Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Excessive use of red meat causes cancer, heart diseases

Excessive use of red meat causes cancer, heart diseases LONDON: Cutting back on steak, sausages and salami could help prolong your life, according to the most comprehensive study done on meat and mortality.

A team of researchers tracked half a million Americans over a decade and found those who ate more red and processed meats appear to have a "modestly increased" risk of dying from all causes, and specifically from cancer or heart disease.

In contrast, those who ate more white meat have a decreased risk of dying, and in particular of dying from cancer.

According to a research, excessive use of red meat may cause cancer and heart diseases.

The research conducted on use of red meat intake of 500,000 adults statistically proves that eating a lot of processed meat causes cancer and other heart diseases. The research further says that people who eat a lot of red meat and processed meats have a higher risk of several types of cancer, including lung cancer colorectal cancer and hurt diseases.

The report also shows that people who eat a lot of meat have a higher risk of liver and esophageal cancer and that men raise their risk of pancreatic cancer by eating red meat.

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