Sunday, January 30, 2011

Faiz’s 100th birth anniversary on Feb 13

KARACHI: Faiz Ahmed Faiz’s 100th birth anniversary will be celebrated internationally on February 13 by the Progressive Writers Association of Pakistan, which has constituted a centennial committee for the celebrations.

Sixteen different events will take place across Sindh, while 26 celebrations will take place in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa, 20 in the Punjab and six across Balochistan.
The committee’s chairman I A Rehman addressed a press conference at the Karachi Press Club on Saturday to detail the celebrations. Faiz was the association’s architect and principal in the Punjab 75 years ago, so we wish to celebrate the legendary poet’s message, said Rehman.
“Faiz’s message of love, peace and prosperity is desperately needed in a time of violence, intolerance and rising inequality that we face today,” said Rehman. Faiz’s work is more relevant now than ever, if we wish to resist the forces of obscurantism, hate, exploitation and celebrate freedom of expression, he added.
The association has engaged all those who are inspired by Faiz and invited them to spread his ideology however they can. Lectures, seminars, conferences, theatre, dance and film performances will be held around the shanty towns of Karachi.
Online celebrations will be organised for anyone who is unable to attend the affairs, allowing them the freedom to rejoice in their own way.
The association has organised festivities in other countries, including India, America, Canada, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Germany and Russia.

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