

Says an insider, "The actress had learned to ride a bike for a film, and will also be seen on one in Golmaal 3. While she is quite comfortable on a two-wheeler, she never does so off-screen."

Fresh concept

The actress admits, "It's the same brand I rode in 3 Idiots, and it is aimed at girls. The concept is light, young and fresh for college- goers.

Aamir will shoot for the scooters for men. I love scooterettes and bikes. I used to ride them in Goa during my Golmaal 3 shoot, but I can't do

More Power to Kareena

More Power to KareenaAfter riding a two-wheeler in the blockbuster film "3 Idiots", actress Kareena Kapoor has now been appointed as the brand ambassador of Mahindra's new two wheeler - PowerScooter.

"My experience with Mahindra scooter dates back to two years ago, when I rode a Mahindra PowerScooter in '3 Idiots'. I am delighted to be working with them, " Kareena said in a press statement.

The 30-year-old will feature in a multimedia campaign for the brand. The first campaign will be for the Mahindra Rodeo, which will be launched later this month.

Kareena said: "Rodeo is a youthful, fun and fresh brand. It has the right mix of style and power."

"The company has roped in Kareena for her strong connect with the youth, who are inspired by her hard work, discipline and natural acting talent, " said Anoop Mathur, president, two-wheeler sector and member of the group executive board, Mahindra &

Deepika Padukone in Love

Deepika Padukone in Love

Deepika is not denying love for Siddharth Mallaya. But she isn't admitting it either. Tell her about the rumours and she laughs, “We all know how true such rumours are. I'm very uncomfortable about talking it. Let the press write and say what it has to. I'm not saying anything. ”

So did Siddharth lose weight on svelte Deepika's say-so?

Speaking of Sid's size Deepika sighs, “Let me put it this way. If someone decides to lose that much weight the willpower has to come from within, and not from someone else. Beyond that I wouldn't know why he lost so much weight. I never had to lose so much weight. ”

She opens up when talking about her career. At the moment it's all very hush-hush. But here's the inside information. A very sensitive and passionate filmmaker known for his epic vision and grand spectacles is planning to remake Shakti Samanta's 1971 classic Amar Prem. The director will cast Deepika Padukone in Sharmila Tagore role.

And Deepika is all for it. “I think it's a great compliment. I'd love to do a film like Amar Prem. I want to do a classic Hindi-film heroine's part. That's my true calling. I'm really looking forward to it. ”

There is a special bonding burgeoning between Deeepika and Sharmila Tagore who plays her mother in new-director Danish Aslam's film Break Ke Baad. The

Ashmit-Riya Sen sex MMS a hit again

Ashmit-Riya Sen sex MMS a hit againRiya Sen and Ashmit Patel sex clip grabs more eyeballs three years after it happened, after he admits that it was indeed his then girlfriend in the video

Isn't it ironic? Ashmit Patel went into the Bigg Boss house to make his 2007 MMS scandal, a thing of the past.

He wanted to clear his name, put the whole thing behind him and move on.

But all he has managed to do is bring that ugly episode back into focus, three years later.

Interest in the 1 minute 32 second-clip has been renewed and right now, it is grabbing more eyeballs than it did when it first surfaced.

Of admissions and denials

The clip is being fervently searched for on YouTube, search engines and even porn sites.

On the very first day of the show, he discussed the infamous clip with co-contestants, professed innocence and even shed tears because he was accused of leaking it, post his break-up with the actress.

Also, at the time, Sen had claimed it wasn't her in the clip. Her ex has

Kareena in Cold war with Saif over his kids

Kareena in Cold war with Saif over his kidsKareena Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan didn't speak to each other for several days after arguing over his kids. They later resolved their issues and now the foursome are singing: We Are Family

Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor didn't exchange a word for six days. And that's because the actor-producer wanted his ladylove to play 'mommy' to his kids with Amrita Singh -- Sara and Ibrahim.

The children had come over to stay over with their dad, some time ago. Usually Bebo lets her beau spend quality time with his children. But as they were spending a few days at his Bandra home, the actress had to be around.

Show 'em love

Says a source, "The couple had an argument over the subject when Kareena did not show any desire to pamper the kids. The outcome of which was that they did not talk to each for a few days till things cooled down between them and the kids left."

Bebo however denies the incident and says, "It's nonsense." The source continues, "Both then decided to forget the incident and all was

Aishwarya allows Abhishek to romance Katrina

Aishwarya allows Abhishek to romance KatrinaWhen Vipul Shah approached Aishwarya to cast her opposite hubby Abhishek in The Italian Job, she ended up recommending Katrina Abhishek Bachchan and Katrina Kaif are set to star in Vipul Shah's upcoming film, The Italian Job; a remake of the Hollywood film by the same name starring Mark Wahlberg and Charlize Theron.

This puts an end to whispers about animosity between the two actors. Rumours included Katrina declining the film because it starred Abhishek Bachchan, and yet another about Aishwarya Rai Bachchan preventing Abhishek from doing films with Katrina.

Says a source, "Vipul's first option was to cast Abhishek and Aishwarya. It was Aishwarya who prompted Vipul to cast Katrina instead." This is not the first time that Aishwarya has suggested another actress in her place.

Previously, the actor recommended Priyanka Chopra for Dostana. Says Shah, "All I can say at the moment is that Aishwarya has absolutely no objections to the Abhishek-Katrina pair on screen."

On her part, Katrina confirms that she has no issues working with Abhishek either. "All these ridiculous rumours about me not working with

Bipasha talks Sex

Bipasha talks SexLast weekend, Bipasha Basu answered racy questions about her boyfriend John Abraham.

Watch out for when host Koel Purie asked bluntly, "Have you learnt how to ride a bike? Or are you still riding John?" Any other actress would have stormed off or asked for a cut, but not Bips. She guffaws, "For me the bikes remain a distant fantasy, not John." Touche Bipasha.

The Aakrosh actress also happily discussed John's butt. Did she mind that so many women lusted after her object of affection? Did it make her insecure that even Abhishek Bachchan wanted to pinch the derriere?

No, says Bips, adding that it's his own fault for flaunting it to the nation.

Besides a good butt is important for girls and boys, she says, and you can't be sexy without one. Bips also doesn't shy away from mentioning how much she has spent on her dream home.

Meanwhile, in Couch Cares, meet five-year-old Babu, who's dream is to go to school, become a doctor and open a hospital for the poor. But the boy was

Mere Brother ki Dulhan (2011) Katrina,Imran Khan Upcoming Film

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Adhoore (Break Ke Baad) Song Promo *Imran-Deepika*