Thursday, January 27, 2011

AdrenoCam - Head Mounted Mini Video Recorder

If you have planned any vacation or having an event in your school then AdrenoCam can help you to record everything you see. AdrenoCam is a small video head camera that you wear like a headset conveniently, no need to hold cams all the time. Also it it comes with a separate 2.5 inches large LCD screen with 960×240 resolution which you can view your videos on
spot. It support upto 32GB SD memory and have built-in battery life of 4 hours of constant recording. BUY it here for $223.12

Along with 720x480 color video recording at 30FPS (frames per second) and fully integrated microphone and speakers, this DVR also features H.264 video compression for near-DVD quality footage. Even better, you get a 2.5 inch LCD screen that lets you see what you're recording in real-time, as well as immediately review everything you've just recorded.

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