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Sonam Kapoor: Nothing in films is easy

Sonam Kapoor is pretty vocal when it comes to scathing comments that may come not just for her own films but even those that feature her contemporaries.

"There are 200 people present on sets at any point of time and they work as dogs to make a film happen", Sonam gets emotional here, "There is a lot of effort which is put so that the work comes out well on screen. You get up at 4'o clock in the morning because you have to take a particular shot. You have to sleep well so as to stay healthy. You have to look good all the time. You have to eat well. Nothing in the world of films is easy at all."

view I HATE LUV STORYS videos

view I HATE LUV STORYS videos

Still, for audience it is the final product that matters, no matter the kind of effort that may have gone into creating the visuals on screen. What does Sonam have to say on that?

"See, it is fine if someone doesn't like the film and wants to write about it. Everyone is entitled to his or her opinion. However, before ripping it apart, look at all the aspects of what went into the film. Talk about that as well rather than criticizing it in an out and out negative manner", reasons Sonam.


She adds, "Whether a film does well eventually or not is something that the producer gets impacted most. However, for us actors too, it does hurt. Little bit chubhta toh haibecause eventually you make films to show it to people. If that doesn't happen then there is a fair bit of heartache that comes in."

Also starring Sameer Dattani in an important role, I HATE LUV STORYS is a co-production of UTV Motion Pictures and Dharma Productions. With music by Vishal-Shekhar, the film is releasing all over on 2nd July.

Now, Kareena vs Kajol



Kareena Kapoor vs Kajol sounds like a farfetched competition since Bebo has always looked up to the actress. But in the upcoming film in which the two are paired opposite, it's learnt that Kareena has overshadowed Kajol on many occasions.

The film we are talking about is Karan Johar's WE ARE FAMILY, which is the Hindi version of the hit film STEPMOM.

Those who have seen the film feel that Kareena's charm is visible all over and such is her appeal in the film that Kajol seems to have been sidelined completely.

Now, how true are these comparisons, only time will tell.

Kareena Kapoor is now online

download KAREENA KAPOOR wallpapers

download KAREENA KAPOOR wallpapers

Her official website is now up and fans are already thronging the site. The site is inventively designed by Kareena and is easy to navigate.

On the home page, Kareena has written Post-it notes for her fans. These notes will be updated regularly. One of the notes reads 'Club Kareena is my official fan club. Check out Club Kareena on Face book and Twitter.' Another note reads 'I am proud to be a part of the global 1GOAL campaign to support education for all.' Kareena is the 1st Indian actress to be associated with FIFA 1 GOAL along with the likes of Global Celebrities like Matt Damon, Jessica Alba, Kevin Spacey and Hillary Clinton and a few others in their International campaign on Education for all.

Kareena says 'This is my own site, my own space. I like the idea of leaving Post-it notes for my fans. I have created a special fan book where fans can write to me directly. Also, 1GOAL campaign will reach a number of people who are not familiar with Indian cinema. This site will be a window to India and Indian cinema.'

Kareena is India's highest-paid actress and the highest-paid endorser of brands.

When Ajay made Kangana nervous



Kangana Ranaut has done some very bold scenes in her past films. Be it GANGSTER, WOH LAMHE, FASHION, LIFE IN A METRO or RAAZ- THE MYSTERY CONTINUES, Kangana has had no qualms in performing them.

CHECK OUT: It is stupid to ask anyone for advise

However, for a scene in her upcoming film, ONCE UPON A TIME IN MUMBAAI, Kangana was very nervous and the reason behind her nervousness was Ajay Devgn.

We hear, in a romantic scene in the film, Ajay Devgn expressed his emotions through his large and intense eyes, pretty easily. This made Kangana feel inferior as she thought her eyes were not that expressive. According to Kangana, it was very challenging to act opposite Ajay, who was pretty immaculate.

We are sure that this experience of shooting with Ajay must have raised Kangana's acting skills a notch higher.

India is Likely to Ban Gmail, Skype and Blackberry

After confronting Chinese Network vendors, in a recent development, Indian Department of Telecom has decidedto ask Google, Skype and RIM to make the data available to Indian security agencies in a human readable format or face the ban.

Indian government is yet to call the mentioned companies for implementation of orders – without what it is saying these companies are helping terrorists in the country with secure and encrypted communication.

Google has said that it hasn’t received any such communication from DoT (Department of Telecom), whileSkype said that if banned, it will be “a big step backward”.

Reports say that Indian Government has also decided to amend the IT laws to make it mandatory for foreign companies that do not require a local license to provide all the data required by Indian law enforcement agencies.

Such a law would force companies such as Skype to give complete access to their networks or set up a local server in India to allow security agencies to track content.

Similar concerns were raised against Blackberry devices two years ago but the issue was put on the backburner. However, Government sources indicated that this time the concerns of the intelligence agencies will have to be addressed by all means.

Google, Skype and Blackberry may never share their data with third-party, based on their privacy policy, however, loosing a market like India may make them think otherwise. In any case, it is going to be a huge decision.

It merits mentioning here that Google has already started bowing before Chinese Government over a much hyped dispute.

Britain outlines 'agile' new foreign policy

Updated at: 1720 PST, Thursday, July 01, 2010
Britain outlines LONDON: British foreign policy under its new government will aim to "inspire others with our values of political freedom and economic liberalism", Foreign Secretary William Hague said Thursday.

Hague also stressed the coalition government's desire to build stronger ties with emerging nations in southeast Asia, Latin America, the Gulf and Africa, while insisting the US would remain "our most important relationship."

With Britain facing a tight spending squeeze as it battles to cut a record deficit, he insisted that such goals were affordable and required "more effective use" of existing resources.

Hague's comments came in his first major speech since David Cameron's government took office in May, before an audience of diplomats and journalists at the Foreign Office in London.

He called for an "agile and energetic" British foreign policy including improved bilateral relationships.

"What I call our enlightened national interest requires a foreign policy that is ambitious in what it can achieve for others as well as ourselves, that is inspired by and seeks to inspire others with our values of political freedom and economic liberalism, that is resolute in its support for those around the world who are striving to free themselves through their own efforts from poverty or political fetters," he said.

"It is not in our character as a nation to have a foreign policy without a conscience or to repudiate our obligation to help those less fortunate.

"Our foreign policy should always have consistent support for human rights and poverty reduction at its irreducible core and we should always strive to act with moral authority, recognising that once that is damaged it is hard to restore."

Britain's image in some parts of the world was damaged in recent years by its involvement in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars which the country joined under the Labour administration of Tony Blair, who was replaced in 2007 by Gordon Brown.

Blair's first foreign secretary Robin Cook vowed to pursue an "ethical dimension" to foreign policy when that government took office in 1997.

Some experts questioned whether Hague's vision was new, and whether British foreign policy could really change radically under the current economic circumstances.

George Walden, a former diplomat and Conservative lawmaker told BBC radio: "The trouble with making speeches on foreign policy is that very often, you're sculpting air.

"In present circumstances where the economic air is very thin, the speeches can become even thinner."

The $37 Laptop. For Real

Walk into any toy store and you’ll see a “laptop” “computer”, a plastic clamshell that has all of the design cues of a notebook: keyboard, screen, some ports and switches, but none of the power. It’s cheap enough to buy for (and disappoint) a kid, but it isn’t of course a real computer. It probably has a few built in games and that’s it.

The Ebay $37 laptop is almost that same machine, although it looks even more like the computers it pretends to be. It runs Windows CE on a 300 MHz ARM VIA processor with 128kb RAM and a whopping 2GB storage. The huge bezel around the tiny 7-inch 800 x 480 screen has space for a pair of speakers either side, and you even get an ethernet jack and a couple USB ports (take that, iPad) along with Wi-Fi. You can also slot-in an SD card.

What’s the catch (apart from the extraordinarily underpowered internals)? There appears to be none. These are factory seconds or items which have failed quality control tests. They may or may not come with original packaging, and they ship from Hong Kong. Sound risky? C’mon. They’re $37. What do you expect? It’s almost worth it just for the AC adapter (9 volts, if you care).

If you run into Nicholas Negroponte and he’s still trying to make his $100 OLPC, point him to this, okay?

Street Surfer Skids Into Building

Street Surfer Skids Into Building - Watch more Funny Videos

Dil-e-Abad – Title Song (Download Audio)

Dil-e-Abad – Title Song (Download Audio)

Singer: Maham Fatima
Composer: Waqar Ali
Lyrics: Saif-e-Hasan

Click on the image to download

Pizza-tossing championship in Italy

Updated at: 0852 PST, Thursday, July 01, 2010
Pizza-tossing championship in Italy ROME: It’s hosted in Salsomaggiore Terme, Italy and it gathers tens of professional pizza makers from allover the world.

The most impressive challenge of the entire contest is the pizza tossing, an acrobatic event involving the pizza dough.

As you can see from the pics, these guys are true masters tossing giant pies into the air or spinning them on their fingers like basketballs and there are even synchronized-dancers performing with pizza dough.

Must really cool to watch these guys go all out to take the title of best pizza maker in the world.

Czech Republic against Jackson’s statue

Updated at: 0848 PST, Thursday, July 01, 2010
Czech Republic against Jackson’s statue PRAGUE: Residents of Czech Republic have criticised plans to place a Michael Jackson statue, insisting that the late pop legend has no connection to the country.

City officials in Prague approved a request by Jackson fans to place a six-foot (1.83 metre) statue of the King of Pop in Letna Park, where the singer performed in 1996.

The bronze bust of the superstar was due to be unveiled on what would have been Jackson's 52nd birthday, Aug 29.

But thousands of Czechs are furious at the prospect of having a statue of the singer. A local art gallery has proposed installing a piece of work by a contemporary Czech artist instead.

MJ, as he was known, died June 25 last year.

India’s Pawar takes over as ICC president

Updated at: 0945 PST, Thursday, July 01, 2010
India’s Pawar takes over as ICC president SINGAPORE: Former Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) chief Sharad Pawar took over as International Cricket Council (ICC) president, becoming the second Indian, after Jagmohan Dalmiya, to occupy the top post.

The ICC annual conference week culminated with Pawar taking over as the seventh ICC President, succeeding Englishman David Morgan, who concludes his two-year term at the end of the week.

Dalmiya was the first Indian to be elected for the post, in 1997.

The annual conference week started with the Chief Executives` Committee (CEC) meeting and the ICC Executive Board discussing the nomination of former Australian Prime Minister John Howard for the role of ICC Vice-President.

The main agenda for the CEC meeting was the subject of the Future Tours Programme 2012-20, including possibility of having ICC Test and ODI leagues.

Meanwhile, Former Australia Prime Minister John Howard has said that he will not step aside as the nominee for the International Cricket Council’s vice-presidency despite being snubbed by the body on Wednesday.

Howard said he had been given no indication as to why his candidacy was blocked by a reported six of the 10 major cricketing nations at the ICC`s meeting in Singapore.
LHC bans trading of rotten eggsLHC bans trading of rotten eggs
Updated at: 1610 PST, Thursday, July 01, 2010

LAHORE: Lahore High Court has ordered federal and provincial governments to ban trading of rotten eggs. LHC issued the order on request of a citizen who pleaded that bakery products produced with rotten eggs were harmful for health and should be banned.Punjab Livestock Department also submitted a report saying rotten eggs were contagious to health.

Gresso-designed iPhone 4 is a joy to behold

Sure, the Apple iPhone 4 is stylish on its own with its glass-coated body, metal frame and slim profile, but it still doesn't come anywhere near the Gresso limited edition version. Available in a couple of styles (for men and for women) the Gresso-redesigned iPhone 4 costs between 3000 and 3500 US dollars.

Here is the recipe that Gresso used to cook this delicious piece of geek art. Take a luxurious case made of 200-year-old African Blackwood. Add a teaspoon of 18-karat gold on the back panel and as a final touch add a pinch of Swarovski crystals for the ladies. Now charge an arm and a leg your insanely rich customers. Yummy!

If the new design of the iPhone 4 isn't much to your liking, Gresso are also offering a luxurized edition of the iPhone 3GS and its more traditional styling. It comes in the exact same two versions and costs just as much as the iPhone 4 (remember it's the luxury materials you are paying for here, not the functionality).

The iPhone 3GS collection will be available as early as next month, while the iPhone 4 will hit the shelves in a shiny Gresso outfit in December.

Peepli Live ~ Trailer (2010) [HQ] [Aamir Khan Production]

Who is The best Bollywood Sex Siren of all time ??

















Aamir Khan joins, sets Twitter ablaze

After much persuasion from megastar Amitabh Bachchan, Bollywood actor-producer Aamir Khan has finally joined micro-blogging website Twitter. Aamir was supposed to join Twitter on July 1 but made a surprise entry on June 30.

Karan Johar welcomed the actor saying, '@aamir_khan on twitterverse people!!!' Aamir's first tweet said, "Testing. Aamir." The actor has 51000 followers within 23 hours of joining the website. The perfectionist actor, though, is only following the Big B. He tweets a ?sher? after 22 hours saying, ?Bhala gardish falak ki chain deti hai kise Insha, ganimat hai ke hum surat yahan do-chaar baithey hain. Esp for you sir. Love?.

Meanwhile, Big B welcomed Aamir by tweeting: "@aamir_khanAamir You have been tried and tested! Welcome! And thank you for agreeing to come on board! Now handle it, brother!"

And going by Aamir Khan's popularity, it seems he will set a record in cyberspace that will be difficult for many celebrities to surpass. Watch out, SRK, Salman!

Furious Emraan Hashmi hits out

It seems to be the season of speculations. Last week, it was Vivek Oberoi who was totally perplexed when rumors abound him being a part of 'Swayamwar 3' started making the rounds. There was no truth to the story and immediate reactions from him settled the issue. Now it's the turn of yet another actor to get upset. We are talking about Emraan Hashmi, who is caught in a mighty irritated mood, courtesy a news piece that signifies that he could well be one of the 13 participants in the upcoming season of 'Fear Factor' which would be hosted by Priyanka Chopra.

"Yet another baseless story which seems to be have just come out of thin air", says a close friend of Emraan who has been sounded by the actor about his displeasure, "Kahin se kuch bhi aa jaata hai, what should one clarify in such case? Tomorrow, something else will come in. So is it expected that a celebrity just stands and start giving out clarifications? This is not done."

As is apparent, a normally quiet Emraan is not at all amused this time around.

"Let alone being one of the short listed candidates for the show, he has not even been approached at all", comments his friend, "One may mention any names and say that he or she is on the list. But really, this is quite irresponsible on the part of those who are spreading the rumors. Not anyone and everyone would always be overtly excited to read things written about them. Emraan is keeping quite busy in his film assignments and doesn't have any time whatsoever to be doing reality shows for television."

As things stand today, Emraan is gearing up for the release of Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai. Post that, he heads into the dub and promotion for Crook. He would also have his Raftaar 24X7 up for release soon. In the interim, he would be doing Madhur Bhandarkar's Dil To Bachcha Hai Ji. This is not all, as before end of year, he is also expected to begin work on Kunal Deshmukh's next film. With rest of the year totally jam packed, Emraan's frustration after being made aware about these rumors is justifiable.

Emraan Hashmi "Things can't be written for the sake of it", fumes Emraan, "You can't pick a celebrity and mention something about him without first check pointing with him. It almost seems like being maligned because for no reason, you have to now roll out justifications and clarifications. Why at all? There are better things to do in a day and the conversation which I am having now doesn't hold any priority whatsoever. For the records, no one has approached me for 'Fear Factor' yet and there is no show happening for me."

What he doesn't mention though is the lack of star value which the show is struggling with. Apparently, the names which are being considered currently (after the cricketers - original choice for the show - had to back out) or were approached in last few days don't quite belong to the top league. Coming from the world of films, modelling and sports, they are yet to find a firm foot in the industry, something which was further cause of annoyance for Emraan.

"He doesn't wish to state anything about that actually", says Emraan's friend in a cautious tone, "To each his own. Everyone has a place under the sun. They have their own and fortunately Emraan has his own which is of course a little better. For some, it could be once in a lifetime opportunity, but Emraan is happy with the way his Bollywood career is going. At this point in time, he doesn't want to be distracted."

That should lay all speculations to rest.

Depressed? Planning suicide? Meet Sherlyn Chopra

Current talk about models, actors and loneliness has made Sherlyn Chopra a motivational speaker.

The sex siren says, "There are days when I feel low and disappointed. At such times, I think of those who are not as privileged as I am. I have realised that pity and power cannot co-exist.

If I want to be happy, I will certainly look for ways and means to seek happiness. I've had a dysfunctional family since the time I was a small child. I don't resent it anymore.

Instead, I look at those who have had no family. The industry that I'm a part of is the best school in the world. It's a great place to learn and unlearn." Makes sense?

Zayed and Dia to team up to produce film

Buddies Zayed Khan and Dia Mirza are planning to team up professionally to produce a film. The stars are also likely to act in their project. It is slated to be the directorial debut of Sahil Sangha, who was Nikhil Advani's assistant director for Salaam-e-Ishq.

B-Town buzz is that Dia is close to Sahil and considers him to be her 'special friend'.

Says a source, "They have been having a lot of discussions and are doing the ground work. A financier for the project is on hand. They intend to make an announcement when everything is sorted out."

Zayed and Diya have starred in films like Fight Club (2006) and Cash (2007).

Asked about her new role, Dia says, "Zayed is a good friend. Nowadays several actors are also venturing into production. It is a wonderful opportunity. There have been offers but at the moment it is too early to talk about. Once everything is chalked out only then only can we say anything."

But the source maintains, "The duo is definitely looking at learning the ropes of the production side as well. A lot of senior stars in the recent past have turned producers. Now even the younger lot are exploring the option."

Kids walked the ramp

Kids walked the ramp in style during the Pitti Immagine Bimbo fashion fair as part of the Spring/Summer 2011 collection. Here's a look at the little wonders...

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