Friday, February 25, 2011

PMLN ousts PPP from Punjab Govt

Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PMLN) has decided to end its coalition with Pakistan Peoples’ Party (PPP) in Punjab as the 45-day ultimatum given to the government to implement PMLN’s 10-point agenda ends today.
Addressing a press conference after an important meeting of PMLN is at Punjab House here, PMLN chief Nawaz Sharif said his party had decided to part ways with PPP in Punjab.
“We have suffered enough at the hands of government and our patience has run out now,” said Nawaz Sharif.
Nawaz Sharif said the government had done
nothing for the betterment of Pakistan and his party, therefore, could not cooperate with the ruling party anymore.
His party, he said, was always called a ‘friendly opposition’ but PMLN tried as much as it could to play a role of responsible opposition in the country.
Earlier, an important meeting of PMLN to discuss the government’s progress on the 10-point agenda and the possible ousting of PPP from provincial cabinet was held at Punjab House which was attended by the party leadership from National Assembly, Punjab Assembly and party office bearers from various districts.

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