Sunday, September 5, 2010

A Pakistan fan makes clear his feelings about Salman Butt.

The gum wall in Seattle

This is probably the rarest attraction in the United States, the gum wall in Seattle, which also can be one of the most popular tourist sites infected with germs in the world.
Situated in Post Alley, at Park Place Market, the gum wall begins in the 1990s, when people, irritated because they had to wait in line to get tickets to the theater, leaving chewing gum on the wall. At first, the currency used to paste the wall, but over time, the tradition of coins disappeared, but the chewing gum remained.

Darling – 5th September 2010 – Express news

4 Man show 5th September 2010

Jeetein wasim akram se – 5th september 2010. staring Ali zafar.

Jeetein wasim akram se – 5th september 2010.
Ali zafar.

Front Line with Kamran Shahid – 5th September 2010

Altaf Hussain Parody song

Ten Places to See Before You Die

Ten Places to See Before You Die

Like it or not, you are going to die someday. Wait, don’t panic! And stop googling “cryogenic freezing.” You’re not Walt Disney, and what are the chances that it’s actually going to work and you’ll suddenly just wake up one hundred years after your demise?
However, with continuing advancements in medical science and technology, there is a great chance that you’ll live longer than those belonging to

Nawab Aslam Raisani TUNNNN (Drunk!)

The Future of communication

Future Designer laptop - ROLLTOP

Amazing transformation: what the gym can do

efinitely, when we suggest what we can do seemingly impossible things. Such is the case with these people, living examples of perseverance, men and women who decided to lose weight based on physical fitness exercises, aided by a proper diet.
The results are simply amazing.

Ufone nominated for international award

Ufone is the only Telco brand in Pakistan to have been shortlisted for 'The Best Brand 2010'.
ISLAMABAD: Ufone has been nominated for the Best Brand Award by the ‘World Communication Awards (WCA)’ committee. Their

Some Nice Toons must watch

Some Nice Toons

Price hike hampers Eid shopping


Eid shopping is dull due to a tragic incident of lynching, floods and price hike in urban and rural areas of Sialkot district.
Shopping centres, commercial markets and

Afridi did not fall prey: Majeed

Mazhar Majeed claims to have almost the entire Pakistan cricket team in his pocket but the one man the alleged match-fixer could never get a hold on is the temperamental Shahid Afridi.

In his numerous conversations with the undercover 'News of the World' reporter during a sting operation which has exposed a widespread betting scam, Majeed said he couldn't get Afridi on board in his shady dealings.

"One player he does not want involved is Shahid Afridi, the veteran Pakistan captain in charge of the side in the one-day series. Afridi was not one of the

Spot Fixing Cricketers on Facebook

Top 6 Most Famous Lost Cities in the World

Here’s a list of most famous lost cities in the world. Some lost cities at known sites have been stutied extensively by scietists. Thus, lost cities might be referred to as ghost towns. Cities may become lost a variety of reasons, including economic, geographic and social such as war.

Here is a list of the most famous lost cities that ever in the world.
6. Caesars City
Also known as the Wandering Town and City of Patagonia, the City of the Caesars is a mythical city believed to lie at the southern tip of South America. This city has never been found, and at this point is considered a legend more than anything.
most famous lost cities in the world caesars city Top 6 Most Famous Lost Cities in the World
Caesars City

7 ways to ruin your relationship without realizing you’re doing it

relationship ruin 7 ways to ruin your relationship without realizing youre doing it
Relationships are a pretty difficult thing to wrap your head around. It’s almost too easy to scare a woman off sometimes. Fortunately, we’re here to help. Here are

VIDEO: Japan’s theft prevention…orange balls?

VIDEO: Power Laces 2.0 take you ‘Back to the Future’

You’ll probably never get that hover board that you always wanted but you may end up being able to buy self-lacing sneakers in the very near future.

power laces VIDEO: Power Laces 2.0 take you ‘Back to the Future’
A couple of guys started a Kickstarter fund to create and mass produce these babies, that have a pressure sensor in the heel that automatically laces them as

Sports by the numbers: 9/3/10

USC1 135x95 Sports by the numbers: 9/3/10
Though USC was able to pull out a win against Hawaii yesterday 49-36, they gave up 588 yards of offense. The Trojans also looked rather undisciplined with 11 penalties. Lane Kiffin had this to say about his team’s performance. “It seems like we

8 places you don’t want to check-in on Foursquare

foursquare bad 8 places you don’t want to check in on Foursquare
Foursquare and Facebook’s new “Places” application are becoming all the rage for social media enthusiasts. Telling people (and advertisers) where they eat, shop and live has become an it thing to do as of late. And while it may seem cool to want to let the

Kelly Osbourne is the newest edition to the Pussycat Dolls

A very trim Kelly Osbourne took to the stage last night with the Pussycat Dolls at the Viper Room in Los Angeles as possibly the newest edition to the sexy burlesque group that now also includes singer Mya and Carmen Electra. If that sentence weirds you out a bit, you need to see her twitter pictures.

kelly o 630x483 Kelly Osbourne is the newest edition to the Pussycat Dolls
That’s Kelly O–h my god, I feel like I’m on the crazy train to Backwardsville.  It’s hard to believe, but she lost almost 50 lbs for her appearance on Dancing with the

Shoes, eggs hurled at Blair in Ireland

Demonstrators engage with the Irish Police on September 4, 2010 during a protest outside the Eason bookshop in Dublin, Ireland where former British Prime Minister Tony Blair was signing for the first times copies of his book “A Journey”
DUBLIN: Protesters hurled shoes and eggs on Saturday at Tony Blair who held the first public signing of his memoir amid high security in

Zahid hamid on Altaf Husaan and PPP

Atherton pleads for Aamer leniency

Former England captain Michael Atherton has urged leniency for

Heal that back pain!

Back pain can be crippling, but rest, good posture and exercise can bring relief.
Back pain is the second most common problem that

Deepika Padukone Latest Hot Wallpaper

Very RARE pic of Hrithik with Salman & SRK

Hameed denies accusing players in betting row


Batsman Yasir Hameed denied telling a British newspaper that his teammates were corrupt after apparently being caught out on Sunday describing to an

Footwear Trends 2010


A little ‘pair of shoes’ can change your life like it does in Cinderella’s fairytale. Women love their shoes as much as they love their chocolates. This is the

Freddie Murcury voted ‘Greatest Rock Legend’


Queen frontman Freddie Mercury has been named the ‘Greatest Rock Legend of All Time’. The flamboyant star, who died in 1991, landed the top spot in the

can you did this ever ?

Vettori says ban cricket fixers for lifeban


New Zealand captain Daniel Vettori says life bans should be imposed on players found to have fixed cricket matches, saying extreme steps must be taken to

Future of Screen Technology

Breaking News: "Pakistan Fixes Almost Every Single Match" - Yasir Hameed

Batsman Yasir Hameed is quoted in the News Of The World as saying that unnamed players were regularly cheating.
He is quoted as saying: "It makes me angry because I'm playing my best and they are trying to lose."
The paper also says a fourth player is now being investigated in the spot-betting row that has shaken the sport.

Dua – Javed Chaudhry 5 September, 2010

Javed Chaudhry Zero Point

Funny Video of Azizi hasbehaal bashing Pakistan cricket team

Azme Alishan Azme Pakistan

8 things not all women care about (that you think they do)

things women care about 8 things not all women care about (that you think they do)
There are a lot of opinions out there about what women find most important. But

In Session – 4th September 2010

Hasb e haal – 4th September 2010

Hassan Nisar Exposes Elite Class of His Country

Hassan Nisar Exposes Elite Class of His Country

Out of bounds: The shadiest deals in sports

1. Fall of the Czar

Alan Eagleson was one of the most powerful men in hockey, but he ended up behind bars. The first director of the NHL Players' Association, and agent to