Monday, February 28, 2011

YouTube video of the day: Snowfall in Lahore!

The weather took a turn for the unexpected when a hailstorm which lasted for nearly half an hour left much of Lahore covered with a layer of ice on Saturday.
The heavy hail, unusual for Lahoris, left most residents of the city astonished by the change in weather. However, many residents took to the street to enjoy the
rare view of a ‘white Lahore’.
This is a video made by one such Lahori while driving around in the Gulberg II area of Lahore. The excitement in the driver’s voice as he comments on the situation and the look on his face shows that, if no one else, at least he found the change in weather to be a welcome happening.
Video Rating: Thumps up for the effort, the excitement and amazing commentary.

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