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Views on News with Dr. Shahid Masood 7th September 2010

Kal Tak 7th September 2010 – Sharmeela Faroqui & Kashif Abbasi

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Procrastination Pit: 8 Cutest and Weirdest Live Animal Cams

Whether you're into cute furry mammals, hairless rodents, or menacing reptiles, live webcams are the ultimate way to get your fix from the comfort of your desk.
Last week, the the Smithsonian National Zoo launched a new webcam featuring four brand new lion cubs. This inspired us to promptly waste countless hours hunting down more
animal cams and ogling various adorable and strange animals.
Here we've put together our favorite live animal feeds that we

Aisam reaches US Open mixed doubles semis

Aisam is through to yet another semi-final
NEW YORK: Aisam ul Haq Qureshi on Monday advanced to the mixed doubles semi-finals of the US Open, alongside his Czech partner Kveta Peschke.
The team of Qureshi and Peschke beat the combination of Gisela Dulko from Argentina and Pablo Cuevas from Uruguay, 3-6, 6-2, 10-4.
The pair will now take on Anna-Lena Groenefeld from Germany and Mark Knowles from the Bahamas in the semi-finals.

Point Blank with Lucman – 7th September 2010

Point Blank with Lucman – 7th September 2010

Capita Talk 7th September 2010

Creating a Survolt Citroen Concept Spectacular images of the creation of a Survolt Citroen Concept … step by step. The finished work is a real luxury!

survolt citroen concept

Stephen Hawking vs. God

Has the renowned theoretical physicist proven that the universe came into being without a heavenly creator? 

Stephen Hawking writes in his new book that he has no belief in 
Stephen Hawking writes in his new book that he has no belief in God. Photo: Getty
Best Opinion:  Discover, American Thinker, Guardian
Famed theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking created an uproar this week after The Times of London published an excerpt from his latest book, The Grand Design, which asserts that the universe was created "spontaneously" with no help from God. "Because there is such a law as gravity," he writes, "the universe can and will create itself from nothing... It is not necessary to invoke God to light the blue touch paper and set the universe going." Church leaders in the U.K. and elsewhere have

Samsung Galaxy Tab: iPad's first serious rival?

The newest tablet computer to hit the market could stand up against Apple's market-defining iPad
Visitors try out the new Samsung Galaxy Tab, a product that has 
features and looks similar to the Apple iPad.
Visitors try out the new Samsung Galaxy Tab, a product that has features and looks similar to the Apple iPad. Photo: Getty
Best Opinion:  WSJ, PC World, Engadget
After months of rumors, Samsung unveiled its Galaxy Tab touchscreen tablet computer at the IFA consumer electronics show in Berlin, Germany, last week. The 7-inch device runs on Google's Android 2.2 mobile operating system, has two cameras — one front-facing for video chatting — and can connect to the internet and make phone calls over a 3G wireless network. So far, the tablet has been met with praise from technology analysts — but the question remains: Can it compete with

Obama's 'feisty' Labor Day speech

The president surprised many observers with an unscripted comment that special interests treat him "like a dog." Who's this new Obama?

President Barack Obama gives a speech at a Labor Day rally 
September 6.
President Barack Obama gives a speech at a Labor Day rally September 6. Photo: Getty
Best Opinion:  CBS News Townhall, Little Green Footballs...
In an unusually hard-edged Labor Day speech before a union crowd in Wisconsin, President Obama criticized Washington Republicans as the party of "No We Can't" and taunted the GOP House leader, Rep. John Boehner (R-OH), as "the man who thinks he will be speaker." (See speech video below.) Obama also called out the Beltway's "powerful special interests" with the off-the-cuff, slightly enigmatic remark: "They’re not always happy with me. They talk about me like a dog." What should we

Eid special: new currency notes black market

A pack of Rs5 notes was on Monday available at a Rs100 premium, a packet of Rs10 notes at Rs125 to Rs150.
LAHORE: The black market in new currency notes, which has been a regular feature of the days leading up to Eid, has picked up momentum, once again, at Fane Road, within a few yards of the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP).
Despite the SBP’s ban on sale of new currency notes, the practice goes on unchecked and always turns rampant in the last days of Ramazan.
The purveyors of this ‘business’ are mostly women who position themselves at various spots in the vicinity of the SBP with packs of new currency notes, each pack consisting of 100 notes.  A pack of Rs5 notes was on Monday available at a Rs100 premium, a packet of Rs10 notes at Rs125 to Rs150. There was a ‘surcharge’ of Rs150 to Rs200 on a pack of Rs100 notes.  The rates shoot up as Eid gets closer.
Some of the ‘entrepreneurs’ in this illegal business actually hire help to offer the new currency notes at different rates.  People buy these notes for various reasons: unavailability of new notes in commercial banks is one. Others want to save time and avoid standing in long queues.
Once such buyer, Sultan Khan, told The Express Tribune that the charm of new notes was that it was a tradition on Eid and people loved receiving them.
It is this fondness with crisp new notes that the black marketers take advantage of.
Rashid Ali, a customer at a bank, said that he was going empty handed as bank officials had refused to provide a packet of Rs10 notes claiming they did not have any

10 things I hate about desi cooking shows

1. The over-dressed, ‘blinged out’ middle-aged women. Who cooks while wearing chiffon saris, jhumkas and a dozen bangles on each wrist? Aren’t you concerned a rhinestone might become an unwitting ingredient?
2. The ‘live’ callers who hardly have anything useful to say. Calling them ‘live’ is an overstatement. Besides, it’s not okay to talk on the phone while chopping. It’s silly.
3. Sponsored messages. If there is anything worse than having to tolerate annoying callers, it’s listening to the ‘expert’ extolling the virtues of a particular brand of cooking oil, masala or noodles. If I wanted canola in my life, I would have bought it by now. I don’t need your advice, thank you very much!
4. Dancing chefs — and how! So you’re a celebrated chef and you’re on TV. I’m happy for you. Please don’t make me feel otherwise by prancing about on my television screen like a spooked horse.
5. While we’re on the subject, where did all these chefs suddenly come from? Just because you’ve been cooking for the last 10 years in your fiefdom (read kitchen), it doesn’t really make you a master chef. I can make a pretty good cheese and mushroom omlette myself. Does that mean I should be on TV too?
6. The painful American/Australian/British twangs that chefs entertain us with. We all love to show off our vocabulary every now and then but must you do it by rolling your ‘Rs’ and eating up your words (among other things)? And no, a two-week trip to Toronto or New York is

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Sonakshi Sinha In The Pool, Priyanka In Hot Pants, Katrina In Tees Mar Khan

Karishma with daughter Samaira Unseen Rare Images & Pictures

Sajni Welcome Msg from JAL Band

Aisam Qureshi in mixed doubles semifinals at US Open

Aisam-ul-Haq Qureshi advanced to the semifinals of the mixed doubles with Kveta Peschke. - File Photo

KARACHI: Aisam-ul-Haq Qureshi set another precedent in the tennis history of Pakistan when he reached the semifinals of the mixed doubles at the US Open for the first time in New York.

Qureshi, who has teamed up with Kveta Peschke of the Czech Republic, reached the semifinals after defeating Gisela Dulko of Argentina and Pablo Cuevas of Uruguay 3-6 6-2 10-4.

Qureshi and Peschke will now face Anna-Lena Groenefeld of Germany and Mark Knowles of the

Quran burning may lead to uncontrolled emotions

“We advise Western countries to prevent the exploitation of freedom of expression to insult religious sanctities,” said Foreign Ministry Spokesman Ramin Mehmanparast.
TEHRAN: Iran said on Tuesday that plans by a Florida church to burn the Quran on the ninth anniversary of the September 11, 2001 attacks in the United States could lead to an uncontrolled Muslim response.
“We advise Western countries to prevent the exploitation of freedom of expression to insult religious sanctities, otherwise the emotions of Muslim nations cannot be controlled,” foreign ministry spokesman Ramin Mehmanparast told reporters.
The Dove World Outreach Centre of Gainesville, Florida, said on its Facebook page that it will hold an “International Burn a Koran Day” on September 11.
The Quran burning plan has already triggered threats from

John Travolta drops extortion case

Hollywood star John Travolta has dropped the extortion case against two men accused of blackmailing him for $ 25 million following the death of the his son Jett in 2009.

The Pulp Fiction star, whose 16-year-old son Jett died during a family holiday to the Bahamas in January 2009 after suffering a seizure, has decided not to pursue action against the two accused as he has already suffered considerable "emotional distress",  Contactmusic reported.

Neil Braithwaite, Chief Counsel in the Office of the Attorney General said, "The defendants have been discharged. Mr Travolta is no longer interested in pursuing the matter because it has caused his family great emotional distress."

Paramedic Tarino Lightbourne - who was one of the medical team who treated Jett before he died and his co-accused, former Senator Pleasant Bridgewater, allegedly demanded $ 25 million from the 56-year-old actor and threatened to sell a story  claiming he and

My tears are for real, says Priyanka Chopra

Fear Factor 3 host Priyanka Chopra says she actually felt sorry for participants who had to go.

For the past few weeks, Priyanka Chopra has been shooting in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, for Fear Factor 3 - Khatron Ke Khiladi. The actress's first tryst with the small screen is proving to be both fun and exhausting. With two stunts to be shot daily, the star has had no time to indulge in sightseeing and retail therapy. She has to be present on the Colors show sets every moment - even as the contestants do their stunts. There is no break as she goads them to perform better.

One of the stunts was shot in a chocolate factory in Rio (where parts of The Incredible Hunk was filmed). PC wears a colourful short dress and is full of life as she jokes with the crew members and participants when the camera is not whirring.

But she can't talk. It's only when she is zooming to another location in Rio for another shoot that she can. In the car while opening a mineral water bottle, the actress spills water on her dress. "Oh I always do this," she coos as we ask her...

Question: Suddenly there are too many B-Town stars at the same time on the small screen.
Priyanka: Yes, but I'm currently the first to say yes to

Katrina could not watch Salman's Dabangg

When the first screening of Salman Khan starrer Dabangg took place for its cast and crew, Katrina Kaif was shooting right in front of the theatre and was invited in. But she couldn't go.

This comes amid much speculation over Salman and Katrina's relationship.

As Salman's brothers and the rest of the family walked into the theatre in Film City on Saturday night, they were in the mood to invite Katrina and the rest of the crew too of Tees Maar Khan to watch Dabangg. Apparently Salman wanted the team to join them.

"Sure enough, Salman's sister Alvira walked out from the theatre to where Katrina, Farah Khan and the gang were shooting. Alvira personally invited Farah's team to

Aamir Khan now turns a milkman

Bollywood actor Aamir Khan has had many avatars in his acting career, and now the star will be seen as a milkman in a new commercial.

Aamir, who is the brand ambassador of TataSky, will be essaying the role of a milkman for its new ad.

The ad film is about a situation where a customer of the milkman offers to pay only for the days he was in town. The milkman's point of view is conveyed in a humorous manner when he tells the customer the cow was not aware of his vacation and hence gave milk every single day.

The milkman forcibly takes money from his customer even for the days he was on a holiday. The depicted situation draws a parallel between other DTH companies and the

Coming soon, Asha Bhosle duet with Santana

Veteran Singer Asha Bhosle, who has duetted with the likes of Boy George, Robbie Williams and Australian cricketer Brett Lee, is set to perform with iconic South American rock guitarist Carlos Santana.

The singer, who will turn 77 tomorrow, has been a long-time fan of the Grammy-award-winning singer. Her late husband and famous musician R D Burman introduced Asha to Santana's music.

"We are in talks with Santana. I have always wanted to sing with an artiste like him. It will be something new and different. I have experimented with my music a lot and this is going to be a new challenge," Asha told PTI. In her six decade-long career, Asha has mastered almost all genres in music, be it pop, ghazal, classical, quawwali or

Lady Gaga gifts diamond-studded whip to Beyonce

 Pop star Lady Gaga has reportedly gifted R&B singer Beyonce Knowles a custom-made diamond whip and matching underwear set for her 29th birthday.

The Poker Face hitmaker splashed out thousands of dollars on the raunchy gifts, which she presented to her while singing Happy Birthday, reported Sun online.

"Gaga wanted to give her something special. The whip was made out of hundreds of diamonds and leather. When Beyonce received it she squealed with excitement," said a source. Gaga handed over the saucy gifts backstage at Beyonce's husband Jay-Z's concert in Detroit last week, with the rapper also making an effort to celebrate his

Michael Holding Almost in Tears For Amir

Afghanistan Landscape

Afghanistan Landscape

White Almond flowers overwhelm the trees

Nokia N8 starts shipping Sep 30, E7 to be announced next week?

The long wait isn't over yet - new info says the Nokia N8 will start shipping in late September, at least for those who pre-ordered. In the mean time, the Nokia E7 popped up, reportedly going official as soon as next week.
The Nokia N8 has been on a handful of sites for pre-order, each site citing a different launch date. Some of those dates flew through with no N8 in sight, other dates are always a couple of weeks ahead.
Nokia N8

The end just might be in sight though - a Finnish site spoke to Nokia's Senior Communications Manager who said that Nokia N8 pre-orders will shipping September 30. He also said that the N8 will cost 499 euros - since we've seen different prices for different countries, that shipping date might be for Finland only.
Still, the Nokia World event is fast approaching (it's on September 14 and 15) - there Nokia is

iOS 4.1 coming on September 8, makes the 3G run faster (video)

A slip up on the Apple UK site revealed the iOS 4.1 launch date - they’ve fixed it now, but the secret is out. The new version brings bug fixes, new features, but most importantly - fixes the iPhone 3G performance, which has been glacial up till now.
The iOS 4.1 update is expected next week, and the UK site gave us a specific date - September 8, Wednesday. The US site proved better at keeping its secrets and stuck with “coming soon”.

For iPhone 3G owners, the biggest gain from iOS 4.1 will be the much improved performance. Check out the video below, which “races” a 3G running iOS 4.0 against the


Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif confused about their relationship

Just a week after their much-hyped break-up, Salman and Katrina were spotted talking to each other, inside a vanity van at the Film City, on Saturday night. Salman was there for a special screening for Dabangg, while Kats, along with Akshay Kumar was shooting for Farah’s Tees Maar Khan.

Says a source, Katrina called Salman and asked him to come over. Salman went over to where she was in the next fifteen minutes.

Another source close to the film Tees Maar Khan says, Farah went across to Adlabs where the special screening was being held. She brought Salman over. In fact, Salman had even invited Katrina, Farah, and Akshay for

Angelina Jolie visits flood-hit Pakistan

The United Nations says actress Angelina Jolie is visiting Pakistan to meet victims of the floods and highlight the need for international help.
Jolie was in the country on Tuesday in her role as a “goodwill ambassador” for the UN’s refugee agency.
International relief agencies sometimes enlist celebrities to draw attention to their work and get more funds. The celebrities get to soften their image by being associated with

VC Islamia College University kidnapped

Vice Chancellor Islamia College University Ajmal Khan has been lifted at gunpoint here on Monday soon after the educationist came out of his residence at Professors Colony and was taken to an unknown destination.
The Campus Police station confirmed the kidnapping incident saying that commandant, deputy commandant, SHO campus Police Station, mobile officers and Rangers squad were conducting operation in Mulagori area at Regi where the kidnappers were suspected to have taken him.
The police was out to recover the Vice Chancellor, who is the second VC to have been kidnapped after Lutfullah Kakakhel, who was released by abductors after

Ali planning concerts for flood victims

Heartthrob singer Ali Zafar who made his film debut with the hit `Tere Bin Laden` is hard at work roping in superstars like Bono and Sting for a `Live Aid` style concert for flood relief back home.
Zafar who hit headlines once again after being cast opposite Katrina Kaif and Imran Khan in Aditya Chopra`s next, says that his country is in desperate need for help. And he wants Bollywood to step in as the knight in shining armour.
“People in Pakistan really look upto Bollywood celebrities and any help from them would be great to boost everyone`s morale in such desperate times. I have already contacted Bono and Sting through their managers and am hoping for a positive reply,” Zafar told

Tea has beauty benefits too!

Given the chaos, health hazards and pollution levels that’re woven into our lives, a simple cup of tea can do wonders.
Forget the din of the world while you drink a cup of tea. The steam filled with the aroma of the tea oozing out of the cup makes you crave for more.
Beauty with tea
Green tea is the magic potion behind great skin. It is devoid of chemicals and is rich in minerals, vitamins and acids.
It works best when mixed with other herbal ingredients. To treat regular skin and hair problems beautician suggests that you boil green tea leaves in pure water to make green tea liquor.
To control oily skin: Green tea has astringent qualities that

Ruet-e-Hilal committee to meet on Thursday

The Ministry of Religious Affairs has announced that the meeting of Central Ruet-e-Hilal Committee for sighting of crescent (Moon) of Shawal/Eid-ul-Fitr-1431-Hijri, will be held on Sept 9 (Thursday)- 29th Ramadan-ul- Mubarak-1431 Hijri, in the building of Pakistan Meteorological Department, Gulshan-e-Jauhar, Karachi.
The Zonal / District Ruet-e-Hilal Committee will held their meetings at their respective places on the same date and time.
All Information about the position of Crescent (Moon) will be conveyed to the


Dabangg Merchandise LAUNCHED

Serial-kisser Emraan turns Girly

Robbie Williams' wife asks him to grow up

Singer Robbie Williams' new wife Ayda Field has asked him to "stop being a kid" and act like a grown up before they start a family.

"Ayda is really keen on the idea of children. I think she would be a wonderful mother, but she has told me not to even think about it before I stop being a kid myself," said Williams.

The Shame singer, who married the actress in Los Angeles last month, joked that his spouse has urged him to cut down on playing his favourite video games and learn to be more responsible, Contactmusic reported.

"I need to spend less time on the Playstation but Ayda thinks I'll be a good dad. I have no idea how many kids we'll have, only time will tell," he added. 

Brit girls are dirty in bed: Katy Perry

Singer Katy Perry says Brit girls are the dirtiest in bed.

The pop singer knows this because her fiance Russell Brand has told her all about his sex experiences, reports dailystar.co.uk.

"My boyfriend has had a few! Obviously I like to have a good time too. I have got that in me as well - the pure filth part," said Perry.

Hadiqa Kiani visits flood affected areas in Basti Kalraywala, Multan (Pictures)

Hadiqa Kiani visits flood affected areas in Basti Kalraywala, Multan.
Hadiqa says,
This is the most depressing I have ever seen in person, I could not hold my tears and had to hide them behind my sunglasses. These people have nothing and it is our duty as HUMAN BEINGS to help them as much as we can and to give them a future! Allah Hafiz

Mehndi artists earning thousands, ahead of Eid

Mehndi artists in twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi are earning thousands of rupees a day by applying beautiful “mehndi” designs on the hands of women, girls and even babies.
Women and girls are approaching Leading beauty parlours or roadside makeshift stall of a mehndi artist to have the best designs on their hands at any rate on the eve of Eid.
Many mehndi artists from the far-flung areas of the country have also appeared in the twin cities’ markets and established their stalls in front of shops for applying mehndi. Their charges are nominal as compared to

England v Pakistan 2nd T20 International today

England and Pakistan go head to head once again in the second of two T20 Internationals in Cardiff on Tuesday with England hot favourites to win the match and claim the series 2-0.
Paddy Power has England at 4/9 odds on with Pakistan available at 7/4, which is not bad value considering that they are more than capable of

Auto-Tune the News: BACKIN UP SONG!!

Salman On The Set Of Serial Lagi Tujse Lagan ''N/W''

Hundreds of thousands of Muslims gather at Makkah for Ramadan

One of the most awe-inspiring sights in religion: Hundreds of thousands of Muslims gather at Makkah for Ramadan

They have come in their hundreds of thousands, all devout, converging on one of the world's holiest places.

This was the scene at the Grand Mosque in Makkah, the birthplace of Islam, yesterday as Muslims around the world celebrated Ramadan.

The Grand Mosque houses the Kaaba, the most holy place in Islam, a square-shaped building that predates the religion itself. It is the Kaaba that Muslims around the world are facing when they pray towards Makkah.

A duty for every able-bodied Muslim at least once in his or her lifetime, the gruelling five-day haj ritual is one of the world's biggest displays of mass religious devotion.

Pilgrims converge on the Grand Mosque and follow a route around the

Khichdi- The Movie (Official Trailer)