Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Asin speaks 'secret' language to check on 'happily married' MS Dhoni

Asin speaks `secret` language to check on `happily married` MS DhoniThe actress was more interested in enquiring about cricketer MS Dhoni's score, while speaking in Tamil with Dinesh Karthik, than focus on an event that the two were attending.

The only bummer: Irfan Pathan, who understands Tamil, overheard

Now that Indian cricket captain M S Dhoni is happily married, one would expect all talk of him and actress Asin's interest in one another to fade. But the actress is not really helping the rumour mills grind to a halt. 

Last week at an event held to launch World Cup official merchandise, Asin was far more interested in acquiring updates on Dhoni's performance at the Indian-South Africa match than in promoting the merchandise with cricketers Irfan Pathan and Dinesh Karthik.

Says a source present at the event, "Asin kept talking to Karthik, enquiring about the score, specially Dhoni's, in Tamil. She didn't know that Irfan Pathan who was within ear
-shot, speaks fluent Tamil. He quickly caught on to Asin's interest, and reprimanded her on being distracted." 

"I wanted to watch the match rather than be up on stage. I was enquiring in Tamil about India's score. I am a cricket fan, not a fan of cricketers. I was enquiring about the team's score, " clarifies Asin. 

Apparently, Parthiv Patel, who was also present, scolded Asin and Karthik for going on and on in Tamil. 

Asin agrees that Patel and Pathan cut into their conversation. "I was surprised to know Irfan speaks Tamil too, " says the actress who earned the title 'captain' at the launch that day.

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