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Court Bans The Pirate Bay From The Netherlands

In a full trial the Amsterdam Court has confirmed an earlier judgment and ordered The Pirate Bay to stop all their activities in The Netherlands. The Court ruled that the site’s operators were assisting copyright infringement. If the three ‘operators’ fail to ban Dutch users, they will have to pay penalties of 50,000 euros per day.

pirate bayIn an attempt to ensure that Dutch citizens can’t access The Pirate Bay, Dutch anti-piracy outfit BREIN took three of the tracker’s founders to court last summer.

The anti-piracy group won the case and Fredrik Neij, Gottfrid Svartholm and Peter Sunde were ordered to block Dutch users, a decision they decided to appeal.

In the verdict of the initial appeal, the Court ruled that The Pirate Bay had to remove a list of torrents linking to copyrighted works and make their website inaccessible to Dutch visitors. This ruling was confirmed yesterday in a full trial by the Amsterdam Court.

The judge ruled that The Pirate Bay itself is not necessarily guilty of copyright infringement. However, according to the Court, the site’s operators assist in copyright infringement by allowing and encouraging its users to share torrents.

Previously, the defendants had argued that they were not the owners of the site, but a Seychelles-based company named Reservella. The Court rejected this defense as the defendants could not name the current owners or provide any documents proving that the site was sold. It concluded that the three defendants are responsible for the site.

In an appeal of one of the earlier cases against BREIN the defendants hired a lawyer to represent them, but in the full trial the defendants did not show up or defend themselves.

The Amsterdam Court ruled that Fredrik, Gottfrid and Peter will now have to pay penalties of 50,000 euros per day if they don’t comply. However, based on their previous inaction and the claims that they are no longer responsible for The Pirate Bay, it is unlikely that Dutch users will be cut off.

The worrying thing for other BitTorrent site owners is that BREIN might use this case as a precedent in an attempt to get other big torrent sites offline. If that’s the case, the effects of the current judgement might be more severe that they appear at the moment.

In the meantime, BREIN has been anticipating and making the best of The Pirate Bay’s lack of response by starting a lawsuit against Dutch ISP Ziggo, demanding it blocks user access to The Pirate Bay website.

US army reports 32 suicides in June

US army reports 32 suicides in June WASHINGTON: U.S. Army suffered 32 suicides in June, the highest number for a single month since January 2009, when the suicide rate in the Army began to spike.

The boost in the number of suicides in June was likely driven by the "continued stresses on the force" caused by the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, said Col. Chris Philbrick, the director of the Army's suicide prevention task force.

The June numbers, however, represent a disappointing setback and suggest that, after nine years of combat, the Army is showing some serious signs of strain. The results from the first two weeks of July suggest that the suicide rate for this month will not be as high.

In the first six months of the year, 80 active-duty soldiers committed suicide or are suspected of having committed suicide, down from 88 in the same period last year. The Army National Guard, by contrast, had 65 suicides in the first six months, up from 42 in that period last year.

The Army's suicide rate in 2009 exceeded the rate among civilians for the first time in decades.

The total number of Army suicides in June was about the same as the number of Army troops killed in Afghanistan last month, the deadliest month of the war for U.S. and NATO forces.

Pakistan gets technology to preserve mangoes

Pakistan gets technology to preserve mangoes

KARACHI: Pakistan has got the technology to preserve mangoes for 40 days, which will help to export mangoes through ship with much lesser cost. A mango exporter Abdul Qadeer Durrani told Geo News that export of mangoes to European countries through airways costs Rs.125 per kilogram whereas the same quantity costs Rs.15 via ship. Hundred tons of mangoes have been exported during current season, he added.

Salman Butt to lead Pakistan

Salman Butt to lead Pakistan

LONDON: Opnening batsman Salman Butt has been selected as Captain for the rest of the England series, while wicketkeeper Kamran Akmal will be his vice captain, Geo News reported.This was decided in a meeting chaired by PCB boss Ejaz Butt here today.Captain Shahid Afridi in a surprisingly announcement said he will retire from Test cricket after the second neutral Test against Australia in Leeds.

Serial blasts hit Lahore

Serial blasts hit Lahore LAHORE: Two simultaneous blasts occurred in Lahore on Saturday, Geo News reported.

According to initial reports, three persons sustained injuries in a blast occurred in a net café in Ghari Shahu. The injured were rushed to a nearby hospital.

Another explosion happened near juice corner in Begum Kot area. Prior to blasts, journalists received SMS threatening three blasts will occurr in different areas of Lahore today.

A previously unknown organization Tahreek-e-Tahfuz Pakistan has claimed responsibility of the blasts.

What a laugh!

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Patriot Dog

Best and Worst Ridiculous Fast Food Innovations

Fast food. Is there anything better than the feeling of tearing into a burger wrapper and going to town? McDonalds, Taco Bell and Jack in the Box are as ubiquitous as air. As our favorite fast food places grow and evolve, there will be nowhere left on the planet to hide from their deep-fried and delicious haze. And evolve they have. We’ve come a long way from Ray Kroc's vision of a simple hamburger on every plate. These restaurants make all kinds of nutty stuff now. Some of these, um, unique ideas have become mainstays in the cultural landscape. Others, however, have crashed and burned harder than a Titanic made out of Chicken McNuggets. Join us as we count down the best (and worst) innovations in fast food. Calories indicated where available.


KFC – Double Down (540 Calories)

A lot of health groups come down on this monstrosity. After all, it’s a bacon, cheese and sauce sandwich with fried chicken patties as buns. But how bad can it be for you, really? There is no bread! Somewhere, Dr. Atkins is gently smiling down on us all. Shine on you crazy diamond.

Pizza Hut – Double Roll Pizza (646 Calories per slice)

The Japanese get all the luck. First, they get most video games before the rest of the world, and now this. The Pizza Hut Double Roll. Take a look at this picture and try not to marvel at Pizza Hut's stuft crust cajones. This beast has bacon-wrapped hot dogs in the crust and it’s topped with mini-hamburgers, mushrooms, soy beans, corn, paprika, garlic chips, green peppers, and pepperoni. Somebody call the dude from "Man vs Food."

White Castle – Chicken Rings (530 Calories - 6 rings)

What a gross idea, right? Like, onion rings, but with, you know, meat. Well leave it to the culinary masters at WhiteCastle. There is a reason the place was the inspiration for the best stoner film in recent memory. These things are surprisingly good! So, so wrong yet so, so right.

McDonalds – McGriddles (420 Calories - Bacon, Egg, and Cheese)

When the McGriddle launched it befuddled regular eaters and fascinated those solely dedicated to culinary irony. It’s easy to see why. These sandwiches are like old-school McD's breakfast sandwiches, but the breads are syrup-infused pancakes. You read that right. Not only are they pancakes, they are infused with syrup. Science! Also, McGriddles taste great. Just be careful of the patented "McDonald's breakfast stomach ache" that follows.

In-N-Out – "Animal Style" Fries (560 Calories)

How do you make In-N-Out’s fresh-cut fries even more delicious? Dump melted cheese, spread, and grilled onions on top! Fries "Animal Style", found on the company’s "Secret Menu", are a fan favorite at this popular West-coast food chain. Ask for them by name.

Fatburger – XXXL Burger

The greatest invention in fast food history is probably the really, really big burger. Is there anything more American? In that case, call Fatburger Thomas Jefferson. They created the big daddy to end all big daddies, The XXXL Burger. This 24 oz burger holds three patties, eggs, bacon, cheese and some "vegetables" so you can feel good about yourself. This may be a heart attack waiting to happen, but at least it’ll be a tasty one.

Burger King – Chicken Fries (380 Calories - 9 pieces)

French fries can get boring. They are always the sad little potato. We aren't in Ireland anymore, guys. It's time to advance the aesthetic. Burger King, in their infinite wisdom, decided to take matters in their own hands. They mashed up some chicken parts, squashed them into fry-shapes and deep-fried them. Voila, Chicken Fries were born. Great with ranch sauce.

Jack in the Box – Pita Snacks (407 Calories - Crispy Chicken)

These "snacks" are actually "tacos" with pita bread instead of tortillas. Shh. Still, the heaviness of the pita bread works well with the various meat fillings. A surprisingly delicious, um, snack. Jack should just call them pita tacos or something though.

Kenny Rogers Roasters - Muffin Submarine

I don't know what is weirder: The fact that this wondrous ice-cream treat is available only in Malaysia or the fact that they have Kenny Rogers Roasters in Malaysia. This treat features three scoops of ice cream floating over a bed of, well, muffins. Kind of cool, right? Thanks Kenny!

McDonalds – McRib (500 Calories)

McRib sandwiches are the rare Pokemon of the fast food world. They poke their heads out a couple of times a year, and it’s up to you to catch ‘em. This tasty rib sandwich resembles a school lunch in the best way possible. Keep an eye out at your local McDonalds for the next time it’ll make an appearance.


McDonalds – McLobster

Seriously, if you want lobster are you going to go to McDonalds to get it? This sandwich was doomed from the beginning. It didn't help that it’s basically some days-old lobster thrown on a bun with virtually no accoutrements. Keep an eye out for McFoisGras and McTruffles coming soon.

Chick-Fil-A – Carrot and Raisin Salad (170 Calories)

Chick-Fil-A has some of the best fried-chicken sandwiches in the world. There is no arguing that fact. They shouldn’t be wasting their time with this rabbit food. Well made versions of this weird veggie and dried fruit salad may be a staple in southern homes, but it sure feels out of place in a deep-fried wonderland.

Domino's – Bread Bowl Pasta (670 - 740 Calories)

"So good," the tagline goes, "you’ll devour the bowl." Then you’ll double over in pain and marvel at your brand new chin. It’s a bunch of gross Domino’s pasta inside of a gross Domino’s bread bowl. The worst of both worlds. Avoid this at all costs, unless you hate yourself.

Burger King – Burger King dinner service

In the halcyon days of 1993. Burger King decided to get classy. They started hiring waiters and dropping bowls of popcorn on every table. They wanted to reinvent themselves as a real restaurant. There was only one problem. It was still Burger King. The experiment was soon discontinued and we all breathed a sigh of relief.

McDonalds – Hula Burger

Ray Kroc was a genius, but the man was not infallible. His idea to attract Roman Catholics who avoided meat on Fridays was this, um, Hulaburger. The sandwich was basically a cheeseburger but with a thick slice of pineapple instead of meat. Customers rejected the sandwich and it was soon discontinued. However, the McFish served the same role and continues to dominate to this day.

Taco Bell – Pacific Shrimp Taco (180 Calories)

This sounds great on paper. A soft-shell taco filled with six marinated shrimp, lettuce, salsa and avocado ranch sauce. This fantasy ends, however, as soon as you take a bite. Let’s put it this way, seafood and Taco Bell aren’t exactly bosom buddies. They are more like sworn life-long enemies.

KFC – Famous Mashed Potato Bowl (700 Calories)

This product combines mashed potatoes, chicken, corn, cheese and gravy. Then it piles it all together into a bowl. Then you eat it and curse your maker. It’s sort of like watching your alcoholic father sadly pile food into his gullet with the sole purpose of getting his body ready for a night of binge drinking. Sigh.

Long John Silver's – Baja Fish Taco (250 Calories)

Fast food and fish go together like happiness and life-debilitating stomach aches. This one adds insult to injury by inexplicably adding "crumblies." These "crumblies" are just pieces of fried god-knows-what that were trucked in from god-knows-where. It’s the deep-fried equivalent of "mystery meat."

Burger King – BK Veggie Burger (420 Calories)

The story goes that this vegetarian burger used to actually taste pretty good. However, vegetarian groups began protesting that the burger was grilled in the same location as the meat products, thus compromising it’s vegetarian-ness. Burger King’s solution? Cook that sucker in the microwave. You'd be hard pressed to find a blander tasting item at a fast food joint.

Google buys Metaweb to improve results for complex search queries

Google moved to better its search results by acquiring Metaweb, a San Francisco based company that maintains an open database of "things," and their relationships to one another. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.
Metaweb's database currently includes some 12 million items, including places, notable people, companies, and movies. Queries to the Google search algorithm would return more relevant results as a result of the company's technology, the company claims.
"What about 'colleges on the west coast with tuition under $30,000' or 'actors over 40 who have won at least one Oscar?' These are hard questions, and we've acquired Metaweb because we believe working together we'll be able to provide better answers," Google product management chief Jack Menzel said in a blog post.
At first glance it appears that the technology would enable Google to handle more explicit queries accurately, akin to what has attempted to do with its plain language support. Google can already handle some basic queries to a specific answer the searcher may look for -- for example the capital of a country -- but cannot go much further than that.
It would also improve searches where the intention of the searcher may be difficult to ascertain from the query itself. For example, some search terms may have more than one possible result: Metaweb's technologies would help the search engine return possibly more relevant results.
The openness of Metaweb's database, dubbed Freebase, means that for the first time Google would begin to rely on data that wasn't compiled or managed in-house. The search company said the two companies would keep Freebase open.
"We plan to contribute to and further develop Freebase and would be delighted if other web companies use and contribute to the data," Menzel added.
Google has already stepped into the open knowledge database field with its Knol product, however that product is separate from its search functions.
More on Metaweb's technology can be found in this YouTube video.

Last month was the hottest June recorded worldwide, figures show

World temperature anomalies in June 2010View larger picture
World temperature anomalies in June 2010 Photograph: NCDC/NESDIS/NOAA
Last month was the hottest June ever recorded worldwide and the fourth consecutive month that the combined global land and sea temperature records have been broken, according to the US government's climate data centre.
The figures released last night by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) suggest that 2010 is now on course to be the warmest year since records began in 1880.
The trend to a warmer world is now incontrovertible. According to NOAA, June was the 304th consecutive month with a combined global land and surface temperature above the 20th-century average. The last month with below-average temperatures was February 1985. Each of the 10 warmest average global temperatures recorded since 1880 have occurred in the last 15 years with the previous warmest first half of a year in 1998.
Temperature anomalies included Spain, which experienced its coolest June temperature since 1997, and Guizhou in southern China, which had its coolest June on record. According to Beijing Climate Centre, Inner Mongolia, Heilongjiang, and Jilin experienced their warmest June since their records began in 1951.
Scientists expressed surprise that the June land surface temperature exceeded the previous record by 0.11C (0.20F). "This large difference over land contributed strongly to the overall global land and ocean temperature anomaly," said John Leslie, a spokesman for NOAA.
Separate satellite data from the US National Snow and Ice Data Centre in Colorado shows that the extent of sea ice in the Arctic was at its lowest for any June since satellite records started in 1979. The icy skin over the Arctic Ocean grows each winter and shrinks in summer, reaching its annual low point in September. The monthly average for June 2010 was 10.87 km sq. The ice was declining an average of 88,000 sq km per day in June.
In a further possible sign of a warming world, the Jakobshavn Isbrae glacier, one of the largest in Greenland, lost a 2.7-square mile chunk of ice and retreated one mile between 6-7 July – one of the largest single losses to a glacier ever recorded.
The glacier, a tongue of the Greenland ice sheet, has retreated six miles since 2000 and more than 27 miles since 1850. It is believed to be the single largest contributor to sea level rise in the northern hemisphere.
Greenland's ice sheet, a vast body of ancient ice covering 1.7m sq km, is melting today more rapidly than only a few decades ago. Since 2000, the ice sheet is calculated to have lost about 1,500 cubic kilometres of water– enough to raise global sea levels by 5mm . If the entire ice sheet melted, the world's oceans would rise by over six metres.
Glaciologists expressed surprise at the speed of the break-up of the glacier: "This is unusual because it occurs on the heels of a warm winter that saw no sea ice form in the surrounding bay ... it lends credence to the theory that warming of the oceans is responsible for the ice loss observed throughout Greenland and Antarctica," said Nasa scientist Thomas Wagner.
"These are clear signs of a rapidly warming world and exactly what the climate models have predicted. Thankfully, there is a way out of it if we can get greenhouse gas emissions under control," said Ben Stewart of Greenpeace.

Man Forced to Marry Girlfriend

Peanut Optimism

posted by: Heesa Phadie
This little guy is one of the more optimistic I’ve seen recently. He’s certainly got bigger eyes than stomach. I’ve been known to eat like this too though. I don’t blame this cute little bugger. I give him the award for The World’s Most Ambitious Squirrel.

Demonoid Blocks Taiwan and China After DoS Attack

Demonoid is without doubt one of the best known BitTorrent trackers on the Internet. Unfortunately, this Internet fame makes the tracker a target for numerous DoS attacks. Following one of the latest attacks Demonoid has decided to block many Taiwanese and Chinese IP-ranges.

demonoidDemonoid is one of the biggest torrent sites around. Hosted to the west of Russia in Ukraine, the site has settled outside the reach of the various anti-piracy outfits that previously tried to shutter the tracker.

Threats from the movie and music industry aside, Demonoid has also been the target for dozens of large and small DoS attacks. Usually these attacks only slow the site down a bit, and in the worst case they result in several hours of downtime before Demonoid staff takes care of the problem.

During mid-June reports started to come in to TorrentFreak from Chinese and Taiwanese Demonoid users who complained that the site was inaccessible to them. Both the site and tracker were no longer functioning. Browsers reported a “server not found” error and torrents with a Demonoid tracker returned a “error: hostname not found” message.

For the affected users this could mean only two things. Since Demonoid was working fine in other countries, either Chinese and Taiwanese ISPs has started to block Demonoid’s website and tracker, or the people running Demonoid had decided to block IP-ranges from these countries.

To find out more about the origin of the connection issues, a TorrentFreak reader based in Taiwan decided to contact his Internet provider, who dismissed the first option after some investigating.

“We cannot access either,” he was informed by his ISP. “We attempted to access the site via the other ISPs in Taiwan but all these attempts failed. We determined that there is no connection problem. The Demonoid server is rejecting all requests from Taiwanese IP-addresses.”

Despite the fact that Demonoid’s owner has never responded to our inquiries in the past, we asked for a comment on the blocking issue and got a swift response. Indeed, as we initially guessed, Demonoid is actively blocking IP-ranges in Taiwan and parts of China because that’s where the DoS attacks come from.

“There is a DoS coming mostly from there,” Demonoid’s admin told TorrentFreak in a brief reply.

We have yet to receive an answer to the question whether the block is temporary or permanent. In the meantime, affected users can bypass the restrictions by using a VPN-service. Both ItsHidden and VPNReactor offer free, but limited accounts.

Demonoid’s servers.. Made in Taiwan


10 Funny USB Flash Drives

Funny USB Flash Drives
I may work on the computer but I definitely wouldn’t consider myself a computer person.  So what exactly is a “computer person?”  I’m assuming these are the people that customize their PC’s and Laptops with a degree of seriousness that an artist might have when doing a painting.
But some people do it with a degree of humor.  And that’s something that I think we should all aspire for.  When you’re saving files why not do it with a smile on your face?
Here are 10 funny USB Flash Drives….
Funny USB Flash Drives
Funny USB Flash Drives
Funny USB Flash Drives
Funny USB Flash Drives
Funny USB Flash Drives
Funny USB Flash Drives
Funny USB Flash Drives
Funny USB Flash Drives
Funny USB Flash Drives

U.S. Authorities Shut Down WordPress Host With 73,000 Blogs

After the U.S. Government took action against several sites connected to movie streaming recently, nerves are jangling over the possibility that this is just the beginning of a wider crackdown. Now it appears that a free blogging platform has been taken down by its hosting provider on orders from the U.S. authorities on grounds of “a history of abuse”. More than 73,000 blogs are out of action as a result.

Hot on the heels of recent threats from Vice President Joe Biden and Intellectual Property Enforcement Coordinator Victoria Espinel directed at sites offering unauthorized movies and music, last month U.S. authorities targeted several sites they claimed were connected to the streaming of infringing video material.

Operation In Our Sites‘ targeted several sites including, Movies-Links.TV,,,,,, and In almost unprecedented action, the domain names of 7 sites were seized and indications are that others – The Pirate Bay and MegaUpload – narrowly avoided the same fate.

Fears remain, however, that this action is only the beginning, and that more sites will be targeted as the months roll on. Indeed, TorrentFreak has already received information that other sites, so far unnamed in the media, are being monitored by the authorities on copyright grounds.

Now, according to the owner of a free WordPress platform which hosts more than 73,000 blogs, his network of sites has been completely shut down on the orders of the authorities. has been with host BurstNet for 7 months but on Friday July 9th the site disappeared. The following Monday the owner received an email from BurstNet:

“We notified him [the Blogetery owner] when we terminated it [the server], and we refunded him his money to his account, because he has other servers with us If he wants the refund to his card, we can easily do that. However, it should be the least of his concerns,” A BurstNet representative later confirmed.

“Simply put: We cannot give him his data nor can we provide any other details. By stating this, most would recognize that something serious is afoot.”

Due to the fact that the authorities aren’t sharing information and BurstNet are sworn to secrecy, it is proving almost impossible to confirm the exact reason why Blogetery has been completely taken down. The owner does, however, admit to handling many copyright-related cease and desists in the past, albeit in a timely manner as the DMCA requires.

Nevertheless, a couple of quick Google searches which are likely to turn up blogs which link to copyright material appear to do just that – here, here and here. That said, on any network this large this type of activity is bound to happen. Many thousands of blogs on the same platform would have been perfectly legal.

“All of the users are without service just like when the Pirate Bay raids happened and all the people who were on the host sites were also taken down,” pointed out an annoyed Blogetery user who contacted TorrentFreak. “I have lost my personal site also and I don’t have any way to contact the owner since his contact info was on the site & that was the only way to contact him.”

Indeed, 73,000 blogs is a significant number to take down in one swoop, regardless of what some users of the site may or may not have been doing. Time will tell if it was indeed a copyright complaint that took down the service but the signs are certainly there. Not so long ago the conclusion that this type of action could be taken on copyright grounds would have been dismissed out of hand, but the current atmosphere seems to be changing.

Apple gets all defensive, free iPhone 4 cases for everyone

Apple just finished off its press conference dedicated on the iPhone 4 reception issues leaving us quite puzzled, to say the least. At one point Steve Jobs was saying that every phone has a weak spot, then he claimed everybody makes mistakes but Apple is quick to fix theirs so that's why they have loyal users. Apple wants its users happy and since everyone cries for free cases, they will give away free cases. But not because they've messed up, but only because "they loves their users".
How about that? Apparently the problem with the iPhone 4 antenna had been blown way out of proportion by the "bad press". The iPhone 4 reputation obviously has been ruined by its incorrect signal representation (now fixed in today's 4.0.1 update) and the easily accessible weak spot.
"There is no perfect phone." - says Apple's CEO, Steve Jobs. This may very well be true, but we never heard of another phone dropping calls when held in the most natural of ways.
iPhone 4 Antennagate iPhone 4 Antennagate 
The iPhone 4 antenna issues were the press conference main topic
Afterwards they treated us to several slides, suggesting that only a minor portion of users were troubled by the iPhone 4 flawed antenna design.
iPhone 4 Antennagate 
According to Apple, the iPhone 4 issues are only troubling a small percentage of its users
Okay, let’s explain how this works – when it’s a design issue, it means that EVERY user will have it. Of course those lucky enough to live in an area with very strong signal will be less affected by it, but that’s a whole different story.
Obviously only about 0.5 percent of all customers complained directly to Apple about reception issues. But how about that everyone who opened a tech site for the past two weeks (or knew a guy who did) was perfectly aware what was going on and knew that this call will do them no good.
At least Apple decided to do the decent thing and give a free case to every iPhone 4 user. Plus they are willing to waive the restocking fee for everyone who wants to return the handset in the next 30 days. Just bear in mind that it’s not the Bumpers that Apple is giving away but some other type of cases by another manufacturer. User will even have some kind of choice.
iPhone 4 Antennagate iPhone 4 Antennagate iPhone 4 Antennagate 
Every iPhone 4 user is eligible to receive a free case or a full refund
Steve Jobs also mentioned the other big issue with the iPhone 4 – its faulty proximity sensor. He promises they are already working on a fix for that and it will be coming with a future software update. Not much of a consolation really, as proximity sensor problems, unlike antenna issues have been troubling even people in areas with great coverage.
iPhone 4 Antennagate 
The proximity sensor is the next thing they are going to fix on the iPhone 4
Now you can bet that being treated like fools and being told that there is no problem when it’s pretty clear that a problem exists is not our favorite thing. Still we cannot see Apple doing much better than this – you didn’t really expect them to recall all phones and replace them at an indefinite time in the future when they come up with a better design, did you?
So that’s about it for now, we’ll keep you posted when we get more info about those promised cases. And of course we will continue hoping that Apple come up with a solution and fix the problem in some future batch of handsets.
P.S. Steve Jobs confirmed they're right on track with the next wave of iPhone availability scheduled for the 30 July. 17 more countries will get the iPhone 4 then. Plus the white iPhone 4 is expected to ship in the end of July too.
iPhone 4 Antennagate iPhone 4 Antennagate