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100 % true story of Two Innocent Brothers Killed In Sialkot must watch

Column Kaar – 28th August 2010

9 people you see in Walmart after midnight

people at walmart 9 people you see in Walmart after midnight
I carry very odd hours. And unfortunately I live in a place where the closest place open near me after midnight is the local Walmart. Now Walmart has it’s pros and it’s cons, but one thing I think we can all agree on is that it has a unique cast of characters all unto its own. I’ve found that these are

17 Wives and 84 Children - whatelse this man did in his life?

Two Innocent Brothers Killed In Sialkot....(FULL VIDEO) 18+

When a Lion meets a Woman

9 11 case reopened.. have a look

Cute Call From Baby Girl to Demolish Her School

Hilton arrested for alleged cocaine possession

Paris Hilton was arrested Friday night on drug charges, according to police in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Paris Hilton was arrested Friday night on drug charges, according to police in Las Vegas, Nevada.

 Paris Hilton was released from a Las Vegas, Nevada, jail Saturday morning after being arrested late the night before on suspicion of cocaine possession, police said

American Idol 2008 Results and Her Reaction - Speechless

Worst day of her life. Indeed she is a die-hard fan.

Annie Rupani Miss Pakistan World 2010

Two Innocent Brothers Killed In Sialkot Crisis Cell report

Warid Glow Free GPRS [Hack]


glow Warid Glow Free GPRS [Hack]Warid’s Glow Free GPRS hack is on the rise these days, many well-known forums have made image guided and video lessons to teach you how to activate this hack and how to use the GPRS for free to connect PC internet, some individuals also released modded versions of many java apps.
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Lindsay Lohan ropes in Britney's manager for finances

Troubled star Lindsay Lohan, who has completed her stint in jail and rehab, is planning to undergo a Britney Spears like transformation to get her career back on track.

The actress has roped in Lou Taylor, the businesswoman behind Spears' finances, to manage her money. Spears' manager, Larry Rudolph, is also believed to be interested in getting involved in Lohan's music career, New York Post reported.

"Lou has been working on fashion deals for Lindsay including the Marc Ecko ads and a deal with a Russian fashion  company. Larry Rudolph was like a father figure to Britney, and Lou is referring some business to him," a source close to

Avatar has footage which will never be seen: Cameron

Acclaimed Hollywood filmmaker James Cameron has revealed that there is some footage of his film Avatar that will never be seen by the audiences.

The film, which broke box office records when it was released last year - taking $2.7 billion worldwide, is being re-released this week with an added nine minutes of footage.

"There are things you will never see. But there's a whole lot of stuff that will definitely satisfy the appetite of even the most hard-core fan in a big box-set DVD that we're actually preparing right now," quoted Cameron as saying.

Cameron has also revealed that he is already planning a sequel of the movie that may explore the waters of Pandora, but he may take on another project

Eminem, Elton John top list of most surprising duets

Rapper Eminem and British singer Elton John have topped a list of the most surprising duets in the history of music.

The pair's 2001 Grammy Award performance of Eminem's hit track 'Stan' beat Aerosmith and Run D M C's 'Walk This Way', which had reached number eight in the UK in 1986, in the list compiled by Entertainment Weekly magazine.

The third place was grabbed by Dusty Springfield and Pet Shop Boys' duet 'What Have I Done To Deserve This'.

Other musical collaborations that featured in the top ten were Bing Crosby and David Bowie's Christmas hit 'Peace On Earth/Little Drummer Boy' and Nick Cave and Kylie Minogue's 'Where The

MJ's kids attend school for the first time

The late Thriller hitmaker's three kids - Prince, 13, Paris, 12, and eight-year-old Blanket, were tutored at home under the instruction of Jackson, who was determined to keep his children out of the public eye, reported.

After Jackson's death last year in June at the age of 50 due to a drug overdose, the youngsters were placed in the custody of their grandmother Katherine, who announced plans to send them to public school and allow them to mix with their peers.

She has now got Prince and Paris enrolled at an exclusive school in California, whose alumni include stars like Matthew Perry, Nicole Richie, Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian.

The two children enjoyed their first day at

Nike Air Maxes get a Wii Balance Board infusion

Recently Nike -- a shoe company that seems to enjoy a side dish of tech from time to time -- challenged 78 artists to "hack" its shoes and come up with

Ciclotte exercise bike goes from concept to product

We can't say we had too much hope that the futuristic-looking Ciclotte exercise bike concept we saw last year would ever turn into an

Dual SIM iPhone 4 case gives your multiple personality disorder a new lease on life

Sure, there are any number of phones with dual SIM card slots, most of them built for Asian markets, but the iPhone 4 is about the furthest thing from

VIDEO ..Protest by TV artists against Sialkot incident

The artists and the literary community of Karachi, under the banner of ‘Voice of the Civil Society (VOTCS)’ came together at the Karachi Arts Council to protest against the inhumane lynching incident in Sialkot.

Snapped: Katrina Kaif in a Hi-flying Shoot!

Bollywood actress Katrina Kaif can easily boast of having endorsed the biggest brands and products.
The kitty of endorsement deals just got bigger with UAE’s national airways Etihad announcing their brand ambassador – Katrina Kaif of course!
The airlines had an out-and-out fashion shoot with Katrina and a fun video choreographed by Farah Khan. Take a look at more pictures:

The focus is just on Katrina and her clothes rather than the interiors of the plane. Not to mention, she couldn’t have enough of

A 'heartening' video message from Chile's trapped miners

Footage of the 33 men stranded in a collapsed gold mine shows that there's room for fun, even in their cramped and dire situation

The video shows the miners singing, playing cards and in generally good spirits.

The video: In a newly released video (watch below), the 33 Chilean miners trapped for the past three weeks nearly half a mile underground appear to be in good spirits. Shot on a miniature camera lowered through the borehole connecting the men to the surface, the 45-minute video shows the miners singing, praising their colleagues and even playing dominoes. "We have organized everything very well down here," says the cameraman. Officials estimate that the men will remain trapped in the mine for at least four months. 
The reaction: This "heartening" video shows the true "strength of the human spirit," says Debbie Turner in Only Kent. It will certainly offer "hope and consolation to the men’s families." The miners are doing admirably, despite their "horrible" situation, says Dan Amira in New Yorkmagazine. All in all, their situation seems kind of "like taking a four-month-long vacation with your

Scientists equipped with the secrets of the human genome are getting closer to cures for diseases and longer life spans.

Scientists are increasingly able to grow human parts in a laboratory.
Scientists are increasingly able to grow human parts in a laboratory. Photo: Corbis
How has technology affected human biology?
The transformation has just begun, but it has already produced startling results. Researchers, for example, have created the equivalent of an ink-jet “printer’’ that uses tubes of cells instead of an ink cartridge to create thin layers of human skin. In time, the technique will help burn victims heal using skin produced from their own cells. Researchers have “printed” a mouse heart, which momentarily beats on its own after receiving an electric shock. In labs around the world, scientists are progressing toward radical new medical treatments by manipulating sections of gene code— removing targeted genes or modifying them by introducing foreign DNA. Researchers are even learning how genes can be turned “off” or “on.” As an example of what may be possible, a herd of genetically modified goats in Massachusetts is producing an otherwise costly anti-clotting drug free of charge—in their

hidden truth about floods in pakistan

VIDEO: This Cami Secret parody is extremely funny

I have a soft spot in my heart for well-done infomercial parodies. This one takes a look at the Cami Secret, a product which is designed to cover women’s cleavage without wearing an undershirt. The audio is NSFW, but hilarious.

This parodical announcer is onto something. I get that, if you’re a lady, you don’t want guys staring at your boobs all day. But what’s up with her not being okay with it at the date she had? I mean, if I’m a woman and have a noteworthy feature, I want to advertise it. And if he can’t be a gentleman and avoid staring at my boobs for long periods of time then, hey, he’s not worthy of them. It seems like more of a necessary part of the bear trap that is a woman. Yeah, I put some thought into this. I’m like the Boob Whisperer.

The 13 worst food innovations of all-time

worst food innovations The 13 worst food innovations of all time
In terms of the advancement of food technology, humans have come a long way from clubbing a bison over the head and eating it raw. But with that tremendous growth comes some failure. These are the 13 worst food innovations of

Smoking may cause depression in teens

While many teenagers may grab a cigarette on and off to ‘relieve stress’ or to simply drive away the blues, they are in fact, driving themselves towards depression, says a new study.
“Although cigarettes may appear to have self-medicating effects or to improve mood, in the long term we found teens who started to smoke reported higher depressive symptoms,” said Michael Chaiton of the University of Toronto.
The study measured depressive symptoms using a scale that asked how often participants felt too tired to do things; had trouble going to sleep or staying asleep; felt unhappy, sad, or

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Tagged Terror Suspect Khuram Sher Auditioned For Season 6 of Canadian Idol

OTTAWA— Two people were arrested Wednesday afternoon and a third terrorism suspect– one who moonwalked across a Montreal stage during an

VIDEO: Will the next generation of Rock Band actually teach you to play instruments?

This video shows what the video game Rock Band may look like in the next few years; a video game that may teach you to actually play an instrument rather than pretending to play one.
ScreenHunter 09 Aug. 27 01.45 VIDEO: Will the next generation of Rock Band actually teach you to play instruments?
This is both mesmerizing and

VIDEO: The tallest teen girl is a 6’9 Brazilian model

We don’t often cover teenage model news due to the fact that, well, there are laws about being too effervescent in praising women currently enrolled in Algebra. But this is just crazy…meet 14-year-old Elisany Silva, a six-foot-nine girl who’s an aspiring runway model.

I don’t know if this will translate as well to text, but one time in Times Square, there was an extremely attractive blonde woman walking down the

VIDEO: Bikini-clad drunk girls in shopping cart faceplant on cement

I know that’s a lot of modifiers for one headline, but this is a video of drunk chicks falling on their faces while wearing bikinis in a shopping cart so that is definitely noteworthy. Take a look.

Women with hourglass figures and perfect waists most attractive, study finds

Jessica Alba as Nancy in Frank Miller's Sin City: Women with 'hourglass figures and perfect waists' most attractive to men
Jessica Alba as Nancy in Frank Miller's Sin City. The actress has the best figure, say scientists. Photo: REX FEATURES
Researchers found a woman having an “hourglass” shaped figure was more important for

Police seek camera footage of ANP leader's killing

“Obaidullah Yousafzai had parked his car outside the parking lot, there are chances that the closed-circuit television camera might have caught any of the four suspects,” police said. – AP Photo

KARACHI: While investigation into the targeted killings of an Awami National Party leader and his colleague near the airport is under way, police officials are looking to the relevant authorities for the

‘Airblue cockpit had a third person’

The source said that investigators were trying to determine why the aircraft drifted five nautical miles away from its original route. – Reuters Photo

ISLAMABAD: A team investigating the crash of the ill-fated Airblue jetliner on July 28 in Islamabad has detected the possible presence of a third person in the cockpit. Under normal circumstances, a cockpit is not supposed to

Gunmen attack Pakistan army buildings in Peshawar

Police said the army had sealed off the site of the attack, preventing anyone from entering, while intermittent gunfire continued. - File Photo.

PESHAWAR: Suspected militants attacked army buildings near the US consulate in Pakistan's northwestern capital Peshawar on Saturday, police said.
Police said a number of armed fighters tried to get

BLIZZCON 09' ** Ozzy ** Crazy Train ** Featuring 9 year old guitarist Yuto Miyazawa

luxury cars abandoned in Dubai ...

PTCL posts higher profit

Pakistan Telecommunication Company Ltd (PTCL) has posted a higher profit after tax of Rs 9.294 billion for the year ending June 30.
According to financial results of the

Russia’s Avtovaz plans new ultra-cheap car: Renault

Russian auto maker Avtovaz will launch a new ultra-cheap model of its Lada car next year, selling for 5,600 euros (7,100 dollars), its French partner company Renault said on Friday.
Avtovaz is reworking its best-known product line and

Watch that anger

Anger is a natural human emotion, no doubt. At times, venting out your frustration is good, but knowing how to control it is equally crucial. How you react to a certain situation mirrors your level of