Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Did Veena and Ashmit make love in Bigg Boss?

Did Veena and Ashmit make love in Bigg Boss?'Bigg Boss 4' has probably attracted the viewers for its controversial contestants and their constant controversial acts.

The most footage was offered by Bollywood actor Ashmit Patel and Pakistani actress Veena Malik, who went on showing their fondness for each other in front of everyone.

Now, it has been about two weeks when Bigg Boss announced its winner for the fourth season but the reality show is still making news for its controversial scenes. 

Now, one of the ex-housemates of the show has revealed that the duo had done every possible thing to keep the camera on them.

The contestant added that the duo must have made love during their task to keep the 'diya' protected during Diwali. 

The contestant on the condition of anonymity further added that the duo was seen cuddling inside the quilt and surely have gone to that extreme extent as they were left alone for the entire night there.

The person said that the probable couple made everyone feel uneasy with their public display of love often. 

The contestant said that they could not properly sit along with them because of their disgusting behaviour. The person added that there was much more than casual hugging between them.

However, Ashmit Patel denied it saying that he would have loved to do that with Veena Malik but he never intended to that and it was not possible because of the constant glance of the cameras.

Well, we hope Ashmit is really speaking the truth!

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