Monday, February 28, 2011

Save the shalwar!

As summer approaches I see colourful billboards everywhere! Skinny models in glam make-up are wrapped in designer fabric – all to impress female consumers. The models wear long qameezes and short ones, baggy shirts and tight ones – what they do not wear are shalwars

Pakistan’s ‘ad-woman’ stuck in a time warp

Most ads in Pakistan show women as maids. Their major worries seem to be their family’s health, their complexion, hair and aging skin. All they do is cook, wash and their whole lives revolve around their family. But is this a true reflection of Pakistani women today

Facebook posting: Video clip captures mock suicide missions

A young boy dressed in black bids farewell to other children standing in a queue. The boy, around 12 years old, has his face covered with a black cloth. The children standing in the queue appear to be around four to 10 years of age

World Cup 2011: Why isn’t India prepared?

If India has one thing to learn from the Commonwealth Games debacle in New Delhi last year, it is to improve organisational skills before hosting a mega event.

Afridi, Pakistan fined for slow overs

NEW DEHLI: Pakistan captain Shahid Afridi has been fined 20 percent of his match fee and his team mates will lose 10 percent for their slow over rate in Saturday’s 11-run win against Sri Lanka, the ICC said on Sunday.

10 things I hate about World Cup fever

1. The hokey advertising. Not only do I have to endure endless matches endlessly playing themselves out on TV, I also get to watch cricketers mock-pensively recall how one bank changed their lives forever.
2. That we bank all our hopes for redemption on the promise of winning the World Cup. Pakistan’s name has been besmirched by ball-biters? That’s ok, a world cup win

YouTube video of the day: Snowfall in Lahore!

The weather took a turn for the unexpected when a hailstorm which lasted for nearly half an hour left much of Lahore covered with a layer of ice on Saturday.
The heavy hail, unusual for Lahoris, left most residents of the city astonished by the change in weather. However, many residents took to the street to enjoy the

Shabana Azmi’s emotional reunion with Faiz’s daughters

It was a tearful moment for actress Shabana Azmi, as she walked across the Wagah border into Pakistan and had an emotional reunion with famed Pakistani poet Faiz Ahmed Faiz’s two daughters.
Shabana and husband Javed Akhtar went across the border this week along with 10 theatre artists including M.S. Sathyu, Shama Zaidi, Atul Tiwari, Rajendra Gupta and Lubna Arif on an invitation from the Faiz Foundation for the Faiz Ahmed Faiz Centennial.
“Faiz is my most favourite poet of all and even

Gaddafi unflinching as rebel city fears counter-attack

Rebels awaited counter-attack by Muammar Gaddafi’s forces on Monday, after the Libyan leader defied calls for him to quit in the hardest-fought of the Arab world’s wave of uprisings so far.
Rebels holding Zawiyah, only 50 km (30 miles) west of Tripoli, said about 2,000 troops loyal to Gaddafi had surrounded the city.
“We will do our best to fight them off. They will attack soon,” said a former police major who switched sides and joined the rebellion. “If we are fighting for freedom, we are

Portman wins best actress Oscar for Black Swan

Natalie Portman won the Oscar for best actress Sunday night, a credit to her terrifying portrayal of an obsessed, paranoid ballerina in “Black Swan.”
It was Portman’s first win in two nominations and follows her supporting actress nomination for “Closer,” which was made in 2004.
Portman, 29, who lost 20 pounds in the year she prepared for the film, is in the midst of a new transformation — she wore a deep purple off-the-shoulders dress on the red carpet to accommodate her growing baby bump.

Milan fashion awaits Chinese design boom

Chinese designers will drive catwalk trends more than deep-pocketed Asian buyers as China’s creativity becomes fashions’ next big thing, top fashion executives and designers said at Milan fashion week.
Chinese newly-rich fueled a record year for sales at luxury goods makers such as LVMH, with designers such as Ralph Lauren, Ermenegildo Zegna and Prada drawing inspiration from oriental prints and crystals to cater to Asian shoppers.
“The next big issue for fashion is not China’s economic boom but Chinese creativity,” Italian trend-setter designer and retailer Elio Fiorucci said on the sidelines of a Dolce and Gabbana show.

Petroleum dealers announced to end strike in Karachi

Abdul Sami Khan, the president of Petroleum Dealers Association, on Monday announced to end the ongoing strike.
The delegation of Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) met with Petroleum Dealers in Karachi. During the meeting, the senior leader of MQM, Farooq Sattar talked with Abdul Sami Khan on telephone.
President of Petroleum Dealers Association, Abdul Sami said during talking to media that Farooq Sattar ensured to discuss the issues with federal government.
Earlier, hundreds of people staged protest against the closure of petrol pumps in different areas of Karachi.