Thursday, February 10, 2011

Khosa longs for celebrating ‘Basant’ at Sharifs

Punjab Governor Sardar Latif Khosa has expressed a cherished desire to celebrate Basant festival with PML-N Chief Muhammad Nawaz Shairf at his Raiwind residence, saying Basant is a healthy recreation.
“I wish to carry string and kites to the Sharifs and commemorate this lovely festival with all its festivities in a serene atmosphere”, he said while talking to the media men after the inauguration of a flower exhibition at Royal Palm Golf and Country Club here Wednesday.
Punjab Governor said that it should be
ensured that Basant celebrations did not cause any loss of life or property besides being a good entertainment.
To a query he said that Punjab Government had constituted a committee to remove the reservations of the people regarding dangers associated with Basant festivities and the government had invited representatives of the kite flyers associations as well as other organizations in order to ensure safety of the children and others citizens.
“I love kite-strewed skies but I am opposed to a bloody Basant marked by firing incidents, iron-gauze and loss of precious human life’, he responded.
Regarding the 45 days dead-line by the PML-N, Khosa said that there was nothing to worry about as he had personally discussed the issues with the PML-N Chief Muhammad Nawaz Sharif, adding that PML-N as well as the other political and social forces wanted to see democracy flourishing in the country.
To another query, difference of opinion is part of democracy, asserting that every political party had the democratic right to disagree.
About the convening of Round-Table Conference, Punjab Governor said that PPP government wanted to take all political forces along in all matters concerning national interests and that was why President Asif Ali Zardari had convened the Round Table Conference.
To a question Khosa said that the flower exhibtion was a positive step, saying that the government should promote such recreation activities in the provincial metropolis in order to highlight the true culture of Lahore in a befitting manner.
Khosa said that such events could help to develop soft image of the country as well as eliminate extremist tendencies and promote an atmosphere of brotherhood in the country.
Earlier, Punjab Governor Latif Khosa held a ceremony in Governor’s House in honour of the 40 injured of the Lohari terrorist attacks who had been discharged from the hospital.
Speaking on the occasion Punjab Governor said that Isalm is a religion of peace and harmony, adding that Islam did not allow terrorist and extremist tendencies.
Khosa said that the rising incidents of terrorism were a threat to the solidarity of the country.
Khosa said that the government shred their pain and sorrows and stood by them in the hour of need.

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