Monday, December 20, 2010

Electronic Spy Camera Shirt

Having a spy camera is something that some of us out there might love to own, since there is a voyeuristric streak in us that we tend to keep suppressed. Well, ThinkGeek has the cure for that with the Electronic Spy Camera Shirt, where this $39.99 purchase will add a new dimension to your sense of fashion. How so, you ask? It is pretty self explanatory, where centered in the artwork on the shirt features James Bond holding a camera straight to his face. Of course, this is no ordinary camera picture, since hidden behind the soft cotton exterior likes a real spy camera. There will be a cable that hooks the camera to a tiny black box which is in your pocket, where all you need to do is place your hand non-chalantly inside, press the button, and the camera will start/stop

Snow and ice disrupt pre-Christmas travel in Europe

Europe saw little respite on Sunday from the Arctic conditions that closed airports and disrupted travel over the weekend before Christmas, traditionally one of the busiest times of the year.
London’s Heathrow, the world’s busiest international airport, which was forced to close both its runways for much of Saturday because of heavy snow, was not accepting inbound flights on Sunday and said only a few planes would be

When superstar Katrina Kaif was turned away from UK modeling contract

Bollywood superstar Katrina Kaif has revealed that she was once turned away from a UK modeling contract for being too fat.
“They said I didn’t fit their size requirement. I knew I was never going to get any thinner. I’m not skinny, I am healthy and toned,” the Sun quoted the stunning size-ten star as saying.
“I’ve been training hard for the dance scenes in my latest film and I’m in good shape but I have curves too.
“If you’re naturally thin, that’s great. But

The World’s Number 1 Best Selling BlackBerry Application is ‘Made in Pakistan’!

blackberry1ann thumb The Worlds Number 1 Best Selling BlackBerry Application is Made in Pakistan!
Photo Editor, the World’s number one seller, in all categories, on Blackberry App Store happens to be ‘Made in Pakistan’.
Developed by a Lahore-based software company Pepper.PK, the Photo Editor for blackberry has made it to the top of list for paid applications.
Tech Lahore has detailed post on the topic, it