Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Cricketer Umar Akmal Dance

Nadia Khan Show was Banned by Dubai Govt

Sources said that Nadia has telecast Noor & her Husband Fight before her interview.Her Husband claimed in Court that ” It was our Family matter ” So Court gave order to ban her show in Dubai for six months.
NKS showed recording of Noor and her husband fight on youtube which causes a great loss to NKS… To ban my show is an act of cowardliness by Dubai government. I strongly protest against this shameful action and if they can not face the reality they lack in morality and

Pakistani Govt withdraws 2 weekly holidays

Govt withdraws 2 weekly holidays ISLAMABAD: The federal government has ended two weekly holidays from November 27 Geo News reported Tuesday.

According to the sources, the trading community was against this strategy because of problems faced in international trading and the ministry of water and power pointed out that in winter season there was no need of two day weekly off.

The ordinary man on Eid Day! Kal Tak Javed Chaudhry 15th nov 2010

Hajj & Eid Mubarak To All ... Pilgrims start arriving in Muzdalifah

Pilgrims start arriving in Muzdalifah MUZDALIFAH: Two million Muslim pilgrims descended on Monday from Mount Arafat, concluding the highlight of the Hajj and beginning a slow trip back to Mecca to finish the annual pilgrimage.

White-robed pilgrims began arriving in Muzdalifah, their first stop after leaving Mount Arafat and its plain, site of the Prophet Mohammed's last sermon.

Many unauthorised pilgrims who had camped out on the pavements in the Arafat area trekked the

Facebook’s Modern Messaging System: Seamless, History, And A Social Inbox

We’re here today at the St. Regis in San Francisco where Facebook is unveiling what CEO Mark Zuckerberg is calling a “modern messaging system”.
Zuckerberg recalled talking to high schoolers recently and asking them how they communicate with one another. They don’t like email. “It’s too formal,” Zuckerberg noted. So about a year ago, Facebook set out to overhaul the system. But this isn’t just about email.
This is not an email killer. This is a messaging experience that includes email as one part of it,” Zuckerberg said. It’s all about making

Ufone Offers Free Calls on Eid for 3 Days!

Ufone Eid Offer thumb Ufone Offers Free Calls on Eid for 3 Days! Like every Eid, this time Ufone brings a treat for its customers with a ground breaking offer of Free Calls for 3 whole days on this Eid-ul-Adha.
YES! That’s right, now you can enjoy free calls 24 hours a day without any daily charges.
How to Avail:
All you need to do is to consume Re.1 of balance from your Ufone the day before Eid and on the first two days of Eid.
After which U can enjoy free calls to any Ufone number 24 hours a day on the 4th, 5th and 6th day of Eid. So make as many free calls as you like throughout the 3 days at any time of the day with no daily charges.
To activate Eid Offer simply dial *38#
This offer is available for

The Nexus S: a closer look

Google CEO Eric Schmidt showed the world the Nexus S from a distance just a little while ago, but we knew you'd want more, and so we managed to convince the man to show us the device in person just a few minutes ago. What should you know about the heir apparent to the Nexus One? Well, it's exceptionally thin -- we weren't able to compare, but we'd say it's at least comparable with an iPhone 4 if not slimmer still -- and it's thinner in the middle than at either end, giving it a mildly concave profile. There's a glossy plastic bezel up front housing an AMOLED screen, a pair of discrete volume buttons on the left side, and a black plastic back (textured similarly to the BlackBerry Bold, though patchier) which seemed too roughly manufactured to be anything but a prototype. We saw the handset for all of three

Microsoft sold one million Kinect sensors in 10 days, will be watching you sleep for a lifetime

Now that Microsoft's real motivations for building the Kinect are crystal clear, it's impossible not to find a sinister tone in Microsoft's latest press release: a proud proclamation of one million Kinects sold worldwide in 10 days. Microsoft says it's on pace to sell a previously projected five million sensors by year's end, but reading in between the lines we're positive they're implying some sort of nefarious partnership with the TSA to ruin your holiday travel plans. You heard it here first, folks. On the

President Obama takes a minute to chat with our future robot overlords (video)

President Obama recently took some time out of the APEC Summit in Yokohama to meet with a few of Japan's finest automatons, and as always he was one cool cat. Our man didn't even blink when confronted with this happy-go-lucky HRP-4C fashion robot, was somewhat charmed by the Paro robotic seal, and more than eager to take a seat in one of Yamaha's personal transport robots. But who

LG Vortex puts a Verizon spin on budget Android -- yes, Bing's there, too

It's not exactly the Optimus T / S we saw hit T-Mobile and Sprint, respectively, but for all intents and purposes, it's a fraternal twin. The LG Vortex for Verizon brings with it Android 2.2, a 3.2-inch touchscreen, 3G Mobile HotSpot capability, Skype, Swype, a suite of pre-installed carrier / manufacturer apps (e.g. VZ Navigator), and as you might've guessed from it being a non-Droid Verizon Android phone, Bing Search and Bing Maps. Despite being a later arrival, this one's actually the

Indian 'Item Girl' Rakhi Sawant Kills Her Show Contestant? (Video)

Bill Clinton to appear in The Hangover 2

After Mike Tyson, it is former US president Bill Clinton's turn to do a cameo in Hangover sequel.

Clinton will play himself in a brief role in the Todd Phillips directed comedy, which is filming in Thailand. The former president shot his part on Saturday in Bangkok, where he was visiting to deliver a speech on clean energy, People magazine reported.

The sequel reunites the original star cast of Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms, Zach Galifianakis and Justin Bartha. Earlier, Mel Gibson was to do a cameo as a tattoo artist but he lost the

Emma Watson enjoying freedom post Harry Potter

Hollywood actress Emma Watson is enjoying a new found freedom after completing Harry Potter films and the actress says she relishes waking up late in the morning.

Watson, who shot to overnight fame playing Hermoine Granger in the 'Harry Potter' series is currently studying at Brown University and has found the first few months of academia "liberating" as compared to the gruelling schedules while filming the wizard franchise, Contactmusic reported.

"It was so liberating. I'd be smiling to myself and friends would say, 'Emma, what's wrong?' and I'd say, 'I'm just happy'. I take pleasure in the

Paltrow was left bleeding after guitar lessons

Hollywood star Gwyneth Paltrow suffered bleeding and cramping while learning to play guitar for her role in Country Strong.

The Shakespeare in Love star plays the role of an alcoholic country music star in the film, opposite the American country singer and actor, Tim McGraw as her husband. Paltrow went from not knowing how to even hold a guitar to being able to pluck the strings like a professional, by spending hours working with session guitarist Mark Jaimes, Contactmusic reported.

"I played all the time, and my hands were

I won't move to Hollywood: Daniel Radcliffe

Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe says he will never quit his native UK for the sunnier climes of Hollywood as everything he loves is in London.

The 21-year-old actor who grew up playing the bespectacled hero Harry Potter wrapped up the final scenes of 'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows' earlier this year spelling the end of the hugely successful series, Contactmusic reported.

However, the British star is adamant that he will not relocate to Los Angeles in a bid to boost his movie career. "My American accent is good but I don't think I could ever live in the United States. It's beautiful in California and the sun is shining, but I'm English and love London. I love my

Brad Pitt to make a movie on trapped Chilean miners?

Hollywood heartthrob Brad Pitt is keen to make a film with his production company on the tragic real incident of the 33 trapped Chilean miners.

The Troy star wants his production company Plan B to make a big-screen adaptation about the 33 men, all of whom were freed after staying two months underground. Initially, it was believed that Javier Bardem was interested in working on the story, Contactmusic reported.

The production company is believed to have a made a multi-million dollar offer to get the rights to work on the film which may even star some of the original miners. The men were trapped for a total of 69 days underground and although it was initially believed they would not be

Jake Gyllenhaal's costly date with Taylor Swift

Hollywood actor Jake Gyllenhaal has reportedly spent 100,000 pounds on his lady love Taylor Swift to fly her to London so that the couple could spend some quality time together.

The Brokeback Mountain star who is currently promoting his new movie Love And Other Drugs in the British capital flew the country music star by private jet and the pair were said to be holed up in London's exclusive Dorchester hotel, Contactmusic reported.

Swift, who has dated her Valentine's Day co-star Taylor Lautner and Disney star Joe Jonas in the

Mel Gibson admits slapping girlfriend

Hollywood star Mel Gibson has admitted that he slapped his former girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva, with whom he is currently embroiled in a custody battle over their 12-month old daughter Lucia.

While Gibson denied Grigorieva's allegations that he attacked her while she was holding the baby, he confessed in court documents that he slapped her when she became hysterical, reports femalefirst.co.uk.

According to a June 23, 2010 declaration filed with Los Angeles Superior Court, Gibson said the pair were arguing Jan 6, 2010 when Grigorieva grabbed Lucia and

Katy Perry vows to keep her sexy stage act

Pop star Katy Perry has no plans to mellow down her provocative performances post her marriage to comedian Russell Brand.

The I Kissed A Girl hitmaker who married the British funnyman in India after a whirlwind romance, insisted she is looking forward to start a family but won't give up her sexy stage act at any cost, Contactmusic reported.

"Being married feels lovely. I want to have children and start a family. When you find your husband some people might slow down. But I'm still young. I have a lot of energy and

Jessica Simpson engaged to Eric Johnson

Pop singer Jessica Simpson has got engaged to her boyfriend Eric Johnson whom she dated for the past six months.

Her representative confirmed that the singer-and-actress is set to wed the NFL star after he proposed her, Contactmusic reported.

"Yes, I am excited to confirm that they are engaged," Simpson's representative said. The 30-year-old star who was previously married to Nick Lachey for three years until they split in 2005 showed off her diamond engagement ring during the promotion of her Jessica Simpson Collection fashion line in

Dolly is the biggest fake I've known: Ali

Ali Merchant has been evicted from the Bigg Boss house along with another contestant Aanchal Kumar.

After marrying his fiancee Sara Khan on national television a few days ago, the TV actor had an emotional meltdown when he was asked to leave the Bigg Boss house.

A source from Lonavala, where the episode was shot, reveals, "He was crying uncontrollably. Neither he nor Sara knew that they would be separated this week." Here's the actor talking about his wedding scam and describing all the housemates.

Describe your stay in the

Dus Ka Dum: Salman Khan out, Sanjay Dutt in

Negotiations have fallen through with Salman. He is out of Dus Ka Dum.

Sanjay Dutt whom Salman has acknowledged as his mentor and guru in the past, will step into Salman's place. This would be Dutt's first tryst with television.

So far Dutt has shied away from television arguing that the medium would cramp his style. It was Dutt's good friends the Bachchans who convinced him to go for it.

The Big B whom Dutt considers his mentor and

How did Hrithik lose so much weight?

How did Hrithik lose so much weight?Hrithik Roshan is one of those dedicated stars of Bollywood who would go to any length to portray his characters on screen in the correct manner. This star has set a record with every film of his by looking the character he portrays to a perfect 'T'.

Right from his debut film Kaho Na Pyar Hai to Lakshya to Krissh, this actor has proved his mettle as being one thoroughbred star. Thus, in keeping his perfection intact even in his forth coming flick Sanjay Leela Bhansali's Guzaarish, Hrithik Roshan has reportedly worked a lot in order to bring himself into the character.

So what exactly did he do for this flick? Well he just gave up on all the physical exercises and the gym for many months at a stretch just before shooting started.

Now why did he do that? The answer is that since in this flick he plays the role of a magician who suddenly develops a disease and gets paralyzed, he was supposed to look the character by putting on a lot of weight.

As Hrithik maintained a very lean and

Sonam and Rhea share the same closet!

Sonam and Rhea share the same closet!Sonam Kapoor is the Bollywood fashion queen, we agree. But what we did not know was the inspiration behind the Kapoor girl's lovely clothes. Want to know the secret name?

It is none other than Sonam Kapoor's own sister Rhea Kapoor! While Rhea is more comfortable managing the production company owned by dad Anil Kapoor, she manages to stay away from the limelight and therefore, media cameras get to see a lot less of the equally fashionable Kapoor lass.

However, it was on a recent event that Rhea was photographed sporting an orange jacket. And guess what, the same jacket was also worn by sister Sonam Kapoor in another event!

While we are not complaining as both girls manage to look their best in whatever they wear, little did we expect that it was sister Rhea Kapoor behind all those lovely clothes that every girl craves to wear just looking at Sonam once.

Sonam Kapoor's fashion secret is thus, no longer a

Guess What Frightens Kareena Kapoor?

Guess What Frightens Kareena Kapoor?Do you think that Kareena Kapoor is adventurous by nature? Think again then.

Though the Bollywood actress has been a part of those films which has showcased her reckless side, Bebo says that she fears to be a part of films which require the actress to ride a bike!

But didn’t we see Kareena Kapoor on a two-wheeler in the blockbuster 3 Idiots and in subsequent projects like Golmaal 3 and the Mahindra Rodeo commercial?

Well, she has somehow managed there, but the news is that Kareena Kapoor cannot even start a bike let alone ride it! With a macho man like Saif Ali Khan for partner, Kareena surely does not have to bother about riding the bike herself, she can comfortably sit at the back and enjoy the ride.

Reports claim that Pradeep Sarkar, the director of Bebo’s bike commercial took care to keep the

Will Ash agree to be second choice after Kareena?

Will Ash agree to be second choice after Kareena?Beauty queen turned Bollywood star Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is one such actress, who has never accepted a film, where she has been roped in as a second choice. Considering her constant success in this year, she won't be changing this trend in near future too.

However, she has been reportedly approached by renowned Bollywood filmmaker Madhur Bhandarkar to replace Kareena Kapoor in his next project Heroine. The filmmaker was very keen to start the film with Bebo but her packed schedule has probably made Madhur to look for a second option.

Well, Madhur will lose nothing if he opts for Ash instead of Bebo because the beauty queen is now ruling the big screen as she has four releases this year. Her Raavan was not a very big success but Robot ruled the country.

During Diwali, she had another big release Action Replayy starring Akshay Kumar opposite her. The list does not end here as her next big release will take place in this month only, which is directed by Sanjay Leela Bhansali and stars Hrithik Roshan. Guzaarish is

Deepika enjoys Imran's foot massage

Deepika enjoys Imran`s foot massageLooks like the Bangalore beauty Deepika Padukone is having quite a fun time ever since she called off her relationship with actor Ranbir Kapoor.

While the girl is not prepared to talk about her so-called friendship with Siddharth Mallya, she seems to have gelled really well with co-star Imran Khan on the sets of their upcoming film Break Ke Baad. The film revolves around a young couple who decides to have a good time together, later realizing that they are not meant to be together.

If reports are anything to go by, Imran Khan has been seen giving Deepika Padukone a good foot massage during their shoot at Goa. And before you start on the speculations, the actors were filming the scene for Break Ke Baad.

Ask Deepika and prompt comes the reply that Imran Khan is the best masseuse that she has come across. The actress not only enjoyed the foot massage, she actually loved it and we are sure would want some more of it in the future.

Imran Khan has made a name for

SRK, Ranbir to star together in Bengali film remake

SRK, Ranbir to star together in Bengali film remakeSuperhit Bengali film Autograph will be remade in Hindi with a Khan and a Kapoor

Get ready to watch Shah Rukh Khan and Ranbir Kapoor come together on screen to play a fading superstar and a young director, respectively.

Last week, Autograph, a Bengali film about a fading superstar (played by Prosenjeet), an ambitious new film director and his girlfriend who end up playing the superstar's co-star in a film that the director helms, became a surprise success in Kolkata.

Producer Madhu Mantena, who was busy focusing on the release of his two big Hindi films -- Jhootha Hi Sahi and Rakht Charitra -- was taken by surprise with the film's success. The Hindi version will be directed by Srijit Mukherjee, who also directed the Bengali version, and will star SRK and Kapoor.

Changes may have to be made to accommodate SRK's though, who obviously cannot play a 'fading' superstar. This is

Ameesha Patel is married?

Ameesha Patel is married?The news had been made official through the social networking site Twitter, but media speculations surrounding actress Ameesha Patel's life never seems to reach its end. Yes, we are talking about her relationship with London-based businessman Kanav Puri.

While the media had previously announced that the couple has already tied the knot, Ameesha Patel never accepted the fact and the girl is now reportedly single. Speaking to the media, Ameesha Patel confirms the fact that she is indeed single. There Is no news yet on whether she is ready to mingle too!

The actress has been away from the screen for the past couple of years but that does not mean that she has been away from hitting the headlines.

It is always the personal life of Ameesha Patel which manages to hit headlines, whether it is her relationship with director Vikram Bhatt or Kanav Puri or the much publicized estrangement from her parents over financial misunderstandings.

As of now though, the actress confirms that she is

Sara-Ali's Shaadi is a nosense nautanki staged for TRP

Sara-Ali`s Shaadi is a nosense nautanki staged for TRP

Rahul Bhatt has come out of a reality show with some serious allegations, including “match-fixing”

According to the forthright Bhatt scion the purported marriage between televison actress Sara Khan and her beau Ali on Bigg Boss is nothing but “nosense, complete fake and utterly staged.”

How can two people get married on a reality show, wonders Rahul. “It's all nautanki staged for TRPs. If two people want to make a tamasha of their relationship that's their problem. I refused to get pally with the girls just to spice up the show.”

In a shocking revelation Rahul accuses the channel of changing his words to suit their TRP plans.

We heard Rahul Bhatt say in the confession room of Bigg Boss that television actress Shweta Tiwari was hitting on

Akshay-Katrina sizzle in Tees Maar Khan

Akshay-Katrina sizzle in Tees Maar KhanFarah Khan's Tees Maar Khan is a movie which is creating a lot of interest and curiousness among the film lovers. This movie is being seen as one big blockbuster which is bound to make the box office ring in huge moolah for the filmmakers and a rare treat for the cinegoers.

The film has Akshay Kumar and Katrina Kaif, the two hotties in tinsel town who are known to sizzle on screen with their jhatkas and matkas all creating the most sizzling hot scenes to make the audiences gape in awe.

However, the fact that these two look stunning together and are great individual attractions too which cannot be denied even with our eyes closed. So after seeing them in Namaste London, Welcome and Singhh Is Kingg, this flick is sure to have a lot of expectations from the couple in terms of their onscreen chemistry.

The film as reported earlier has Akshay playing the role of a petty goon who then gets caught in a big racket and thereby starts the adventure on the train, and Katrina in a role of an ordinary gal trying to make a niche for herself in the

Sara and Ali's wedding night haunted by cameras

Sara and Ali`s wedding night haunted by camerasSara Khan and Ali Merchant's wedding in the Bigg Boss house might have been one of the most talked about and happening events of Bigg Boss 4.

But what turned out to be sour grapes, perhaps, for the couple was the fact that the room which was given to them for their wedding night was not devoid of cameras or mike.

Thus, when the two had walked into the room initially just after the announcement was made by Bigg Boss, there were quite a lot of exclamations from all the inmates. Everyone was eager to see what the room looked like and what was kept there for the newlyweds.

However, when the excitement died down and the two newlyweds settled down, they were quite disappointed to learn that they were being watched by the prying lens of the cameras.

Well, as the last episode was aired, Ali was cribbing in muffled tones of how pathetic he was feeling and Sara busy telling him to just go off to sleep. Of course, how traumatic the

Aamir Khan to play a cop in Reema Kagti's next

Aamir Khan to play a cop in Reema Kagti`s nextAamir Khan, the man who never goes wrong with his choice of roles and films is ready to embark yet again as a cop in his next project with director Reema Kagti.

As earlier reports have suggested that the perfectionist star is going to be seen as a cop after quite sometime after Sarfarosh, as he has not appeared in this sort of a look ever again.

As reports are doing the rounds that he will have two beautiful co-stars Kareena Kapoor and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, it is also being reported that Aamir Khan in a cop uniform is certainly going to be a huge draw for the audiences especially Aamir's female fans, as women are prone to get attracted to men in a cop's uniform.

Well if this is a strategy then it will surely work well and knowing Aamir's eye for detail, he is certainly going to leave no stone unturned to play the role with cent percent perfection.

In today's times of tough competition, Aamir Khan surely knows how to

Pamela Anderson to enter Bigg Boss. Ab Tera Kya Hoga, Veena?

Pamela Anderson to enter Bigg Boss. Ab Tera Kya Hoga, Veena?Will Baywatch girl Pamela Anderson will replace flirtatious Veena Malik as sexiest housemate on Bigg Boss?

Canada-born hottie Pamela Anderson, whose popularity swelled to mammoth proportions after her appearance on American TV show Baywatch, is all set to enter the Bigg Boss house. Anderson will be a guest on the reality series for three days, from Tuesday to Thursday. She arrives in Mumbai on Monday night.

For the privilege of her voluptuous presence among the Bigg Boss housemates, Anderson is reportedly being paid Rs 2.5 crores. This is almost twice the amount paid to any other contestant on Bigg Boss.

Says a spokesperson from Colors, the channel on which the show airs, "Pamela deserves the money she is getting for her appearance on the show. She's a major international star. How can her fee, even for three days, be anywhere near what the others are being paid?"

Pamela was persuaded to appear on