Sunday, January 16, 2011

Katrina's Mile-high Nakhras: How Dare You Touch Me?

Katrina`s Mile-high Nakhras: How Dare You Touch Me?A flier tells us about the hue and cry made by B-Town's nakhrebaaz: Katrina Kaif and Kangna Ranaut

Air travel is stressful. Especially for actors who are forever on the run from one corner of the globe to another. Just because they are travelling in first class, doesn't make it any easier.

The long flights, the lack of sleep and the time difference between two countries can be quite taxing, and sometimes people lose their cool. 

We came across this frequent traveller who related to us the tantrums thrown by Kangna Ranaut and Katrina Kaif while flying. Here's what happened...


Says a source, "Katrina was travelling for her promotions for Tees Maar Khan and she'd fallen asleep, without making her seat upright, or tying her seat belt. 

Before take-off the airhostess called her
name twice and tried to wake her up, but the actress was in deep sleep and didn't stir, so she gently tapped on the actress' bare shoulder (she was wearing a sleeveless top) and requested her to put on her seat belt."

The hostess was in for a surprise. An infuriated Katrina started yelling and firing her for touching her! Says an eye-witness, "She told her 'How dare you touch me? 

Don't you know who I am?' Meanwhile this drew the attention of other passengers who started to wonder what the commotion was about. The flabbergasted airhostess apologized and then Katrina regained her composure and went back to sleep as if nothing had happened."

A source close to the actress however denies the incident, "People are making up these stupid stories! Katrina may have fallen asleep as she was travelling to different cities in a few days so she was exhausted. But she would never fight with someone for having touched her."


Kangna travels with her assistant everywhere. While Kangna travels first class, the boy travels economy class. Adds our insider, "The funny thing is: whenever the stewardess asks Kangna what she would like to eat or drink, the actress tells them to direct all queries to her assistant sitting in the economy class! 

So the airhostess has to keep going back and forth searching for Kangna's assistant to satisfy her food demands." 

Kangna's spokesperson says, "It's not true. Kangna travels with her spot boy Saleem, and sometimes her manager Saneha and make-up person and hairdresser. But the spot boy doesn't know what she eats. Kangna is not fussy and always eats what is served to her on flight. 

She doesn't carry her meal and has no special meal preferences. Saneha travels business class and Kangna trusts her with her food requirements but such a thing has never happened with Saleem. Kangna loves food and sometimes cooks herself but she doesn't trust people with food."

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