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Rats in Gourmet bakery kareem Block Lahore

Veena Malik – A Shame for Islamic Republic of Pakistan Front Line with Kamran Shahid – 12th Dec 2010

Wikileaks The India Documents

Authorities probe Swiss Post over Assange bank revelations

Authorities probe Swiss Post over Assange bank revelations GENEVA: Swiss authorities are investigating if the banking arm of Swiss Post violated secrecy rules by divulging that it had closed WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange's account, media reported Sunday.

"We are investigating if, in relation to the Postfinance press statement, there has been punishable action," Hermann Wenger, examining magistrate of the Bern-Mittelland region, told SonntagsZeitung.

But Postfinance spokesman Marc Andrey said there had been no violation of secrecy rules. "We believe, that

Sheila ki Jawani (Kick Ass Remix ) - Tees Maar Khan

10 things I hate about skinny people

They can wear anything and get away with it because they never look obscene.
1.         They never gain weight. No matter how much they stuff their faces with food, they will always be stick thin.
2.          Clothes can be loose on them, but never tight. They can wear anything and get away with it because they never look obscene.
3.          Their ability to snack endlessly. They can

Are You Wana Rich Like This? Must watch

Pakistan Boxer Great Amir khan Defeated Marcus Maidana and retains his WBA 140-pound title ... MUST WATCH

Aamir Khan has won World Welter Weight Super Light Boxing Championship.Pakistan born British citizen Aamir Khan defeated Marcos Maidana of Argentine.
Aamir Khan said :
“I was hard hit by Maidana but I stood until last moment of the fight”.
Khan, 24-1 (17 KOs) dropped Maidana at the end of the first round with a left hand to the body. But the hard hitting challenger recovered and

Samsung Gloria to be a 10-inch Windows 7 tablet with slide-out keyboard?

Like a netbook, only not. The latest thing to drop into our "crazy rumor" inbox is the Windows 7 tablet conceptualized above. Blogeee have it on the authority of two separate sources that Samsung is planning a 10-inch slate device dubbed Gloria, which would run Windows 7 and have a slide-out keyboard. What you see above is only a mockup of how this

Peel turns your iPhone into a universal remote -- using a wireless external IR blaster

The idea of using an iPhone or iPod touch as a universal remote has been tossed around for years, but it's always required either a finicky external dongle or an extravagantly expensive home automation rig. Instead, we've been treated to a host of single-device remote apps for everything from FiOS, DirecTV, Comcast, and Dish Network DVRs to the Apple TV to the

Quadrocopters enter the Flying Machine Arena, must bounce a ping-pong ball to survive (video)

We don't need another hero. We don't need to know the way home. All we want is life beyond the Flying Machine Arena, a test ground at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) where quadrocopters can learn new abilities and stretch their fan blades without injuring too many scientists. One such new ability is juggling balls -- well, one ball, anyway. This particular quadrocopter has learned to identify a ping-pong ball and is quite adept at keeping it in the air while the robot itself stays flying. Interestingly the last project we heard about from ETH also

Chicken Powered Steadicam proves poultry has a future in Hollywood (video)

Chicken Powered Steadicam proves poultry has a future in Hollywood (video)
If you've decided to use a full-fledged Steadicam in your next indie blockbuster you'd better make sure you have the budget -- they can run upwards of $45,000. Sure, there are cheaper options out there, some more sophisticated than others, but none are quite as amazing as this. It's the Chicken Powered Steadicam from Pennywhistle Productions and it is, quite simply, a chicken with a camera on its head, making use of the bird's stabilizing vestibulo-ocular reflex. In the

Motorola's new logo: it's red

Been wondering about what impact Motorola's January split into two distinct entities will have on your humble consumption of consumer electronics? Well, after attending Moto's big Christmas do in London, we seem to have uncovered one of the biggies: the Droid maker is switching to a crimson new brand identity from the start of the new year. They won't tell us much more than that, but we can only surmise that the slight chromatic deviation will be in an effort to distinguish between the Mobility arm, which will make all the pocketable things we know and love, and the Solutions group in charge of the less glamorous business hardware. We're sure there'll be some reshuffling of middle management and

Imran Khan on Political Leaders After Wiki-Leaks

Lucky Arab Golfer

Jamil Fakhri’s son: US declines request to hand over body

Foreign Office spokesman says family has to make personal appeal.
ISLAMABAD: The US has turned down Pakistan government’s request to hand over the body of Ali Ayaz Fakhri, the son of renowned actor Jamil Fakhri, a foreign office official said.
“The US government has informed us that since Ali Ayaz Fakhri was an American national, therefore they cannot entertain our request,” the official told The Express Tribune. He said the US would hand over the body only to the relatives and heirs of

Obama calls leaders, slams ‘deplorable’ WikiLeaks

US President Barack Obama called Turkey’s prime minister and Mexico’s president on Saturday to discuss the “deplorable action” by WikiLeaks, and said the cable releases should not harm bilateral ties.
“The president expressed his regrets for the deplorable action by WikiLeaks and the two leaders agreed that it will not influence or disrupt the close cooperation between the United States and Turkey,” the White House said, referring to Obama’s call with

'A Robot is Like a Friend' in Japan

Japan is pioneering robot technology to help make everyday life easier for people with disabilities. Pioneering inventions include a robot guide for the blind, and robotic legs which can help disabled people stand up and walk.
The following Video is taken from

Control Your Spending by Smart Wallets, Otherwise Your Wallet Can Refuse to Open

Worried about over-spending this holiday season? If you’re the kind of person who easily gets sucked into all the sales – whether online or out in the real world – then this Proverbial Wallet just might be the solution to curbing your shopaholic ways. Designed by a team of researchers at the MIT Media Lab, these high-tech billfolds are digitally tied to your bank

A Dustball Robot Cleans Dust while Rotating

A giant dust ball that cleans dust balls? The idea is too weird and too good. I’m sold. The motor inside doubles as the dust bin and drives the unit by rotating on 2 axes to generate enough force to move. When full, it automatically returns to

No Sheila Ki Jawaani this New Year

Katrina Kaif has finally decided that she will not perform on New Year's Eve. The actress has turned down a lucrative offer to perform on December 31 night at a suburban hotel.

Ever since her Sheila Ki Jawani track from Tees Maar Khan has been doing the rounds, Kat was being offered a bomb (read over Rs 2 crore) to perform at the hotel.

Katrina Kaif has her hands full as she is busy completing the shoot of Mere Brother Ki Dulhan with Imran Khan

As reported Munni Sheila battle heats up, B-Town's Sheila and Munni were to bring in 2011 at different branches of the same group. While Munni was to

Miley Cyrus embroiled in bong-smoking scandal

A stunning video of Miley Cyrus has surfaced online showing the teen star smoking from a bong allegedly containing hallucinogenic natural herb Salvia.

The 'Hannah Montana' star, who turned 18 last month, was caught on camera puffing on the huge pipe five days after her birthday, reported TMZ.

In the video, shot by a female friend during a party at Cyrus' LA home, the singer-actress is seen inhaling huge lungfuls of smoke, allegedly from the burning of controversial but

I drew inspiration from Shakira, says Katrina

Bollywood actress Katrina Kaif says she drew inspiration from pop star Shakira for the sizzling item song Sheila Ki Jawani from her upcoming film Tees Maar Khan.

When asked by reporters here about comparisons of her dance in the superhit number with that of Shakira, she said she can only dream of such comparisons.

"I can only dream of such comparisons. To be very frank, I drew inspiration from her. If my dance in the song Sheila ki Jawani reminds the viewers of Shakira, it's a huge

Katrina forced to postpone holiday for Imran's wedding

Katrina forced to postpone holiday for Imran`s weddingThanks to co-star Imran Khan (he's getting married January 8 and they have to finish shooting Mere Brother Ki Dulhan) and Farah Khan (TMK is due for release Dec 24), Kaif has had to postpone her annual holiday by a week

Katrina Kaif will forego her usual Christmas vacation with her family in London, thanks to her Tees Maar Khan director Farah Khan (their film is due for release Christmas Eve) and her Mere Brother Ki Dulhan co-star Imran Khan.

Why the delay...

Explains the actress, "Ideally, I'd have liked to be in London with my siblings and mom for Christmas. But Tees Maar Khan is up for release. So I pushed the trip back to the New Year."

Prod her some more, and she lets the cat out of the bag, "Imran's wedding is on 8 January. We have to finish another schedule before his wedding because he's taking time off after

Deepika pips Bipasha to item number

Deepika to gyrate to title track in Dum Maro Dum Deepika Padukone has scored a point over Bipasha Basu. Despite not being part of Rohan Sippy's Dum Maro Dum, Deepika will appear in a scintillating item number for the film.

Beating her rivals Katrina, Kareena and Priyanka, Deepika has managed to get the makers to choose her to gyrate and dance to the beats of the title track.

While Bipasha is part of the cast, Dippy will only appear in a special music video for the

Katrina's Jawani leaves Men drooling

Katrina`s Jawani leaves Men droolingAfter the Munni madness comes Sheila Ki Jawani josh. Dissecting the item number concept that is setting movie screens on fire all across the country

You have to hand it to Katrina Kaif. She got rid of all her British contours and proved she's a pucca desi girl in Sheila Ki Jawani.

The latkas-jhatkas amidst the pots and the matkas in the inspiring company of Akshay Kumar did not come easily to Katrina. She got herself a belly dancer to make her belly button acquire a life of its own.

She lost weight and she gained that glorious and gorgeous gait to make the men drool and women smirk in the darkness of the auditorium.

This, just months after Katrina's would-have-been sister-in-law Malaika Arora sizzled on screen with Munni Badnaam Hui.

Sigh. Zara Hottie kay zara bach kay