Thursday, January 20, 2011

Steve Jobs Takes A Medical Leave From Apple

The beloved CEO of all Apple fans appears to be taking another leave for medical reasons. This follows his earlier leave back in 2009 when he had undertaken a similar absence in order to focus more on his health.
The man deserves it by all means. We have been seeing him losing weight at a super fast rate and it is obvious that the man has some serious attention that needs to be
given to his own self. This news is bound to have an impact on Apple shares much like it happened in 2009 when Apple’s stocks traded at below $80, the Cupertino’s have been gaining fairly quickly climbing to more than $300 per share. This is of course due to the release of the iPad and the iPhone 4.
I guess Tim Cook will be taken charge of the office much like last time to overlook operation. Steve Jobs has however made it clear that he will continue as CEO and see through important strategic decisions. We wish you luck Steve Jobs!
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