Sunday, January 16, 2011

Ruslaan dating Salma Agha's daughter not Niharika

Ruslaan dating Salma Agha`s daughter not NiharikaRuslaan Mumtaz is dating Zarah, the daughter of Salma Agha, his mother's good friend

Ruslaan Mumtaz is dating Salma Agha's daughter Zarah. They met six months ago at a common friend's party and took an instant liking to each other. Sources reveal that they are quite serious about each other. 

A source close to Ruslaan reveals, "They met each other through their moms. Ruslaan's mom Anjana Mumtaz and Salma Agha are friends. 

Since Zarah has always live in Dubai, she didn't have any friends in Mumbai, and Ruslaan was the first friend she made in the city. 

He then introduced her to his own friend circle. Ever since they've been hanging out together." 

Family friends

Ruslaan hesitantly says, "We are family friends
. I know Zarah because of my mom. Her mom and mine are good friends. We were introduced and became friends." 

The couple has been spotted together at various coffee shops and even attended award functions hand in hand. 

Reacting to being seen together he adds, "Zarah didn't have friends as she came from Dubai. I was the only friend; also we both get invited for the same functions, so it makes more sense to travel together than go separately." 

When asked if Agha aspires to be an actor like him, Ruslaan adds, "Yes she definitely wants to act. At the moment, she's waiting to get a good project to make her debut with. I think she will do really well." 

In the past, Ruslaan was linked with actress Niharika Singh. 

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