Thursday, January 20, 2011

Sony PlayStation Phone To Be Announced Next Week

Recall all the rumors on the Sony PlayStation Phone? Well here is one more to add to the chest as reports state that Sony might unveil the next version of its PlayStation Portable on January 27. We are well aware that this new version of the Sony PSP will be gaming smartphone
The irony is we still remain clouded on details and specs about the hardware and the software alike, despite the rumors being almost a year old now. The only thing known here is that the next generation of the Sony PSP will be revealed or mentioned on January 27 with the device set to be revealed at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona between February 14 and 17.
I personally think there needs to be a change in Sony’s strategy with its portable gaming devices. Primarily for the fact that it has been landed quite hard dents with the recent success of the iPhone and the Nintendo DS. The idea to amalgamate the PSP with a smartphone might just prove healthy for Sony and bring it on top as the first gaming centered smartphone maker.
Does the last statement make any sense? Not really sure but it will be interesting what Sony has to reveal next week. Stay tuned!
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