Thursday, January 20, 2011

Ranbir to walk ramp for social cause

Bollywood heartthrob Ranbir Kapoor is all set to walk the ramp Sunday for the young girls of Shabana Azmi’s ancestral village Mijwan and the veteran actress says the effort will create awareness about their talents.
Thanks are due to Namrata Goel, daughter of Jet Airways’ chairman Naresh Goel, who has orchestrated the fashion show being organised in Mumbai for the education of girl children in Shabana’s ancestral village Mijwan.
“Last year Namrata visited Mijwan for the first time. And the visit transformed her completely. She started
gathering support for the fashion show on Facebook. Before I knew it, she had the whole show in place. Namrata is the one who got Ranbir Kapoor on board, got him interested in Mijwan,” said Shabana.
“Namrata is all of 21. My father (Kaifi Azmi) always said that change has to come from the youth. People like Ranbir and Namrata prove it. My father was only 19 when he got involved with social causes.
“Namrata arranged the ramp show last year and again this year. Last year we had 22 stars walking the ramp for us. This year it has gone up to 25 stars. So our film industry’s participation is growing,” she added.
Ranbir has discovered the philanthropic side to himself. Not only is he going to walk the ramp, the young star is also keen to participate in other activities and events connected with the betterment of the girl child.
Apparently Ranbir has also expressed a keen desire to visit Mijwan and Namrata plans to take him there soon.
Namrata recently visited Mijwan with Shabana. “She accompanied me this week. Manish Malhotra and his three assistants also went,” said the actress.
Namrata has been fund raiser for Shabana from the age of 15. “Namrata has spent most of her life in London. She did a school play at age 15 to raise funds amounting to 16,000 pounds for Mijwan and since then was after me to take her to Mijwan.”

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