Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Simplicity of President Ahmednijad Vs Our Politicians

Shoaib Sania Dance With Shahrukh Khan – Geo News

PICTURE SPECIAL: Australian fan who rugby tackled Pakistan's Khalid Latif banned from cricket for life but fined just £277

Surprise: David James Fraser gets ready to grab Khalid Latif...

Dirty fun at mud festival

The Paleo is the largest Switzerland open-air music festival.Students and festival volunteers paid tribute to the 40th anniversary of the Woodstock music festival by spreading the fun of mud as it was done in 1969 in Upstate New York.According to the festival organization, the project is a “back to the earth” psychedelic inspiration and

Sylvester Stallone to enter Bigg Boss 4?

Sylvester Stallone to enter Bigg Boss 4? You can expect all the unexpected things to happen in Colors' reality show 'Bigg Boss 4'! The first surprise for the house mates in this season was the entry of 'The Great Khali' and then came the drama queen Dolly Bindra, who took the house on fire with her weird activities and fights.

Now, the house is celebrating some peaceful moments after the exit of the loud lady Dolly Bindra.

In the meantime, the house got two days to relax and have fun with former 'Baywatch' star Pamela Anderson, who entertained the housemates with her 'Dhak Dhak' performance. Now, it's time for some action! So, the talk is on to bring the 'Rambo' star Sylvester Stallone as the second international celebrity guest in the Bigg Boss house.

If everything goes well, then we will get to watch Sylvester Stallone inside the Bigg Boss house for few days. So, we can expect another great gym session of Ashmit, Hrishant and Khali with this Rambo star. However, what about the female housemates of

Anniversary gift: Shilpa gets a home in Burj Khalifa

Anniversary gift: Shilpa gets a home in Burj KhalifaShilpa Shetty gets what she wants. Hubby gifts her an apartment in the Burj Khalifa, Dubai for their anniversary

Shilpa Shetty spent her first wedding anniversary yesterday in Dubai with husband Raj Kundra at her new home on the ninetieth floor of the world's tallest building, the Burj Khalifa.

Says a source close to the actress, "Shilpa was thrilled when Raj gifted her the luxury apartment. It's his wedding anniversary gift to her.

He gifted her the keys in Mumbai a week ago. She had visited Dubai a few months ago, had loved the building and expressed a wish of staying there.

The couple has taken a three-day break to celebrate their first wedding anniversary there. Raj also has something else planned for Shilpa - a lavish dinner with a few surprises thrown in."

Shetty will design the interior of the apartment while she's there. She then heads to Bangkok to shoot a shampoo ad on

Shakira - Gypsy (Live on "With Alexa Chung")

Faces Before and After Meth

I guess it won’t be hard for you to figure out which photos are before and which ones are after. It’s really sad and disturbing to see how much these people have changed after even the shortest period of one or two months for example of using drugs. I guess that the person who after seeing these images decides to try meth has some serious problems. I don’t get it how come humans are the only specie that willingly and with pleasure decides to destroy itself. I guess there’s something in

Superhit indian songs copied from pakistan

Washing Machine in Wardrobe, A Clean Shirt Everyday

This Washing Machine for the closet takes all the cakes kids. Designed for men (men are dirtier than women people), it uses a combination of humidity, ionization, ozone (O3) and air pressure to destroy bacteria and remove stains. All you do is hang up your shirts, turn it on and within minutes, the waterless system provides you with shirts worthy of a dry cleaner’s award. It may seem large and cumbersome but if you’re getting a clean shirt every day, doesn’t that mean you only

What's Inside This Glass Door?

Some guy made a fancy underground storage of his drinks. Have a look:

The Smartphone Bicycle

Safety protocols say to keep both hands on the handlebars but they also say use hand gestures to signal turn intention. Contradiction! The Ecodrive has integrated lights and turn signals controlled via the handlebars. And no concept is complete without some form of smartphone integration so this little guy has a nice cubby hole for the iPhone. Keeps it charged and in return, the

Shoes That Clean The Floor

The FOKI is a floor cleaning shoe, yea you read that correctly. It has two rotary cleaners underneath each shoe to sweep up dust and kill bacteria. They’re cordless but there’s a LED display on the side to indicate battery levels. It sounds weird but if I shut my eyes really hard to imagine the possibilities of clean floors with every step, I’m sold. I hate sweeping – please, anything to

PTCL Introduces New Landline Packages (No line Rent)

PTCL today launched four new landline packages aimed at customers with different telephony needs.
All packages come with with on-net minutes bundles and a monthly charge, however, if opted PTCL won’t be charging any line rent from subscribers.

Windows Over the Years: A Tribute to Microsoft on its 25th Birthday

It was 25 years ago that Microsoft released its first operating system what it called  Windows 1.0. The world’s most popular operating system has evolved alot from that time through a number of versions since then, and the next one, Windows 8, which is expected within two years.Here is a tribute to Microsoft and a peek at how it has evolved.
Windows 1.0 – blue is the colour
An “operating environment,” Windows 1.0 may have had an eye-catching ad featuring Steve Ballmer, but the design of the box was aimed squarely at business and featured the old Microsoft logo on a navy background.

Self-Freezing Coke In Hong Kong

tiny car for tiny people by BIG company

German manufacture Volkswagen comes with the totally new idea for those who are always ignored. This VW Mini-Gol is approximately 30% of the size of the original. Everything is resized as it looks from outside and its a fit ride for 5-foot or less. Powered by 5.5hp engine, this

Hollie loves to chew her toenails

“Hollie loves to chew her toenails. She even likes to store the nails in her mouth after chewing them off!”

Optimus 7

Dennis' Life When Dennis, an introvert bodybuilder

Meet Elza, 98, our oldest driver

Motoring on ... Elza Ronis has been driving happily since 1949 and has no plans to stop. Pic: Dan Himbrechts Source: The Sunday Telegraph

SHE'S almost as old as the automobile itself, but Elza Ronis has no plans to give up driving any time soon.

While the stress of battling Sydney traffic can take years off a normal driver's life, Mrs Ronis - aged 98-and-a-half - says it invigorates her.

'I feel more at home behind the wheel than I do walking down the street. I feel elated when I start my car. I really feel that I'm in control of everything," the