Tuesday, August 17, 2010

HP Envy 14: Plenty of Power in a Stylish Package

Because I'm the editor in charge of laptop coverage here at PC World, I'm quite often asked, "Which notebook should I buy?" Only slightly less often am I asked

Prachi Desai has a crush on Shahid Kapoor

Recently, they met at a social event and exchanged

The Expendables movie DOWNLOAD NOW bigest movie of the year

Entity Paradigm [eP] – Shor Macha (Audio/Video Review)

by Irum Yousuf
Entity Paradigm (EP) has finally hit the masses with their yearned awaited new single “Shor Macha”, sponsored by Djuice. This is one of the biggest booming and victorious come backs for a band in the chronicle of Music especially in our fragment of the sphere. This

4 Man show 15th August 2010

Nokia X3: Where Touchscreen and Keypad Meet

Nokia has a new feature phone out, Nokia X3, and its claim to fame is something Nokia calls Touch and Type: a rarely seen combination between a touchscreen and a fairly standard 16-button keypad. Nokia calls the phone X3, but to differ from theearlier Nokia phones by the same name, it also goes by the name Nokia X3-02.
Feature-wise, it’s a fairly standard mid-range phone, with a 5-megapixel camera, 3G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 2.1, music player and FM radio. It sports a 9.6mm thick, brushed aluminum casing, available in five colors.
The operating system that powers the phone is

Xbox Live Comes to Windows Phone 7: Here’s the Games Lineup

An email from Microsoft tonight tells us that Windows Phone 7 will be launching with a whole roster of Xbox Live games to push the envelope of mobile gaming.
A grand total of 63 games from have been announced today, and more will be available by the device’s holiday-season launch. The games include well-known titles such as Castlevania and Guitar Hero, classically inspired numbers such as Frogger, casual games that include Bejeweled and many more.
We’re told that Windows Phone 7 will integrate all the aspects of Xbox Live that hardcore gamers love: Multiplayer, messaging, leaderboards, full game library access and more.
Windows Phone 7’s gaming content will come from Xbox Live, Microsoft Game Studios, and major and independent game publishers. Some of

Nokia N8 last Nseries to run Symbian : N9 confirmed

We've heard the rumors, but it seems CNET Australia has it on good authority that the N9 will be the

*** SRK - Katrina TEAMED UP ? ***

Another combination people are extremely keen to watch is that of Shah Rukh Khan and Katrina Kaif. There's talk that at

My wives may be Hindu but my kids will always follow only Islam: Aamir Khan

My wives may be Hindu but my kids will always follow only Islam: Aamir KhanAamir Hussain Khan hails from a typically staunch, conservative and orthodox Muslim family originating from the

Deepika ready to date, Neil keen to change his single status

When in doubt, ask the Stars! Would Deepika be open to dating fans also once in a while? Or are Deepika's link-ups with various co-stars just a marketing gimmick? IsNeil Nitin Mukesh keen to keep his single status or looking for his lady love? Will Deepika get back with Ranbir? 

These are just a few of the several questions which will be answered by the stars in an absolutely candid conversation with their fans.


When asked by a fan about the secret of her several link-ups, Deepika says, "Is there a

Katrina Kaif in pain

Katrina Kaif was on the receiving end of some real pain while shooting for Farah Khans film TEES MAAR KHAN.

view TEES MAAR KHAN stills

According to sources, while shooting for one of the

Flobi robot head realistic enough to convey emotions, not realistic enough to give children nightmares (hopefully)

We've seen our fair share of robots meant to convey emotions, and they somehow never fail to creep us out on some level. At least Flobi, the handiwork of

Robot sells ice cream, we love him for it

Now, two of our favorite things in the world just so happen to be ice cream and robots. So combining the two could only lead to awesome things, right? Well, that's

Microsoft Kinect for Xbox 360 launching on November 10 in Europe

While Microsoft's new controller-free Kinect for Xbox 360 will be hitting US shores on November 4th, we've just learned that it'll officially land in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa on November 10th. Sure, that's a bit of a wait, but take heart in knowing that Microsoft's targeting an October launch of itsXbox Live lovin' Windows Phone 7 handsets in Europe compared to a November release in the US. Otherwise, we're looking at the same 15 exclusive Kinect game titles already announced at E3.

PTCL Suffers Rs 2.5 Billion Loss Due to Floods

Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) suffered a loss of Rs 2.5 billion due to recent floods in different parts of the country as over

Warid Offers Ramadan Hourly Package

Warid Hourly Package 300x129 Warid Offers Ramadan Hourly Package
Ramadan brought some great deals for customers and same is the case with Warid that has endorsed its Crazy Hour as “Hourly Package”
With this package, Warid customers can make as much calls as they want in the specific 2 hours of the day, at the cost of Rs.3+ tax.
Customers have a choice to select any

PTCL Employees Went on Strike over Salary Differences

PTCL employees observed full day strike over “Salary Package 2010” that offers 50 percent pay raise of their salaries in year 2008.
Strike resulted into a virtual halt of

15 Things You Didn’t Know About Death

                                                        Click on the pic and zoom it

Interesting Facts About The White House (Infographic)

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How to Get Your Neighbor's Dog to Shut Up (PIC)

13-Year-Old Fights for Grandfather's Life on Facebook

About two months ago, 13-year-old Logan Ludwig was told that his grandfather, a well-regarded police officer of 19 years, had stage-four lung cancer. A sad story, yes, but it

Skateboarding priest becomes YouTube hit

A Hungarian Roman Catholic priest has become a YouTube hit with

Gender-Bending Chemical Detected in 91 Percent of Canadians

The industrial chemical Bisphenol A, which has been linked to developmental and reproductive problems and mimics estrogen, is present in roughly 91 percent of the

New Delhi citizens turn traffic police on Facebook

 Lanes often dissolve into meaningless white lines painted on roads.
Slow three-wheeled taxis splutter right in the

Beware of fake Facebook 'dislike' button

(CNN) -- Lots of people think the Internet is a bit too chipper -- so much so that they'veclamored for a "dislike" button on Facebook, which, to date, only officially allows people to

Facebook May Make Location Announcement Wednesday

We’ve just received an invitation to visit Facebook’s Palo Alto campus on Wednesday to get “an update on the service’s features and products,” and rumor has

Katrina decided the COLOUR of her Wedding Outfit

Katrina Kaif has no plans to get married anytime soon, but she

EXCLUSIVE |:| Aamir in 'Dhoom 3' ? |:| EXCLUSIVE

By Taran Adarsh, August 17, 2010

Has Aditya Chopra roped in Aamir Khan for the third installment of DHOOM? Believe me, everyone's keen to know the answer to

Emotional Atyachar - The Film